A vulnerability in TikTok allows to hijack any video in 2020

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What it is and how it works

TikTok is a popular video platform on the Internet. As with any other service, you may experience vulnerabilities that put users’ privacy and security at risk. According to a report that we echo, it has a significant security flaw. This bug allows attackers to inject any video into user feeds. It mentioned that this could affect both verified users and not. If you want to know about vulnerability in TikTok, then you are in the right place .Are you ready? So, Let’s get started.

What you don’t know about vulnerability in TikTok

vulnerability in TikTok

Any platform can suffer vulnerabilities. It is something that can be more dangerous when it comes to a service that is used by many users. That is what happens with TikTok, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide. In this case, we are facing a vulnerability that allows a possible intruder to post videos on the profiles of other users. According to the report we echo, the TikTok application does not work in encrypted form. It means that by going over HTTP, the videos and photos that users upload are not encrypted and  intercepted. A possible attacker who sneaks between the TikTok application and the platform’s servers could know all the videos that a user has seen or downloaded. You would, therefore, have access to your playback history.


Must have access to the router

An added problem to this is that you could download that video and modify it maliciously and then upload it again. So you could include spam messages, for example, is a popular video. It used to spread Fake News. This group of security researchers has tested to see if this is possible. They established fake servers, and when downloading the video, they could modify it to upload it later again, and it appears in the victim’s profile.


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To carry out such attacks, hackers should have access to the router. In this way, they could access TikTok and be able to redirect and manipulate the user’s videos. According to security researchers, the unencrypted version is still present in both Android and iOS. Specifically in Android, it is version 15.7.4, and in iOS, it is version 15.5.6. It could put users’ privacy at risk.


A failure in TikTok allows straining videos.

Fortunately, as we have indicated, potential attackers need to have access to the router from which users connected. In this way, they could intercept those videos and thus compromise privacy and security. Once again, the importance of keeping the systems updated demonstrated. It is expected that soon from TikTok; they will launch some kind of patch to solve this problem. It will prevent potential intruders from stealing information from victims. Therefore all those users who use this video platform and want to keep their privacy safe should update the application to the new version when it is available. We leave you an article where we talk about the most common privacy problems in social networks.



Conclusion on vulnerability in TikTok

Social networks platforms widely used by both private users and companies in their day today. We have at our control a wide range of opportunities to be in contact with other users and take advantage of the resources offered by this type of service. Now, we all know that social media can also be a problem for our security and privacy. Now you know well about vulnerability in TikTok. If you have further question, you can know us via email or comment us on the bog .


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