Young people recognize the political power of TikTok.

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Young people recognize

TikTok is an app that mainly children and teenagers use. But the program usually distributes short, self-made music video clips and is increasingly taking on a more political dimension. Much to the annoyance of Donald Trump. For example, who is currently being trolled by many users of the app. Now the Young people recognize their political power on this social platform. If you are exciting to know, then stay reading this article.


They are getting know: How Young people recognize the political power of this Social network.


First, with the help of TikTok, they ensured that numerous seats were left empty during Trump’s campaign launch in Tulsa. Lastly, they attacked his merchandising businesses around the “Make America Great Again” caps. The background is a problem that those responsible for online shops have not yet adequately tackled. Products are selected in rows from the shops and placed in the virtual shopping cart without ever buying them. TikTok users like this are calling hereon. If products are in the virtual shopping cart, they blocked for other potential buyers. Sometimes the information on the website appears that a product sold out, even though it is not. For the operators of online shops, it is hardly possible to tell whether someone wants to buy or act as a sham. The inventory and warehousing at Trump now threaten to get thoroughly mixed up, writes the “world.” In the meantime, customers can only add a maximum of three pieces of a product to their shopping cart. Trump’s campaigners have responded to the action.

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K-pop scene as a driving factor


Who would have thought that it was so much fun to be politically active? You do something meaningful, and you have to laugh all the time!” Said one of the activists, law student Isabelle Rittenhouse from Boston, the “world.” It started as a joke, said the 23-year-old with a view of Tulsa. Nobody knew whether it would work: “The flop of the rally, which Trump had announced so far, then exceeded all expectations. “Corso “. Political campaigning on TikTok works a little differently than you might know from election campaigns. All content is dressing in an entertaining costume. For example, the K-Pop fans posted dance videos with their favorite music, and in the background, they show their ticket for the campaign event. Or they also explain how to register correctly.


Aye khuda♥️ @mr_faisu_07 🌹 #foryou #fyp #trending

♬ original sound – Vijay Sawant – Vijay Sawant

TikTok ceases operations in Hong Kong under the “Security Act.”


TikTok has become a political issue, not only in the USA. The company itself also involved. It announced today that it would stop its activities in Hong Kong due to the “recent events.” The TikTok app will no longer be functional there. In Hong Kong, opponents of the so-called “security law” are mobilizing against China’s influence. The censored Chinese version of TikTok, “Douyin,” available in the Communist People’s Republic, will continue to be operated in the Asian economic metropolis.

The US government is now generally considering bans on Chinese apps. That would then also affect TikTok because the once US-American app “ bought two years ago by “ByteDance” from Beijing and renamed “TikTok”. India has already banned these and other apps in the dispute with China.

Conclusion on Young people recognize

TikTok is now deleting these videos. A company spokeswoman told the German Press Agency that the community guidelines made it clear that no content tolerated that was unnecessarily shocking and cruel to humans and animals. The name “Kulikitaka Challenge” comes from the merengue title “Kulikitaka” by the singer Tono Rosario. This music underpins the terrifying of the animals. Now you may be the reason How the Young people recognize their political power? If you have more questions, don’t forget to know us.