Twin Flames – Is it True or a Hoax?

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A Picture of Twin Souls

We are often associated with terms like twin flames, soulmates, karmic but have we ever wondered what they are truly about? What do twin flames stand for? Well, if that’s what is playing on your mind, read on!

Here we will give you an in-depth insight about twin flames and everything else you need to know!

About Twin Flames

The most common mistake that human nature often constructs is the wrong impression of the correct usage and the correct meaning. And this jolts down to one common but unique title – Twin Flames.

Experts, books, movies have always tried to convey to us that twin flames means a powerful source of connection that teaches us to lead an ethical life, develop our instincts, and bear painful circumstances. Let’s not forget about the joyous memories produced through this impactful theory of connectivity between two souls.

In simpler words, a twin flame is a passionate source of connection. Moreover, it is also known as a “ mirror soul “ because it is proclaimed as someone else’s better half.  And, it is built on the intention of one soul that gets halved into two different entities. This occurrence is related to significant development in a person through injecting healing power and recovery.

It happens because of the circumstances that get related to it. For example, this mirroring entity exposes our emotions, insecurities, depression, and fears explicitly.

Although, it is believed that the most crucial utilization of this spiritual connection makes us stronger emotionally, healing our inner unsolicited insecurities, and braver while facing a challenging state of affairs.

We will now look forward to knowing more about this exciting and unique form of nature.

Let’s start off with the familiar description of the signs.

Six Twin Flame Stages: Confirming the Presence of Your Mirror Soul

Such forms of pure connection and attachment are hard to be tamed. It makes us struggle to maintain our egoism. Rather, this spiritual link feeds us with an irresistible thirst for affection, love, lust and jeopardizes us with the hope and belief for the perfect life.

This is important to note that it can make you feel like an erupting volcano of emotions but also creates a new element that emerges from the ashes.

The factual inconsistency lies in the uniqueness and complexity of this relationship. Every different person might face a different kind of affection that is uncommon to everyone else. As per preachers and experts of this field, their experiences are seemingly different from each other, and they have gladly claimed it to be a total roller coaster consisting of unforeseeable deserts of no proper explanation but does give an essence of something bigger than themselves.

Signs To Show You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Now, we can confirm this effervescent combination of two souls through these stages –

1. The Attraction Feels like a Gravitational Force When You First See Them

Imagine you have walked past a person, and suddenly, it felt like there is a weird gravitational pull towards that person? Yes, that’s precisely what we mean!

When you first meet such a person, it is an overwhelming experience to have your body constantly put at work by a mysterious deity near that person.

It feels like you have met the person decades or centuries back, but you are failing to understand it. Moreover, there is a sudden popping up of intense thoughts about being wanted and loved by that person even though you might have just met that influential human being.

2. Conversations Share Resembling Opinions

It is said by the believers and experts that this unanticipated bond between the two brings out the similarities of their opinions – Be it be, political, a discussion of a plot portrayal in a movie, or having a particular opinion about people.

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You reach an agreement, which results in a positive conversation about a topic or whatsoever. This creates an abnormality of respect and admiration towards each other.

3. Appreciating Each Other

As mentioned earlier, both of you may share similar thoughts however, you might have disagreements as well.

Interesting fact lies upon the handling of the disagreement. You will notice that your contrasting thought is getting complimented by the person in a positive tone and vice versa. This happens subconsciously, look closely, you might just understand.

As this mirror soul twins along with you, both of the people present in it are confident and aware of your differences with them.

4. More Emphasis is Put Upon Solving Your Issues

Our human nature is conserved mostly with negativity, insecurities, traumas and anxiety. You will surely feel the comfort and peace that you have vouched for years.

The troubling thoughts are comforted with the perfect words, behavior and correct form of affection at that moment. You might have felt the impatient painful thoughts provoking inside you but the other person will put a little effort into it but take the correct steps to make you feel better.

This helps in opening up for everyone. At some point, you will see that you are tired of this traumatizing life and stop telling people about it uncomfortably.

Eventually, in some way or the other, you open up to that person and it does not feel uncomfortable. They will amplify it and communicate with you towards overcoming the moment.

5. Respecting Your Boundaries

Boundaries are not talked about because of the stereotypical social environment around everyone. You know certain boundaries that you have set for yourself and anyone crossing them will hurt you.

Your mirror soul is aware of your boundaries and you know the person is your twin flame when you do not need to talk about it. The person understands it and respects it. In the same manner, you realize the person’s boundary and you do not cross the limits either.

Twin Flames

Stages of a Twin Flame Bonding and Relationship

A. Stage One

This is the initial stage where you feel that you can never have the fantasy of the one true love of your life. This creates a usual constant crave for sensations, lust and touch to your soul.

This is where the unusual account of emotions kicks inside as you have the hope to meet someone while keeping on creating contradictory statements about it. This stage is termed as the “preparation stage “before you get awestruck by everything that you crave.

B. Stage Two

While you are wondering what is wrong with your love life, you get glimpses of your twin flame in a weird manner. You will feel this heavenly warmth and tenderness in your dreams or during meeting someone.

Your love life which had been at rock bottom gets a major upgrade as you get closer to that person. You will certainly feel nervous, anxious and even that trauma inciting toxicities is purified in a motion.

However, you feel special, curious, and get eager to know that person. And, of course, you want to be with that human being, that someone. You finally feel that the love of your life is that individual.

C. Stage Three

The fantasy becomes true. You get to know about the individual. You spend more time with him/her/them. This continues until you share your feelings and suddenly, it rushes at a speed of light and quickly the fairy tale becomes your reality.

D. Stage Four

This is an important phase that the partners have to genuinely work hard to overcome. As you know, they are the mirror images of each other with particular flaws and differences.

These differences are often taken into account in the form of egoism. You might feel that connection getting a little bitter but then again, differences are normal and necessary too just like the spiritual bond of the two souls.

This stage is hard to surpass but strong communication makes it easier and better.

E. Stage Five

You thought that it consists of only certain aspects of love which you already know? Think again after reading this one.

It has been surveyed and understood that this abnormality of bonding creates a certain trial of challenging moments.

Difficulties and emotional strain build a situation of an expert of running away and an optimistic soul working hard to get the individual back. Just like a policeman and a thief.

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You will try to get fat away from the person and the individual would not seemingly give up and keep seeking for them.

F. Stage Six

Now you feel that it is tough to go past this unbearable anguish and pain. You give up and finally open up about your issues.

The egoistic nature dries down and makes compromises. You accept their flaws and differences and incidentally, you grow up a bit more along with it.

After that, you enter this span of reconciliation. You both share an affectionate meaning to your relationship which puts forth a sense of satisfaction. You forgive the mistakes, you overcome your ego, be better at understanding the person, important to note that, it is necessary to occur from both ends.

This allows a reestablishment of positive feelings and happiness at the end. The mirror souls truly stick and stay like one if they fight the tough moments together.

This is what makes twin flames special.

Twin Flame Compatibility Test

This refers to different tests that can be taken to ascertain and understand the presence of your twin flame in your life. There are several websites designated towards the calculation of such a spiritual realm.

1. Twin Flame Calculator

Calculations of the course of timing when you met someone where you felt unusually safe and attracted are done by this method.

It is not the best method to go for it but you never know, right?

2. Twin Flame Test

This is the most common method to find your mirror soul. It is like a quiz where a number of questions are asked and you have to genuinely think and honestly answer. This method allows you to obtain correct readings for yourself.

3. Twin Flame Test of 72 Hours

This occurs when you will ask your astrologer to give you signs if you think someone that you have recently came across is your mirror soul. Strange method but people have glorified the success of such ways as it is claimed.

4. Twin Flame Heart Test

In this method, you need to focus on yourself. It energizes the soul. Conveying truths and sometimes lies, this helps the heart to feel the weight and closure of expansion and contraction. Doing this will give you the answer you are searching for; the presence of your twin flame.

Stories of Twin Flame

For our better understanding, we will look at some instances which resemble this mélange of connection.

For an example, do you envy that couple in your life that fight but always end up together on a positive note? Yes, that is the epitome of what it stands for; this connection.

Do you often feel like that one couple you always mesmerize and feel happy about? Exactly! You are now understanding it, right? When you come across twin flames, the spiritual energy around the environment suddenly changes into something positive like a peaceful garden consisting of greenery and birds chirping along with it. You are getting more intrigued to identify them, so you should read the books and movies that are going to be mentioned to feel that enormous amount of energy surrounding you.

Books Based on Twin Flame

Books have played an elegant role to subside the theory of the twin flames.

1. Sacred Fire of Twin Flames

This book is written by Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie. The book gives an insight on several twin flame couples and it bases the body of the book on it. A pretty good enough read to understand this theory completely.

2. Twin Flame Runner Experience 11:11

This book is written by Silvia Moon. It is an autobiographical book based on personal experiences. The intense number of emotions and sensations that you feel when you come across that person is well portrayed in this book.

3. Tiger’s Curse

It is written by Colleen Houck. A fictional representation of the theory of mirror souls which will rip you apart emotionally. A highly recommended book which gained praise from all around the world.

Movies Based on Twin Flame

1. Still Breathing (1997)

The movie consisting of the likes of Brendan Fraser and Joana Going has made viewers feel special and fly in the sky in the mood of love and bonding. The portrayal of twin flames is evident in this movie.

2. Serendipity (2001)

An American portrayal of mirroring souls through hardships, struggles and winning over them with love and compassion between the partners. A good enough watch for you to look forward to when you are thinking about your twin flame. 

3. I Remember You (2015)

Strangers meet and subconsciously connect with each other? This might be the perfect movie made just for you. A story based on the spiritual energy that surrounds the twin flames. The haunting, passionate feeling of coming across each other before.

Final Thoughts

Twin Flame theory is solely based upon you and how you look at it. There are proven instances which prove it to be a real supernatural occurrence as well as situations where you rather end up being disappointed even though you have sensed this feeling. Is it true or hoax? To find this out, you have to believe, you must have hope and let yourself be free and open to all possibilities. Be optimistic, be strong and of course, be happy.