Who created tiktok: Best social media apps in 2020

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who created tiktok

In China, it known as Douyin, but in the rest of the world, it is Tik Tok, becoming a global phenomenon and in the fashion network. Its creator, Zhang Yiming, is a 36-year-old billionaire who also owns Bytedance or Musical.ly. Let’s say Tik Tok is a mix of both. Currently, TikTok ranks as the most downloaded application in the United States and registering a total of 500 million unique monthly users. Impressive! In this article, I’ll try to give details about “ who created TikTok“.

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 What is TikTok?

 It is a social network of videos, an Instagram of videos you could say. With facial recognition, you can make videos quickly and easily, personalize, adapt, or modify your liking through filters, effects, and voices of all kinds. One of the current characteristics of networks and content is immediacy and brevity. Well, Tik Tok knows it, and that is why the videos do not last more than a minute and where of course, after publishing them, you can interact with users by chat.


The exact origin of TikTok


First of all, TikTok is called Douyin in the Chinese market if we consider that its creation took place in Asian territory, it clear that it decided to launch it with a more friendly and attractive name for Western countries.

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To answer the question of who created TikTok, we have to look directly at the ByteDance offices. Presumably, its price would be around 75,000 million dollars.

At the head of this company is Zhang Yiming, one of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs. His name is in the Top 10 of the richest men internationally. To give us an idea of ​​his importance within the world of technology, many know him as the Chinese Mark Zuckerberg.


Who created the TikTok app: Who created the TikTok app


Zhang Yiming is the son of a Chinese government official and has a degree in Microelectronics at Nankai University. He also studied Computer Science and has a specialization in Software Engineering. Only 15 years after completing his training, he is the owner of the best-positioned Artificial Intelligence startup on the planet. 


While Zhang Yiming, not the one who created TikTok on his own, he did so through his company and owned it. His address allowed launching one of the most downloaded applications in recent years, capable of rivaling other social networks.


Things You Should Know About Zhang Yiming


Zhang Yiming is an entrepreneur whose doors not opened on his first attempt. He had to try different jobs, including Microsoft offices. Things changed when he decided to found ByteDance.


Before the launch of TikTokYiming released a news aggregator called Toutiao. It was not until 2016 that the premiere of Douyin, the short video application’s Chinese name, took place. The businessman considered, based on other platforms’ experience and the dynamics of young people, that short videos had great potential. We saw it with Vine and other social networks, but TikTok came to blow everything up. I hope now you maybe understand who created TikTok.