TV Shows like Modern Family-5 Sitcoms to Watch

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TV shows like Modern Family

Sitcoms are one of the most popular genres of television shows. Since television gained mainstream popularity, watching family sitcoms has become a great virtue for the present generation. Modern Family is also an amazing comedy sitcom that aired from 2009 to 2020 and gave us a lot of family moments to admire. The show redefined family dynamics in the present context and showed stories about raising kids, their growing up, and the right things to do with them. With wall-breaking humor stories, it is the best comedy sitcom of the century. If you want to watch TV shows like Modern Family, don’t worry; we have covered you.

5 Must-Watch Shows Like Modern Family 


5 shows like "Modern Family."

Are you excited to watch shows like Modern Family right after supper or on a weekend to enjoy the thrills of entertainment? Now, you don’t have to hunt more, as we have brought our hottest collection for you that you will love to stream on a weakened, at night, or while sipping a cup of coffee. Let’s start with family sitcoms.

1) Fresh off the Boat (2015–2021)

Fresh off the Boat

Set in 1995, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat grabbed the attention of fans because of its captivating storyline, thrilling plot, and great star cast. It was the longest-running sitcom about an Asian American family. Fox produced this show for ABC. The story closely depicts the life of a Taiwanese-American family who moved from Washington’s Chinatown to Orlando, Florida. When we live in a place for years, we develop a natural affinity for that place and become comfortable with its surroundings.

The family, who lived in Chinatown for years, faced many challenges when they shifted to Orlando. Eddie Huang’s family suffered a lot of challenges because, in their new place, they didn’t have an Asian population. Therefore, it became difficult for Eddie’s mother to connect with people in that area. The show successfully depicted the challenges of shifting to a new place.

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2) The Middle (2009–2018) 

The Middle

The Middle is one of the most popular shows that fans will yearn to watch, like Modern Family. ABC’s family sitcom The Middle has successfully glued families and teens to their screens. The story shows the struggle of a lower-middle-class family in balancing their work life, raising children, and managing day-to-day home accountabilities. The story concerns Frances Frankie Hecks, her husband, Neil Flynn, and their three children. It beautifully depicts all the struggles that family members undergo to manage their daily lives and the issues they face. Amidst all the chaos and dysfunction, the family members share their love. This series brought American families together, and they felt deeply connected to the storyline.

3) Rules of Engagement (2007–2013) 

Rules of Engagement aired on CBS successfully from 2007 to 2013. The Rules of Engagement is a comedy about different phases of male-female relationships. The story is about five friends, including a long-time married couple, a newly engaged couple, and a guy. The story shows how the two couples and their single friend deal with the complications of dating, ups and downs in relationships, promises, and marriage. Adam and Jennifer are a long-time married couple; Jeff and Audrey are a newly engaged couple; and Russell Dunber is the name of the single guy. Everyone has a unique perspective on viewing male-female relationships. Dunbar’s assistant, Timmy, later joins the group and serves as his boss’s moral guide in solving the complexities of dating, commitment, and relationships.

4) This is US (2016–2022) 

This is US- TV shows like Modern Family

This is Us is an amazing romantic family tragedy series. Dan Fogelman has created this TV series. The series features an ensemble cast and a unique plot. The TV show revolves around the lives of Kevin, Kate, and Randall and their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson. The three siblings go through personal struggles at different intervals in their lives. The trio is attempting to overcome the struggles of life and find happiness. The show depicts how the siblings get impatient with their parents and sometimes long for each other’s company. The show has six seasons. This is Us is a blockbuster series that has attracted adults and families and has received immense popularity. The series successfully tackles the heavy emotions of loss and guilt in a new way. The show has received critical acclaim for the writing and performances by the star cast.

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5) Life in Pieces (2015–2019) 

Life in Pieces- TV shows like Modern family

Similar to TV shows like Modern Family, Life in Pieces has also given viewers a dose of entertaining comedy and family drama. It tells the story of three generations of a single family. The series features the short family as they deal with their daily lives in Los Angeles. It features a large family, and every character in the sitcom deals with hilarious situations differently. Their hilarious conditions and how they deal with them become the main source of humor in the series. The show’s half-hour format is jampacked because the series shows four individual stories, and the fourth part draws a conclusion to the previous ones. The show’s star cast has impressed the viewers, and their jokes have left them amazed.


TV shows like Modern Family have become extremely popular. The fans of Modern Family love to binge-watch these shows on a holiday or sip a cup of coffee to unwind. Our recommendations will save you effort, and you will love to spend quality time with your family, friends, or spouse. These sitcoms will give a new direction to your life, as these family dramas will teach you many lessons through wholesome entertainment. So, next time, grab a jar of popcorn and enjoy binge-watching these sitcoms. Are you ready for the next dose of joy? Let us know in the comment section.