Zara Tindall: Early Life, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth

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A Picture of Zara Tindall

Do you wish to know who Zara Tindall is? Well, for that you would have to read our article! Here we will give you an insight about her and everything you need to know about this lady!

Who is Zara Tindall?

We have all heard about the extension of the royal family. There is one such member of the British royal blood that we often remember as the Olympic hero and the rebellious child of Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne. The full name is Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall, and her original name is Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips. Of course, she is the Godmother of Prince George. Also, she is a professional equestrian, an Olympic medalist. Plus, she is also the eldest granddaughter of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Edinburgh.

A Picture of Zara Tindall
Zara Tindall

Early Life

Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips took birth on May 15 in 1981, at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, situated in West London. Interestingly, the Prince of Wales, her uncle, suggested the name. She was baptized on July 27, 1981.

The Olympian went to Beaudesert Park School in Stroud, Gloucestershire. And she went to Port Regus School in Shaftesbury, Dorset as well. After that, just like every other member of the Royal Family, she attended Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland.

Her excellence in curricular activities was ingenious as she excelled at many sporting activities, namely, athletics, hockey, and gymnastics. Also, during her schooldays, she shined in academics too.

She completed her studies at the University of Exeter and qualified as a physiotherapist.

Personal Life

Zara Tindall Elizabeth Phillips got married to Mike Tindall on July 30, 2011. And it was held at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She met Mike Tindall, rugby union player, during the Rugby World Cup in Australia in 2003, where England won it. It is to be believed that Mike Tindall had encouraged Zara to take her sporting potential seriously.

The couple moved in together at her mother’s Gatcombe estate. Their bonding and relationship had been great for the next few years. Mike and Zara announced their engagement just before Christmas 2010 six years later at Buckingham Palace. And they got married in the following year.

The Olympian and the World Cup winner had their first child, Mia, who took birth in January 2014.

According to the Royal Marriages Act 1772, the Queen has to give her consent to a marriage of royal blood. As it happened, it was required to have her grant their marriage in a meeting. Therefore, the meeting of the Privy Council took place in May 2011 successfully as it was granted. And finally Zara ticked the wedding checklist

She is already a mother to three children, Mia Grace and Lena Elizabeth, and Lucas Phillip. However, she had a miscarriage, as it was revealed by herself on an open platform. It made her the first member of the royal family to speak openly about it.

Equestrian Career

Zara is an accomplished equestrian. And she had won a silver medal at the London Olympics, 2012. Moreover, it was awarded to her by her mother.

She began to pursue this career after graduating from the University of Exeter. She acquired a sponsorship agreement with Cantor Index in June 2003. It helped her to cover up the valuable costs of her career.

Her first four-star event gave her much-needed success as she came second at Burghley Horse Trails in 2003.

Tindall had faced a setback in 2004 as her horse suffered an injury during training, and she had to miss the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Toytown, her horse, and Zara won medals together and in an individual affair at the European Eventing Championship in Blenheim in 2005.  They came runners-up in the team competition and as an individual. They won silver medals at FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany, in 2006. Also, her success made her the undisputed Eventing World Champion till 2010.

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As per votes, the British viewers chose her as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2010. After that, she was appointed as the member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the equestrian department at New Year Honors in 2010 due to her success in the field.

New Turn in Zara Tindall Career

Tindall had a terrible accident in October 2008, as she lost control and fell down due to the competing horse alongside her, Toytown,  at an event in France. And this resulted in a broken collarbone at the peak of her career. During this recovery period, she announced her acknowledged innovative designs of equestrian clothing for Musto Outdoor Clothing. She was designated the number ZP176 when she represented her country for the first time. The collection of jewelry is named after that number. And it was inaugurated and set in motion in July 2010.

Zara returned to the British Equestrian team as it was announced on June 11, 2012, for the London Olympic Games, 2012. She won her country a silver medal in the competition of teams on the High Kingdom, her horse. Plus, Zara finished as the first runner-up at the Luhmühlen Horse Trials in 2013 along with her horse, High Kingdom.

She competed in the qualifiers of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 as Zara Tindall, her original name. Her venture to qualify was unsuccessful. Four years later, she was selected in the British team for FEI Nations Cup in August 2020. It was held in Le Pin au Haras, France.


Zara Tindall has often been seen on the bad side of the news outlets for her unlawful driving. Her risky and concerning driving skills have led to trouble for her multiple times.

She had over twelve points. And the speeding offenses had been all over the papers. Due to such offenses, she received a ban from driving for six months in January 2020.

Along with such offenses, she did not attend her scheduled court meet at the Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court as she was in Australia. Although, she did admit to her crime in her Land Rover near Cirencester.

The British horse rider was fined 666 Euros and a victim surcharge of 151 Euros.

Mia Grace Tindall

Mia Grace Tindall was born on January 17, 2014. She is a member of the royal family. Mia is the eldest child of a former rugby player,  Mike Tindall, and Olympic equestrian, Zara Tindall. Plus, she is the fourth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

She took birth at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester, England.

Mike Tindall, her father, officially announced her name on Twitter on January 23, 2014.

She is the elder sister of two other children of the Philip- Tindall family.

And she played a significant role during the wedding of Princess Eugenie.

Mia served as a bridesmaid in the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Lucas Philip Tindall

Lucas Philip Tindall was born on March 21, 2021. He is a member of the British aristocracy. And he is the only male offspring of Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall. Also, he is the 10th descendant of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh UK, and Queen Elizabeth II.  

Lucas took birth at the household in Gatcombe Park.

Lucas was spotted with his mother for the first time after Prince Phillip’s funeral. And it was the same that the joyous child who was pushed around the park in his pram by his mother.

Recently, Philip had issued an update on their 5-week old son. In the podcast, he had mentioned that “ there is not much going on. Just newborn, a month old, same old stuff. Feeding, bum wiping, but otherwise all good. “

The one-month-year-old boy was seen enjoying some precious moments with her mother at the Hughton Haul International Horse Trials. Moreover, it can be presumed that the athletic couple will be looking into preparing her son for a career in sports.

The Zara Phillips Collection

Zara Tindal and her husband shocked the world when they announced the launch of a new jewelry collection in June 2015. And it was opened with the collaboration of jewelry designer Calleija at the Royal Arcade in London.

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The granddaughter of the Queen wore a gorgeous black skater dress with cut-out heels for the high-profile event. Also, it has been claimed by the equestrian that the jewelry will contain designs related to the sport she excelled in wonderfully.

The pieces of jewelry can be bought from the website of Calleija, where around fifty results are seen on the product list. Also, most of the jewelry range from around five thousand Euros to twelve thousand euros.

Zara Tindall Net Worth

Zara Tindall belongs to the royal family, but she does not receive any money from the Royal purse.

Of course, we must say that Zara does not receive any help from the crown and rather depends upon her financial savings and earnings to lead a normal life along with her husband. Due to her success in the Olympics and the country events, she has done fairly well to live a healthy life. And her jewelry collections, features have paid well to her cause.

According to Express, the approximate net worth is around $20 million.

This money comes from the huge number of sponsorship deals and property investments. Moreover, she has endorsement deals with clothing company investments worth an estimated $1.55 million and horse Lovers game Howrse worth more than $100,000. The equestrian also has long contractual deals with Rolex, Landrover, and investment firm Artemis. And in 2019 she became the director of Cheltenham Racecourse in England. This role also remunerates her pretty well.

Zara Tindall – The Rebellious Member of the Royal Blood

Royal Family members are always expected to follow the rules and traditions set by their ancestors. However, not all of them abide by it.

Zara was dubbed as the “ wild child “ when she was a teenager.

Zara’s mother, Princess Anne, raised her children away from the royal society with solitude and simplicity.

Zara does not have a royal title, so she faced less scrutiny from the royal family.

Zara grew up with the commoners, and one of her decisions proclaimed her to be the rebellious member of the royal traditions. She did not abide by the royal rules and got her tongue pierced as a teenager. This shocked the royal family, and it did create some uncomfortable moments for the traditional and protocoled family.

She did not seem to get bothered by the negative remarks in her teenage years. The piercing was often caught on cameras which made Buckingham Palace ruffled at it.

It has been seen that Zara was the one who broke the barriers of the traditional manners and behaviors to decide her fate and decisions. She was not bothered by the circumstances and situations it created as long as it made her feel happy and had her consent.

At this moment, she is a mother of three kids and an Olympic medalist.

She had openly conversed to the press that she would be concerned if her children got tattoos in the future. She had said that studs could be removed, but tattoos might not be something that is vouching to fight against the royal family.

Final Thoughts

Zara Tindall has been the face of the rebellion against the traditional methods of living. Of course, she had inspired millions to follow their dreams. Her success with her career in equestrian proves her determined nature of achieving success. However, some wrong decisions have also been a part of the puzzle and her teenage life. Moreover, her past relationships had caused a major change in her life, which saw her become somewhat different.

Her ability to work hard and to dedicate most of her time to charity work is worthy of recognition. She has been the face of eliminating social stereotypes that society has put upon women. Also, she works effectively with such people to break through them and have the basic freedom that every human being deserves at some point in life.

It will be interesting to see how such a rebellious entity raises her children. As per news outlets, Mike Tindall is known to be a nice person and probably great at being a father.

Zara is adored and loved by the family as she had brought recognition to her country and brought upon history to the family. And she is great friends with Prince William and Kate. Moreover, her invocation with the higher-ups in the hierarchy speaks about her contribution to the family from the outside.

So, Zara Tindall is the inspiration of millions, and we wish her the best for the future.