Trump pushes the TikTok ban: Everything you need to know.

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Trump pushes the TikTok ban

TikTok, the app known for its insanely short videos, is under various governments’ sights because ofChina. Trump starts campaign running for asking people to sign a petition calling for the TikTok ban, increasing pressure from President Donald Trump on the app’s maker. The announcement refers to the app’s ability to access material stored on the phone’s clipboard, which the app developer said designed to prevent spam and removed. In this article, I’ll try to describe why Trump pushes the TikTok ban this year.



Getting know: Why Trump pushes the TikTok ban in 2020


 Citing national security concerns, India banned TikTok last week, and the United States and Australia are also considering blocking the app. The United States Army and Navy have prohibited service members from downloading the app on government-issued phones.



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Other organizations have also been suspicious of the application. Wells Fargo has banned the use of corporate devices, while national Democratic and Republican committees have warned employees about it.



Why does the Trump government want to block TikTok?


Politicians always take care of this matter and they think that chinse govt. may be trying to spy with any types of videos or apps. Trump gives punish china for the response to the coronavirus. When asked about Pompeo’s comments in an interview with Gray Television, Trump confirmed that the United States is considering a TikTok ban. “It is big business,” Trump said. “Look, what happened to China with this virus, what they have done to this country and the whole world is shameful.”


Is it possible to ban Tiktok?

Therefore Privacy and national security concerns are not new to TikTok, and the company has long rejected political scrutiny. Last year, TikTok said in a blog post . Therefore all user data in the United States stored in the same country. With a backup in Singapore. TikTok also noted that its data centers are outside of China and that none of its data is subject to Chinese law. Currently, Dr. Simi’s account has more than 61 thousand followers and has obtained about 278 thousand likes. Here we leave you other of his best videos. 


Therefore A US chief executive leads TikTok, with hundreds of key employees and leaders in security, product, and public policy here in the United States.



How would a ban work? – Trump pushes the TikTok ban

Therefore According to analysts, the United States government would have to find a reliable legal reason to request. Apple and Google withdraw TikTok from their app stores. Therefore companies could fight that decision. TickTock is one of the most popular apps these days. Therefore But many countries think it is a spy for the Chinese. That’s why Trump has decided to ban these apps.


For that reason personally, Trump pushes the TikTok ban

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