Who Is a Hopeless Romantic: 7 Signs to Show You’re One!

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Hopeless Romantic Love

Is a hopeless romantic a person who blindly believes in love? Or is it someone who does not believe in the modern dating system? Is it the person who has extremely high expectations from a relationship? Who is a hopeless romantic?

Are all the above questions playing on your mind? Are you wondering if you’re in the right space or not? Well, it’s time you read ahead! Here we will cover everything you need to know about a hopeless romantic, what to say to a hopeless romantic, and signs that will show you are one! So, let’s not waste any more time telling you what this is all about!

A Romantic Couple
A Hopeless Romantic Couple

What Is a Hopeless Romantic?

Before taking a dive that will give you all the reasons that determine who is a hopeless romantic, let’s see what it is all about!

Well, the term ‘hopeless’ is something we’ve known since we were kids. Haven’t we? And, of course, everyone knows what the meaning of romantic implies! But what is a hopeless romantic?

To put the answer to your question straight, it is a person who thinks and believes that love is the essential thing in the world, and that is what gives life meaning. Do you think we’re waving way back into the old movies?

Well, people have such beliefs and prioritize them over anything else that the world offers. And the best thing is, they will put in all their effort and power to keep that love with them!

Generally, people refer to these people saying that they tend to live in a rosy world. Also, these people are idealistic and optimistic. To put it in a better way, they are expressive and love to wear their heart on the sleeves.

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But What’s the Problem With Being Hopelessly Romantic?

Well, the only problem is with the term ‘hopeless.’ Often, you will notice people describing a person who is running behind unreciprocated love as hopeless romantic!

It might be possible that the person may be possibly pursuing other people, something that they don’t believe at all. At times, even a non-committal arrangement might annoy them!

On the other hand, these people might consider themselves to be hopeless where love is concerned.

Some live with the notion that there is no one who can meet up to what they want and cannot measure up to it. They may live with such a high standard that it becomes impossible for people to reach up to them!

So, now that you know, let’s check out who a hopeless romantic is!

How to Know If You Are a Hopeless Romantic? – 7 Signs!

With such a lot mentioned in the first half, all of you must be questioning yourself, trying to understand if you’re one or not? Aren’t you? So, let’s see if you’re living the life of your dream or still are in search for someone who is specially made for you. Here are some signs to tell that you’re a hopeless romantic:

1. Cries Looking at Romantic Films

Well, many of us are emotional. But do we all cry when a romantic scene comes up? If you do, you can consider yourself to be romantic!

2. Slightest Romantic Gestures Melt Your Heart

What about a surprise proposal coming forth at a romantic dinner? Or a bunch of flowers and a romantic message to wake up to? Well, if these are the signs that melt your heart, we’re sure you’re an undoubtedly romantic person.

3. Lives with the Notion of Meeting Their Dream Person One Day

Do you dream that one day your prince will come on a white horse to elope you? Or do you wonder the day you meet your dream girl, there will be rain, and everything around you will light up? Well, if you’re living with these notions, then you might start considering yourself a hopeless romantic!

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These people have faith there is someone who is solely made for them, and they are supposed to meet in the course of life.

4. Have the Belief that There is Nothing More Powerful than Love

Well, hopeless romantic people live for themselves and believe there is nothing in the world more powerful than love no matter what! The prize of love is more than any other thing in the world.

5. Gives In Everything If They See the Tiniest Reciprocation

When it comes to hopeless romantic people, they give everything they have within themselves to the person they love. And even more when they get the slightest reciprocation.

But when things don’t work out, you become extremely hard on yourself, and that puts a vast toll on your life. However, if you expect the other person to react in the same manner, then you would be wrong. Your sentiments are not something most people care about.

6. Never finds Anyone is Up to the Mark

The people who have this kind of nature never seem to have enough love. And of course, no one can be enough, as they find another person not meeting up to their expectations. If you’re someone like this, you would never be happy with the love that you get towards you.

7. You Value Small Things

A relationship is not about the big things. Hopeless romantics are people who value affection and love the most. So, it is natural these people tend to value small things in their life.

Do you also fantasize about a fairytale romance? If yes, you can consider yourself among the hopeless romantics. A simple text, ‘hope this message finds you well,’ matters a lot to these people. And that, of course, reflects the genuine concern that you have for a person.

So, if you’re a hopeless romantic person, you’re sure to feel special about receiving such a cute message from a person.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know who a hopeless romantic is and how they work on their psychology. So, if you’re also someone who behaves in such a manner, don’t feel bad about yourself. Be sure that one day there will be a person who will genuinely reciprocate your feelings.