What is 8d audio and how does it work in 2021?

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what is 8d audio

It is the new frontier of music and listening and is called 8D music, or even 8D audio. What is it? If you are hungry for Italian or foreign rap. You have probably heard about it in the last few months. Sound technology is making great strides. Every year it progresses to guarantee listeners an ever more excellent listening quality. The new frontier of sound has come to produce what is now called 8D.


It’s a sound experience that gives the listener the impression of being surrounded by multiple speakers all in the same room. In short, a sort of circle effect, as if the music passed from one ear to the other, making our head turn. It is passing first behind and then in front of us. The sensation is that of a sound that revolves around us all the time. Crazy, isn’t it. Let’s see together what is 8d audio? Stay reading.


Getting know: What is 8d audio, and is it still available?  

 Defining 8D as an 8-dimensional sound is excessive. Suffice it to say that it is 3D audio. Yes, in 3 dimensions. In practice, if we decide that the listener’s head is the zero point of the sound’s start, we need only three measures to define, with great precision, the origin of the sound created.

To enhance everything, you need to increase the figures in front of the D to give the impression that it is something new, more advanced, and of better quality than, for example, 7D audio. If you look hard, you will also find 10D or 11D audio, but please do not go further. 


 For sure, these days, you will have received messages on Whatsapp with: “Listen to this song with headphones, it’s the new XXX song with 8D technology. Feel the effects, almost to hear the music with the brain and not with the ears … “. So what do you do? Grab your headphones and play. At first listen, you stay there, more than surprised by what you just heard. Everything is around you, and you don’t just have a “Left / Right.” You almost seem to be around, like when you hear the noises of the city around you. But here you are at home.

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It is not a new listening technology


This is not a new audio technology without disappointing anyone, even if everyone’s curiosity has only been “born” in the last few days. For example, just see how on YouTube there is a channel dedicated to this audio, 8D Tunes ( you can find it here ), which has 6.65M subscribers, opened on November 25, 2015. The speech is different for Spotify, which in recent weeks has seen a return to the first place Dance Monkey by Tones and I. In the 8D version, of course.




This 8D (or somewhat 3D?) Audio technology carries forward the idea of ​​listening to a song in a “new” immersive listening experience and, why not, also very suggestive for our ears. For this reason, it is natural to wonder if it is a new technology. But as explained above, the answer is undoubtedly no, because there is no 8D audio, but what the song we have heard/created is a real thing.




pros and cons

 The pros? Let’s say that a few days ago, we discovered a new way to hear music with our headphones—a new immersive experience in what we are feeling.


 The cons? These songs are crazy bullshit, an exaltation of fake new technologies to listen to their songs for many. Where is the truth? This is not a new technology, but a methodology that allows you to listen to songs as if you were at the center of them . It is a different way of listening to music that goes through your head and, thanks to headphones, it allows you to savor the excellent results of a song’s EQ, panning and combined effects methods.

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How to make an 8D song?




Let’s now also take a look at the technology needed to be able to create this surround sound. A first method is with Ambisonics , a full sphere surround sound format. In addition to the horizontal plane, it covers the sound sources above and below the listener. Unlike other multichannel surround formats, its broadcast channels do not carry speaker signals. This sound format has existed since 1970. We can also find online software such as Ambeo Orbit and Audacity (both in free versions). By looking for tutorials online you can also start creating audio with these technologies.




Another technique for recording immersive audio is that of binaural recording . This is another three-dimensional sound recording method that aims to optimize the recording for its future listening with headphones. Thus it will keep the spherical 360 degree directional characteristics.




Examples of 8D music on YouTube – what is 8d audio




Did you like the 8d Imagine Dragons song? Well, they are certainly not the only ones to be 8Dized ! On YouTube you can find many artists of different genres, from Eminem , Gigi D’agostino, Ed Sheeran and many others. How to find them? Just type 8d Music on Youtube, also inserting the musical genre afterwards (Electronic 8d music, 8d rap music, etc.).



Final word

Fundamental to this type of listening and to fully enjoy this new way of listening to music is the support of headphones, which will perfectly create the rotating effect around you. Without headphones, however, you will not even be able to notice the 8D effect. I hope you will already know know what is 8d audio? If you need any answer of the question, let us know via email or comment below the post l.