Your guide to CBD Vape Products

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CBD Oil Vape

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re looking for the best vape products or just looking for information about vaping. Vaping has gained immense popularity with a variety of products being designed every day. Depending on your experience, preference, choosing a decent product is crucial to getting the most out of your vaping sessions.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor generated by a battery-powered electronic device. Vaping is considered a great alternative to smoking because of consuming less or no harmful chemicals into your system.

Vaping can be done using many different devices. The most common ones include; CBD vape pens and dab rigs. Keep in mind, the product and brand you go for will determine the quality of your vaping sessions.

Therefore, it’s essential to have some basic knowledge of vaping products before purchasing one. We recommend you do a thorough research of the top vaping brands and make an informed decision of a quality CBD vape unit.

The number one vaping brands to consider is dr.dabber, with a wide selection of batteries and cartridges. Besides, you can buy them as a combo. For users who already have a 510 battery can buy the cartridge. If you don’t have a battery, you can go for a combo pack which has everything you need to get started.

It’s a perfect unit ideal for all kinds of users. Dr.dabber CBD vape products are handy units and cost-effective to a couple of consumers because it comes with a reusable battery that doesn’t need replacement.

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Here is a list of the best CBD vape products you’ll need to check out.

  1. CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo- Robust Blend. The CBD vape kit comes with one Robust Blend CBD cartridge, a USB charger, and a matching purple universal rechargeable battery. With a couple of tones including violets, bourbons that give this terpene blend a natural flavor.
  2. CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo – Fresh Blend.  The CBD vape kit has one Fresh Blend CBD cartridge, USB charger, and a matching green universal rechargeable battery. The blend brings notes of mint, cucumber, fresh-cut grass, and pine.
  3. CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo – Original Blend. The CBD vape kit has a USB charger, one original Blend CBD cartridge, and a matching cyan universal rechargeable battery. The terpene blend brings notes of citrus, sour seeded berries, and candied fruit.
  4. CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo – Citrus Blend. The vape kit comes with a matching orange universal rechargeable battery, USB charger, and one citrus blend CBD cartridge. With the kit, you can awaken your taste buds with this citrus blend.

Flavor selection

Dr dabber CBD vape products have four flavors to choose from:

  • Citrus
  • Regular
  • Robust
  • Fresh

The four flavors correspond with the available colors, which adds a great touch of style. Such units are more operational, unlike disposable CBD vape pens since it has three voltage settings. With this, you can customize your vaping session to the potency you prefer.

The cartridges are beautifully designed with a mouthpiece that enhances the free airflow so you can enjoy your vaping session with a little draw resistance. Generally, the design of these units is on another level, making them a perfect combo package.

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Each cartridge has about 250mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids, which should be just right for most consumers. However, for some people using CBD for medical purposes, the concentration might be low.

Whether you’re a first-time user or a veteran, you’ll absolutely like the selection of flavor since they are quite different from the usual ones. With the four flavors available, none of them has a single dominating note. Instead, they have a tremendous intermixing subtle flavor.

For example, CBD cartridge battery original blend has a fantastic fruity flavor that is not overwhelming. The CBD cartridge battery robust blend has an earthy flavor I have never experienced in a CBD cartridge before.

Final Thought

Dr. Dabber’s line of CBD cartridges works perfectly with the 510 cartridges because they provide great convenience and a subtler flavor selection. They are one of the few brands that give users the chance to buy products in a combo pack with a 510 battery. Therefore, consumers don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate battery if they don’t already have one. The flavors are super great as well because they are subtle yet distinctive, and are much different from the norm in other brands. Eventually, Dr. Dabber’s CBD store is a perfect choice for both newbies and veteran CBD users.