Gemtesa Side Effects & Why You Must Consume in Moderation!

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Gemtesa Side Effects

When taking up medicine, you should be aware of the possible effects it can cause. What is Gemtesa? Why do the doctors prescribe it? Can any complications occur by consuming this medicine? If precautions are needed to be taken, what are they? And many other questions must have popped up in your mind. That’s why we are here to help you know the answers to all of your questions about Gemtesa side effects.

Gemtesa, another name for it is VIBEGRON. This medicine is suggested by doctors to those patients who have lost control of their bladder. The patients will always have no control, as in they will always have the urge to pee, or they will pee involuntarily without their consciousness.

Consuming Gemtesa helps in the control of the bladder. That is, the urge to pee decreases, and the time you can hold to pee will be increased.

gemtesa side effects

Drug Details

Gemtesa is found in tablet form, so it is consumed orally. There is only one concentration of the medicine readily accessible-75mg(milligrams).

The medicine is oval in shape and light green in color. One side of the tablet has a V75 logo, whereas the other side is blank.

gemtesa side effects

How to consume Gemtesa?

This medicine is to be consumed only when prescribed by the doctor. If you want on how to consume the medicine, you take the help of the instructions provided with the medicine. You can also ask the pharmaceutics or the doctor how to consume the medicine.

It can be consumed before or after food as suggested by the doctor. You can swallow it from your mouth along with water. If you cannot swallow, crush the medicine and mix it with applesauce. Then chuck the mixture with water. Remember not to keep the mixture for later.

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The effect of the medicine can only be seen if taken regularly. Irregular medicine intake has no effect on your health. In case the medication has no effect at all, let your doctor know.

gemtesa side effects

Possible Side-effects

Side-effects should not go unnoticed. Here are some of the Gemtesa side-effects listed below:

  • Nausea
  • Painful urination
  • Flowy or blocked nose
  • Headache
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Diarrhea

These side-effects can vary its effect on different people. Some of them can get over these reactions soon, or some may lead to serious health issues. It is advisable to contact your doctor during any emergency as it always includes health risks.

Gemtesa Alternatives

In case you are intolerant to Gemtesa, then you can talk to the doctor about its alternatives. Some of the alternatives are:

  • Toviaz
  • Oxytrol
  • Vesicare
  • Myrbetriq
  • Detrol

gemtesa side effects

Precautions to be taken

While consuming any medicine, precautions are needed to be taken. As we all know, “Precaution is better than cure. ” What are the precautions that you could possibly take?

First of all, make sure you know about your allergies. This is important in any case. You are consuming many things daily, so you might know which had what effect on you. Discussion of these allergies to your doctor will help them know if the medicine is suitable for you not.

Secondly, while purchasing the medicine, the pharmacist will check the expiry date of the medicine and give it. Even though it’s checked thoroughly, it is your responsibility to check it again. This is to make sure that you are not tricked, and you are not consuming expired medicines.

Lastly, read the ingredients mentioned in the back of the medicine. This is to know the details of the medicines you are consuming. Unknowingly consuming a medicine can be harmful in the later stages.

Dosage of Gemtesa

Mostly, doctors who tell you to consume the medicine specify the dosage to you. Even they will write it in the prescription they provide. Just in case you have forgotten about the dosage or lost the prescription, let us help you know the dosage to be consumed.

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To have the effect of controlling your bladder, you need to take medicine regularly. You have to take 1 tablet as suggested before or after food. In case you miss a dosage, you can take medicine as soon as possible. If you remember the dose just before your next medicine time, then skip and go back on how you were taking the dosage.

Storing Gemtesa

Gemtesa can be stored at room temperature. The temperature has to be around 20 to 25degree Celsius. The medicine should be kept where sunlight can reach it.

The medicine should not be in reach of children and pets. It can be harmful to them.

When the medicine is expired, make sure to dispose of it. Flushing it down the toilet is not a wise choice since these medicines contain chemicals. The chemicals, when mixed, can contaminate the water and lead to a major issue. As an advice, you can always consult your doctor on how to dispose of the medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gemtesa Side Effects(FAQs)

  1. For how long should Gemtesa be consumed?

It actually depends on the condition of your bladder. There’s no specific time given as it varies the result on different people. Always refer to what the doctor says about how long the medicine needs to be consumed.

  1. What is the price of Gemtesa?

The price differs a little bit between different pharmacies. But most places charge $488 for a strip containing 30 tablets.

Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of our blog! We are hoping that we got to provide you with the necessary details about gemtesa side effects and much more. Now you can be straight up with the information you got to know and cannot be tricked by any fake pharmacist or doctor. Help others to know the information as spreading this will only provide awareness among people. Medicinal awareness is important in all cases. Let us know if you actually learned something new today or not!