Why Tiktok is a hype app and its problems

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Tiktok is a hype app

The news feed of the short video app Tiktok is a snippet of snippets. The first video starts with a young Asian with a face mask dances after Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. For 15 seconds, then the movie starts again. The next video starts with a swipe up, and two craftsmen perform an insane silly choreography between a concrete mixer and a scaffolding. They stand there like pop stars. In this post, I’ll tell you the reason why Tiktok is a hype app and what is its problems . Let’s start.

Do you know Tiktok is a hype app?

When you clicked on the video, you give them a virtual heart. Anyone who clicks on the craftsman’s account can follow them.

The news feeds of millions of Tiktok users worldwide look somewhat chaotic, silly, and sympathetically absurd. Most of them are young. In particular, teenagers use the app, which was formerly called musical.ly and was a pure platform for so-called lip-sync – sing-along videos. Then the Chinese start-up Bytedance bought musical.ly in November 2017 for around $ 1 billion and merged the app with Tiktok.

Tiktok in the app ranking 2018 in front of Instagram and Snapchat

It has established itself primarily among teenagers. Because the videos, which are up to 15 seconds long, can be pushed in between every five-minute break in the school playground – and probably also because the app is the next virtual youth niche. Since even grandparents have had their own Facebook accounts and Angela Merkel has been lecturing on food security on Instagram. Young users have been migrating to wherever they think they are among themselves – where mom and dad don’t have any accounts yet.

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The Stars: Lisa and Lena have the most followers

The app has had its stars for a long time. Even musical.ly made famous a few years ago, Lisa and Lena. The two 16-year-old twin sisters from Stuttgart have the most followers on Tiktok – even before the many US and Asian Tiktok stars. 32.6 million users follow the two Swabians – and make them superstars. Lisa and Lena appear in feature films by Matthias Schweighöfer, have their fashion collections, and regularly provide grapes for screeching teenagers when they look anywhere.


♬ original sound – deep_ch3

Her recipe for success is still the lip-sync videos of the musical.ly period. The two short choreographies dance in their video snippets and move their lips to current pop songs. They are role models for thousands of users and their videos. But the range of short clips has increased since musical.ly became Tiktok. Dance and sing-along videos still dominate the feed. In between, there are soccer tricks and make-up tips – and more and more commercial accounts.

Tiktok fined $ 5.7 million.

But the app has long had a massive problem with growing success. In the United States, Tiktok had to pay the record $ 5.7 million fine in late February. Anyone who is younger than 13 and wants to use the app redirected to their secure child version of the USA.


There is no doubt TikTok is one of the best social platforms from all of them. But we know that all the things have limitations. Tiktok is none of them. We have to create awareness before using this app.