Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating: All Information Revealed About Her Boyfriend!

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Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

If you are someone who surfs through different social media handles, then you might have come across Rivera Lexi. She’s a great personality, and I am sure you are here after watching her videos. If you want to know about her personal life and almost everything about her, then consider reading this article till the end. So without further delay, let’s get started with the article about who is Lexi Rivera dating and much more in our following segment.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Who is Lexi Rivera?

Lexi Rivera is a social media influencer and a YouTuber. If you followed Brent Rivera’s channel, then you might have come across Lexi Rivera. As Brent Rivera is her brother, who is also a successful YouTuber. Lexi grew up looking and following her brother and soon opt for a career similar to her brother and where she is successful after years just like her brother, Brent. Though she started her journey a year ago. She has 6.1 million subscribers, and she posts videos on her channel every Saturday. Her fans quite love her and they wait for her videos eagerly.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating?

Being a public figure fans are intrigued to know more about their favorite public figure. This question is getting asked on the internet every now and then.

Lexi Rivera is rumored to she is dating Andrew Davilla. As both of them have collaborated together a lot since 2017. People suspect them as they are dating, as they seek to be quite close to each other in their videos. Sources suggest that a friend of Lexi actually spilled about them dating on her Channel. By this, we can pretty much rely on the news that they are currently dating. It can be heard as well that they were in an on-off relationship, but they were mostly seen collaborating with each other quite often since 2017. However, some sources take it as a mere rumor as they term themselves as ‘just friends’ on their social media handles. Which also states that they might be friends as well. They haven’t confirmed anything officially.

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Now you may ask why there is so much confusion with the news! The reason is she pranks her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelert quite often with Andrew. Where she captioned the video as ‘My Ex meets my New Boyfriend.’ Though all three of them are friends.

Lexi Rivera Past Relationship

Lexi Rivera dated Ben Azelert, who is also a social media influencer who makes comedic videos on YouTube and Tiktok. In the year 2020, they released a video where both of them broke up officially and announced their breakup. They calmly addressed the matter that they had decided to part ways. Fans loved and shipped their relationship, but sadly it ended, and as per them, it’s a mutual decision. They were in an on-and-off relationship since they were 15, and then they chose to part ways as they needed time to be ‘independent’. They promised each other that they would stay friends no matter what, so they are still good friends, and there is a chance that they can get back together in the future as well.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Lexi Rivera Early life

Lexi Rivera is her stage name, whereas her real name is Alexa Brooke Rivera. She is an American Vlogger, Youtuber, and Tiktoker who is also an actress and gymnast. Her brother Brent Rivera created her channel to showcase her gymnastic skills, and later Lexi took it over.

She grew up in California, Huntington Beach and was born in 2001 on 7th June. Her height is 5 ft 1 inch, and she is American.  She started practicing gymnastics as a child, and she was quite passionate about it. She even won several prizes and won several competitions and inter-school competitions as well. In the year 2010, her brother started a YouTube channel for Lexi, and people started recognizing her and her talent. In the year 2012, her YouTube channel got inactive, and Brent started posting all her gymnast content. Later, Lexi started running her YouTube channel, and it blew up in a fraction of a month.

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Still, now she collaborates with her brother, and she even starred in a YouTube series, ‘Brobot’, where she played the role of Max, and the series was aired on Best TV and also on YouTube.

She also has a Tiktok account which is successful as well, and also she started focusing on her Instagram, where she is quite active. Plus, she has a good amount of followers and subscribers and is walking on the path to a successful career. She records dance and gymnast videos for her Tiktok and the Instagram handle. Also, it’s needless to mention that she follows a very strict routine and leads a fit lifestyle.

Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth

Lexi Rivera is a popular public figure and is leading a successful career. She earns mostly from influencing her social media handles and from promotions as well. However, we’re not really clear about Lexi Rivera’s net worth as of now. But it’s well understood that she has gained quite a lot of wealth because of her popularity.

Lexi Rivera’s Social media appearance

She has near about 22 million followers on her Tiktok account and over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. On Instagram, she has approximately 8 million followers. She has a large crowd following her everywhere.

Lexi Rivera’s Personal Life

Lexi grew up with his brothers, and she has three brothers. One is the eldest, Blake Rivera, who is also a hockey player and has won the national championship as well. The second one is Brice Rivera and then Brent Rivera, who is just a few years older than Lexi.

She loves all of her brothers equally, and she doesn’t have a favorite brother, she claimed. She also acknowledged her mother as an inspiration in her life, and she is well-connected with her mother.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Conclusive Insights

Hopefully, the article was informative, and it was relevant to your hunt about who is Lexi Rivera dating. These are some of the most interesting facts about Lexi Rivera, aka Alexa Rivera. I hope you learn new facts and new information about her personal life. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more such interesting and informative content. Till the next time, take care and comment down below if you have any queries.