Lockdown, when do we spend time on Tiktok? Too much.

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when do we spend time on Tiktok

Other than second screens: social media are becoming central in the consumption of Italian content during this quarantine. They are increasingly capturing their attention (and time).A digital company in the market research sector, asked a representative sample of Italians what their relationship with social networks was: well, 70% said they had a significant increase in use. Tiktok is still firmly at the top of adult preferences while kids, up to 23 years old, choose more Instagram. Tiktok, the Chinese platform designed for the very young, is the one that grows the most, recording + 11% of subscriptions only in the last two months. when do we spend time on Tiktok during lockdown.


Getting know when do we spend time on Tiktok june 


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And Generation Z is the preferred target of the fifteen-second video social network. They, boys on foot from school and university, deprived of the social activities to which they accustomed are often described (by the boomers, however) as apathetic and lying down, wasting time waiting for the end of the lockdown. Instead, they seem to be the most active in participating or promoting fundraising campaigns to support a cause: one out of two did it, while 40% amplified at least one on their pages, publicly supporting the cause. In addition to the profiles of friends and family, institutional and media profiles are the most popular. Mostly (54%) to inquire about the coronavirus. 

But what do you share?

when do we spend time on Tiktok


The younger ones bring us something more personal, preferring the moments of daily life. Generation X and Y (between 24 and 54 years), however, musical content. Finally, Toluna also asked how long you spend on social media. Consumption decreases with age, but it is always very high. If almost 40% of those over 55 say they spend at least two hours a day. This percentage makes a real leap with Generation Y. Among those who do not reach the age of forty, six out of ten and one out of ten three of those under the age of 25. Orphans of outdoor activities, of sport and social life, lived in person (and often of personal work and school contacts), Italians find comfort and refuge, understandably more than usual, even in intangible contacts from social networks. 


Also, the attention of marketing managers is already turned to the future. How much will this lockdown period change in the habits of our compatriots? Will, there be a new normal, or will everything return as before? The answers to these doubts will only come to you in a few months.



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