What are the delicious foods of North India?

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For those foodie travelers who look forward to exploring some of the magnificent places in North India, here is the great news.

North India is known for not just for the architectural beauty but also for the mouth relishing dishes that you may not find elsewhere. Be it Rajasthan, Jaipur or Delhi, be it street food or the luxurious restaurants, North India will surely not disappoint you at all. The land of India is known for diversity and in terms of food, surely nothing can beat the site of North India. The cuisine of every corner in the Northside is highly influenced by the climate and history of it.

If you are looking around for some of the unique delicacies in north India that you might want to try out then surely this is the right place where you have landed up.

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Awadhi Biryani:

For those who love to hog on rice, the aroma of Awadhi Biryani is a must-try. On the north side, a plate of Biryani is said to be part of the celebration of any occasion. It is all blended with the condiments and spices that have a combination of long-grained basmati rice with a tenderly cooked meat or vegetable. This Biryani is also called Lucknawi Biryani which is a royal feast served with simple raita (curd).

Kadai Paneer

For those who are vegetarians surely will not be disappointed in trying this moth relishing dish of paneer. It is loved by most of the Indians since it has all the spiciness of those important ingredients which makes this cuisine an incredible one. It is often served in a Kadhai which is why this name has been come up as. This dish was originated in the northern side of the region and is often enjoyed with Rice and naan.

Chole Bhature

Nothing can be a better dinner or even evening snacks than the crispy friend bhature. Made with the spicy gravy based chickpeas which in India is popularly called Chole, this will surely be the most mouthwatering dish you ever want to try out. Often the dish is enjoyed to be eaten with onions and pickles on the go. The dish was originated in the Northwestern side of the country but over the years, it has evolved quite a lot and favorite not just within India’s boundary but also across the globe

Pav Bhaji

This is the ultimate street food which is a favorite of many people. This fast food was originated earlier in Maharashtra and is said to be one of the best-enjoyed snacks. However, smith vegetable curry being aged along with some other vegetables, this dish is quite enjoyed more in the Northside. Besides the pav which is tossed with the butter makes the dish even more mouth relishing.

Rumali Roti

Rumali roti also called naan is said to be an important part of North India. This type of roti is a thin crust of flatbread which is made of wheat flour dough for naan. It is also a mixture of refined flour and wheat flour which is enjoyed by many people. There is a leavening agent that is added in the dough and then further cooked on the earthen oven. Many people often make it with different stuff like cheese or garlic to enhance the taste. If you want to try out this flat thin bread then you must try out with the spicy gravy.

Dal Makhani

This is the main dish course and a popular one on the north side. This traditional North India curry was originated in Punjab and is said to be best serviced with different rice forms such as jeera rice and fried rice. It tastes the best if you have it with fried rice, jeera rice or naan as well.


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