Where Am I Right Now Exact Address

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Where am I right now exact address

Location means the position in geography that uses to notice a place or area on earth or something else. However, some people had worried about how to determine where I am right now. I will give you the informative stuff that helps you predict your exact location or someone else. However, a person can also know the history of his/her area with enormous tools and strategies. The person is even able to become the history of the place with the aid of several mechanisms. To know where I am right now, I will follow the various strategies. I can also get the information about where am I right now exact address with the help of unique tools and techniques by following methods:

Where am I right now precise address with the use of regular workout?

  • Sometimes, I am terrified because I forget the exact address of my targeted location. In this condition, I will follow the following strategies: 
  • I can find any location board in the nearest area and get a hint about my location. The location board correctly guides where I am right now exact address.
  • The traffic police and traffic instructor also prove very beneficial in this regard. I can share my issue with them. They will indeed resolve it instantly.
  • I will avoid asking about location from passengers and the surrounding public, and they mostly miss-guide the way.
  • I will make sure to get help about the exact address from a shopkeeper and other residential people in the location area.

Now I will share some other tools to tell where I am right now exact address.

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Google location map:

Google map is a location mapping service developed by Google. This game is getting popular and the most convenient way to find a location. It gives the proper view of streets, roads and different areas on earth.

How to sign up for google Maps?

Google map is the best option that correctly location serves the user. I sign up for the google map by following the below-described steps:

    • I need to open the google map on PC, android, or any electronic device.
    • Look at the top right corner, and you will see the accounting circle.
    • Click on an account, and there come two options sign up or sign in.
  • If you do not have an account, then go to sign up.
  • Put all of the required information on the google map and create your account comfortably.
  • If you already have an account, then moves to sign in and enter your previous data.
  • Finally, use the google map without any barrier.

How I use Google Maps to know where I am right now exact address?

Follow the below-described steps to use google map properly: 


  • First, I need to turn on GPS and then give google Maps to audio and location.
  • Now I open the google map and search the targeted location or tap on google Maps my wants address.
  • I tap destination in the bottom right, then choose any of the following:
  • Driving
  • Walking
  • Tam sit
  • Riding 
  • If other routes are also available, then google map show them in grey color. If I want an alternative way, then I tap the grey-line.
  • To start navigation of the location where I am right now, I will tap the start button.
  • If I want to stop or cancel navigation, go to the left corner and click on close.
  • You can also hear the direction of the voice to help in achieving your goal.
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How do you know the exact address with the help of location apps?

If I do not know how to use Google Maps properly, I install the application and permanently benefit through these apps without drawbacks. 

How to make an account on location apps?

To get advantages from location apps, I will move forward the following steps:

  • First, choose the best location app for your use.
  • Go to play store and feel free to install the application.
  • After downloading, install it and open the app.
  • I will put me all information to sign up for the account on this app and then use it for my purpose.
  • If I had already made an account, then I will go to sign in and get started.

How I use the app for getting information about where am I right now?

  • Follow the below steps to use the app for your location desires.
  • On my phone or desktop home screen, I will find the app icons.
  • Go to open the app and then goes to app permission.
  • At last, I will allow the app for getting access to my address right now.
  • I will use some of the best apps, which describes below:
  • life360
  • Find my kids.
  • Google find my device.
  • Phone tracker.
  • flightradar24.
  • Hub staff.
  • All these apps were able to appreciate for getting address knowledge.


How to get an exact location with websites?

When I do not know how to use google map to get location, my mobile storage is not enough to install it. Then I will move ahead to the area telling the website:

How to sign up on a website?

If I am worried about my exact address, then I will use websites for this purpose.

  • I open the real website and then click to make an account.
  • I will make an account by putting all my information on the website requirements.
  • If I already made an account, I will sign in to the website and get started.
  • After account creation, I will use it for translation conveniently.

How to use the location website for the exact address?

  • The use of websites for location purpose is same as applications use. 
  • However, sometimes, the website’s use for location telling is more easily then applications and google map.

Final verdict:

If a person wants to know where I am right now, exact address, then he/she surely understand the location and perfect location by reading the content mentioned earlier.