How can you know if an online casino is genuine

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One big drawback of the online gaming industry is the scams! Some people invest their money to play games, only to realise later that the winnings as promised are not coming.

Even so, there is no need to worry. There are trustworthy and legitimate online casinos out there, many of which have a track record of fulfilling the promises they make. It is only occasionally that you will find rogue casinos that have unreliable payment records or pirated games. It is only in rare cases that the casino could be a complete fraud.

The most popular brands, particularly those running for a while now, are rarely fake. A casino cannot survive long if they are not punctual in their payouts. Their reputation is ruined if the word gets around. 

So, what are the things you can do to spot a fake casino?

Before you join an online casino and start playing for money, you need to check some important points. First, it is essential to read the reviews of other players to get an idea of the casino. Second, carefully read the terms and conditions and know about the payment methods accepted, their security system, etc. 

Last but not least is their license. You must consider this point to verify the authenticity of the online casino. Playing at an online casino that does not have a license is a huge risk; you are leaving yourself unprotected in case you are a victim of fraud.

Mostly, the popular gaming sites are safe, so it is better to avoid lesser-known or unlicensed casinos.

There are five standard techniques in total for spotting a fake casino, and any one of these could indicate a red flag

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Spotting fake casinos #1 – Unlicensed casinos

Every casino needs a license to run the business. Gambling commissions and authorities grant licenses to casinos. While having a license is not enough to stay assured that a casino is genuine, not having a license is a ‘red flag.’ Do not trust a casino without a license.

Spotting fake casinos #2 – Scandals online

The fact that a fake casino is flagged by existing online players allows you to make your decision accordingly. If you come across a casino that has been running for more than say five years and still does not have any complaints, scandals, or payment issues – you can be sure that you have found the right business. Again, you need to make sure that the information available is genuine.

Spotting fake casinos #3 – Casinos hiding behind web forms

A fraud casino would not want to tell you who the owners are or give you too many ways to get in touch with them. Compare this to the larger legitimate casinos, where you will find ownership information, addresses, and phone numbers, multiple email contact addresses, and live-chat on their homepage. But if all you have is a website with a simple ‘contact us’ form and no further options – then you need to examine further with the other details on your checklist. 

Spotting fake casinos #4 – Lack of testing certification

Most casinos want to display the fairness of their games, and contrary to what many believe, spins and deals are usually entirely fair! For this, a professional auditing company is employed to run the games, millions of times. They then use this information to show that the deal is random and accurate.

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You can check the testing license or certificates of the casino via links provided on their homepage. Again, they can easily fake licenses or certificates – so make sure that you double-check your data and findings.

If you do not see a testing certificate, that should be a red flag to move on and find another casino.

Spotting Fake Casinos #5 – Deposit options

A sign you should take very seriously applies to casinos outside of the US / Canada only. If you see that PayPal deposits are allowed, it is a good sign. PayPal is very strict about who they do business with, and only the biggest and best brands are permitted to use this.

Also, the lack of deposit options can be a red flag – they should be able to offer several ways to deposit. It is okay if the casino has at least one credit card or other money transfer options. If it only deals with Bitcoin, or maybe some other prepaid voucher system – then you should look closer into the casino before depositing.

How to reduce your risks with online casinos?

Simple, choose popular brands!

Competition from upcoming and new casinos is essential and keeps the industry advancing and updating all the time. But if safety is your priority, then the most significant brands are the best bet. Sites like list casino operators and provide useful information that supports their legitimacy. These include what licencing the casino holds, player support information, payment term and real player reviews. They also offer prospective players the latest offers, promotions and free bets.