Jase Robertson Net Worth 2023, Lifestyle, Career & More!

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Jase Robertson Net Worth

, If you are a Duck Dynasty fan then you must know about Jase Robertson also known as Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson. He is also known for being a television personality and is included in a successful business as well. You must be interested to know about Jase Robertson net worth so this article is the best one for you.

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Basic Information

Real name Jase Robertson
Birth place Bernice in the United States
Date of birth 16th August, 1969
Age 54 years old
Height 5’11”
Weight 73 kgs
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Brown
Parents name Phil & Kay Robertson
Siblings Willie, Jep & Alan Robertson
School West Monroe High School
College Bible College
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Leo
Gender Male
Marital status Married
Spouse Missy Robertson
Children Reed, Mia & Cole Robertson
Profession T.V. personality, Duck Hunter & Innovator
Social media Instagram, Facebook & Twittter

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson net worth till the year 2023 is $10-12 million. He has been a professional duck hunter for many years alongside being a television personality and business executive. All of these profiles helped him to gain his money.

Early Life & Education

Now that you know about Jase Robertson net worth you should know a few points about his early life as well. He was born in the United States and his parents were Phil Alexander Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson. So he has three siblings with whom he grew up. He was raised by his Duck Commander father with whom he enjoyed going on hunt. This led to his passion for hunting ducks. He even missed school for this. Jase Robertson got his education from West Monroe High School.


His career is the main reason behind Jase Robertson net worth. Here are a few highlights of his career-

Jase is the chief operating officer of Duck Commander which was founded by his father Phil Robertson along with his brother who is the CEO of Duck Commander. His name is Willie. Jase was used in the fabrication of the duck calls made by the company. Then he would fine-tune them or get into inventing a new lot. Jase could make a duck call in as little as two minutes of time. “Triple Threat” was made by Robertson which uses three reeds instead of two which every other usual duck call uses.

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Arts & Entertainment Network used to air the show “Duck Dynasty” where Jase Robertson used to be an important part. He never believed that the show would be popular so acted like the most mischievous person on the show troubling his brother, the CEO of Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson. This show broke a lot of records rising to fame slowly and steadily. This show earned them almost $70-80 million from advertisements and $400 million from revenue. The show ran from 2012 to 2017.

Jase Robertson even co-hosted with Phil Robertson, his father for the podcast “Unshamed”. You can say that Jase Robertson rose to fame after the television show “Duck Dynasty”. Jase is also well known for being a professional duck hunter as well as an innovator.

Jase Robertson Net Worth Over The Years

In 2023 $10-12 million
In 2022 $10 million
In 2021 $8 million
In 2020 $6 million
In 2019 $4 million
In 2018 $3-4 million

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Source Of Income

Jase Robertson’s main source of income is from the television series “Duck Dynasty” where he was a mischievous character. He also earns from speaking at live and virtual events as well. His investments in stock markets add to Jase Robertson net worth. He even hunts professionally and works as a chief operating officer in the Duck Commander. He is even a business executive.

Real Estate

Jase Robertson net worth also includes the place he resides. He, along with his family lives in West Monroe, Los Angeles. His luxurious house has three bathrooms, a backyard pool, and four bedrooms. His single-family home spreads across four thousand and hundred square feet of land. It covers almost 0.96 acres of plot. The property is very comfortable and is situated in a really nice place. This house cost him $403,400.

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Car Collection

Jase Robertson net worth even includes his car collection as well. He has a habit of being on the road for most of his time and has a huge love for pickup trucks. He has the following cars-

  • GMC Sierra 1500 ($39,595 – 80,500).
  • F-150 manufactured by Ford ($33,695 – 41,800).


If you think that Jase Robertson net worth only got this high because of Duck Dynasty you are wrong. He invests in stock markets to make a profit and money. He invests in multiple stock sectors. Jase also makes money by speaking in public. For live speaking sessions at events, he makes around thirty to fifty thousand dollars. For virtual speaking events, he makes thirty to forty thousand dollars.

Philanthropic Activities

His efforts in the Mia Moo Fund have made a great positive impact on the lives of children who have cleft lip and palate. Their families are also helped and taken care of.


Jase Robertson has a fair skin complexion brown hair and a mustache. He also had a long beard which is also brown. His sharp features give him a rough look. His height is 1.83m and his weight of 73 kilograms. He cut his beard for his wife recently.

Personal Life

Jase Robertson is married to Miss Kay Robertson and has three kids, two sons and one daughter. Their names are- Reed Robertson, Mia Robertson, and Cole Robertson. Jase has been married for a long time which was confirmed by his wife when she shared their marriage date which is the 10th of August in the year 1990. He is an American with a white ethnicity. He has a craze for duck and frog hunting and thus misses his work sometimes to go for a hunt. Moreover, he has the nickname “Frog’s Worst Nightmare”.


In the month of January Jase stated that homosexuality is a sin and showed his distaste for it. he considers homosexuality as sinful as bestiality and promiscuity. He considers it illogical. He even despises adulterers, homosexuals, greedy people, slanderers, swindlers, etc.

Conclusive Insights

Even though he has been a mischievous character and has many homophobic perspectives still his net worth and other contributions to this society need to be known.

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. Who is the richest Duck Dynasty?

Willie Robertson is the richest one in the entire Duck Dynasty family, having a net worth of $40 million.

2. How much money does Jase Robertson make?

Jase Robertson net worth is $12 million to date.

3. How much money does Jase Robertson make per episode?

Jase Robertson makes $200,000 per episode in Duck Dynasty.

4. How much does Jep Robertson make per episode?

Jep Robertson makes $200,000 per episode.

5. Is Duck Dynasty still a business?

Yes! Duck Dynasty or Duck Commander is still a family business.