How to ubah pdf ke excel easily – New 2021 method

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ubah pdf ke excel

Have you been sent a PDF document containing a table that you would like to transfer to Excel? I’ll be honest. It’s not a very simple operation. ubah pdf ke excel requires work for which it is not easy to keep the original file structure intact. Often you get documents that are not formatted correctly or with truncated information; however, there are conversion services that, as far as possible, do a good job: if you want, I can tell you some and explain how to use them.


Most of the services I want to recommend to you today free and Web-based, which means you don’t to download any software to your computer to get them to work. The only “annoyance” is that you have to provide a valid email address (where you will receive the links to download the converted files). Still, you can easily bypass the problem by using a temporary email service.



ubah pdf ke excel by “I Love PDF”


I Love PDF is one of the best services for converting and editing PDF files online. It’s completely free (albeit with an upload limit of 200MB and the ability to convert no more than one file at a time) and doesn’t require you to enter your email address. To use the service’s Excel conversion function, connect to its home page using the link I just provided and drag the PDF to convert into the browser window.

Press the Convert to Excel button, wait a few seconds for the document to process, and the output file automatically downloaded to your PC. If the download does not start automatically, click on the Download Excel button to start it “manually.



ubah pdf ke excel by Online2PDF


Online2PDF is another great service that allows you to convert PDF to Excel online for free and without annoying registration. It has an upload limit of 100MB (50MB per file) and allows you to convert up to 20 documents simultaneously. It adds a little writing to the output files, but luckily the writing can be removed easily with any spreadsheet program

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To use Online2PDF, link to its home page and drag the files to convert into the browser window. Ensure that in the Convert to drop-down menu, the xlsx format is selected (or select the xls format of the old versions of Excel, if you prefer) and press the Convert button to start the conversion first, then the download of the document.

If you want by clicking on the Excel tab at the bottom. You can also change the service symbol for separating decimals (the comma). You can also replacing it with a period.


PDF to Excel online


Among the solutions to convert PDF to Excel, I suggest you also try  PDF to Excel online developed by Nitro PDF, which manages to keep the documents’ original layout almost intact and processes the files very quickly. To use it. Linked to its home page, click on the Select a file button. Then choose the PDF document to transformed into a spreadsheet.


Type your email address in the text field below. Just click Convert Now to start the conversion process. Within a few seconds. You will receive via email the link to download the Excel document (Xls) generated by the service.



Convert PDF to XLS


Another very reliable service for converting PDF to Excel is Convert PDF to XLS, which has a small drawback that may bother you: at the end of the conversion, it does not instantly provide the download link. Still, it sends it via email after about 30 minutes.


If you are in no hurry and want to find out how it works, connected to its home page, click on the Browse button and select the PDF to convert. Next, click on the Step 2 button. Then type your email address in the text field that appears. After that click on the Send button to start the conversion.

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After about 30 minutes. Open your email box and connect to the link in the message you received from Convert PDF to XLS. Then click on the Free download button on the page that opens to download your Excel sheet.

If the service is not available. You can contact the Free PDF To Excel Converter tool available on the Investintech website. It works in a practically identical way.


Programs to convert PDF to Excel.

None of the solutions I have just reported to you fully satisfy your needs? In this case, you can try to rely on an application to install on your computer. I am referring to  Able2Extract, which is paid but is available in a free trial version that works for seven days and allows you to convert up to 3 pages at a time.


Using Able2Extract, you can convert PDF to Excel in a completely intuitive way (like the online services we talked about before) or manually selecting the values ​​to include in the final spreadsheet. The software is very intuitive and is available for all major computer operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux.



Final word


To download the free trial version of Able2Extract. Just connect to its official website and click on the button for the operating system you use on your PC. In my example, I’ll be using Windows, so I’ll click the Windows Download button. When the download is complete, open the Able2Extract installation package ( InstallAble2Extract.exe ) and click first on Yes and then on Next. Then place the checkmark on the item I accept the agreement to accept the program’s conditions and complete the setup by first clicking on Next two consecutive times and then on Install and Finish. I hope now you can do ubah pdf ke excel easily. Thanks for reading.