What Is Mental Health

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To see significant changes in your life, it is important to perceive hope for the future and believe that change is possible for the better.

Autonomy: self-determination Autonomy comes before everyday life, has power over itself and can make its own decisions and have the ability to appreciate and believe in themselves.

Health is closely related to personal development and is achieved towards a set goal. It is therefore important to arouse the desire to set goals in life and work towards them. This is an essential element of the concept of health and can be perceived as a feeling that is strengthened byways to influence your situation. Skills and time are essential for health.

Health is often seen as the absence of disease, but it is an oversimplification of the concept of health. The ability to influence and change according to one’s values?

In society and in private life, it is built with the help of this person’s autonomy and respect in the social interaction between people.

People are intrinsically creative and make decisions based on what is considered important. Therefore, they strengthen the motivation to participate in order to formulate one’s goals in life.

A community in a social context: To experience health, it is important to feel equal, meaningful and free. Being independent means being an independent person, making your own decisions and taking responsibility for them.

Health as a concept has been discussed since the 18th century, but at that time the body and mind were perceived as separate and health was seen as a disease-free state.

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Health is a positive concept that deals with social and personal resources and physical abilities. When respect for hope, freedom, independence, and participation are respected, it strengthens the individual’s will, trust, responsibility, and ability to influence the situation.

A person can experience health even if a disease is diagnosed and good health has a positive effect on disease resistance and on the ability to recover and recover from injury and disease.

Being together, enjoying company and love is important for living healthy. Likewise, confirming one’s worth in dialogue with other people is an essential contribution to the health experience.

Another important health factor is the time when an unhealthy activity does not generally affect health at one time, while long-term unhealthy behavior can lead to poor health and ultimately serious illness. The concept of health derives from the word “health” which means a state of health and integrity.

Many people with chronic diseases or physical limitations, even those with health problems, find strategies to deal with or overcome their difficulties. The concept of health means perceiving yourself as a positive and independent individual in development, feeling hope and meaning in life and in communion with others.

All parts are important for achieving, developing and maintaining health. It is impossible to clearly differentiate the boundaries between these key components of the health concept.

The World Health Organization says that

All people’s health opportunities include physical and mental health and should be viewed in the context of lifelong personal development. The risk with these rather broad and universal definitions is that they are perceived as an unattainable ideal state.

Enjoying, appreciating and seeing the positive in your situation and having positive experiences with past changes is the basis for setting and implementing goals in life. Health can be seen as a resource for daily life, not as a goal in life.

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An important definition of health described by many scientists is that humans have the ability to achieve or achieve important goals. Autonomy is an important prerequisite for knowledge of health. Autonomy means self-determination and the right to self-determination over your life. Autonomy and independence are essential and health is adversely affected when options are lacking.

These skills can be cognitive, e.g. B. Problem solving, perception of emotions and impressions, as well as interpersonal skills (the degree ability to get in touch with other people). Lack of any of these skills affects a person’s health.