Where can I watch Encanto-Streaming and Rental Details

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Where Can I Watch Encanto?

Streaming movies enjoying the comfort of your home with a cup of Joe and a mug full of popcorn is the most entertaining time of our lives. Streaming these movies with our family makes us feel super excited, as we can share the film’s best moments with the folks we are very close to. If you are a connoisseur of Hollywood movies, we bet you will love to watch Encanto. When you decide to watch this fantastic movie, you will also love to explore “Where Can I Watch Encanto?” Don’t worry; reading this fantastic post will help you know where to watch this blockbuster Hollywood movie while enjoying the comfort of your home along with its storyline. Stay tuned till the end.

About the Movie

Where Can I Watch Encanto

Encanto, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio, is the tale of an extraordinary family. It is the story of the Madrigals family, who reside in the mountains of Columbia in a magical house in a vibrant town in a charming place called Encanto. A matriarch leads this family, and her children and grandchildren, except Mirabel Madrigals, receive magical powers. These powers were used to help the people in Encanto. 

The movie further shows that the family is losing their abilities, and then Mirabel sets out to know why it is happening to them. This animated movie has won many prestigious awards, including the Grammy Awards and the British Academy Film Awards. It was also nominated for an Oscar. Do you feel crazy enough to stream the movie? Let’s unfold the streaming details and other options.

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The Best Ways to Watch Encanto Online

Wondering where to stream Encanto or how to watch the blockbuster animated family movie online? Take a look at the following options to get into details:

Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Right after this movie was released in theaters, it was available to stream on Disney Plus. If you want to choose affordable options to stream, go with the Disney Plus streaming service because its subscription will not cost you much. Besides, there are free options to watch the movie on Disney Plus.

Subscription Cost

The Disney Plus streaming subscription costs $7.99 per month. For an annual subscription to the streaming service, you will have to pay $79.99. This streaming service is affordable, and you can enjoy wholesome entertainment by watching outstanding movies of different genres.

Disney Plus Bundle Deals

Another great option to watch the movie is via Disney Plus Bundle Deals. This bundle will bring together Hulu and ESPN Plus with ads at $14.99 per month. If you want to have a Disney Plus Bundle deal without ads, it will cost you $24.99 per month.

How can I watch Encanto for free on Disney Plus?

You can watch Encanto completely free on Disney Plus if you are a Verizon customer. Verizon customers can enjoy Disney Plus subscriptions with its unlimited plan. If you have Verizon plan unlimited, if you have this plan, you can sign up for a free Disney Plus unlimited subscription, and you can satisfy your quest of Where Can I Watch Encanto?

Rent or Buy Options to Stream Encanto Online

Are you still looking for options regarding which platforms to watch the movie? Apart from a subscription, you can enjoy the movie on varied buy-and-rent options. Let’s check out the details.

1) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Where Can I Watch Encanto

Although Amazon Prime Video does not offer movies for streaming, you can easily rent or buy the film via Amazon Prime Video. Walt Disney Animation Encanto is available for rent at $3.79, and the different options are available at $9.99 for buying. So, if you want to rent or buy a movie, the affordable rental and buying options available on Amazon Prime Video will tempt you.

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2)  Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

If you are looking for options regarding where to stream the movie. Renting or buying a movie is the most affordable option. The film is available to rent on the Microsoft Store at affordable rates. The rental deals for the movie start at $3.99, and the buying options for Encanto begin at $9.99.

3) Apple TV 

Apple TV

Apple TV is a digital media player and microconsole service. Apple, Inc. has developed and marketed Apple TV. You can rent or buy the movie on Apple TV. You can enjoy watching this high-definition movie after paying rent at $3.99 and buying it for $9.99.

4) VuduVudu


Vudu is an American digital video store and streaming service owned by Fandango Media. You can use Vudu to rent or buy the movie Encanto and enjoy its high-quality visuals. The rental options on this platform start at $3.99, whereas the buying rates start at $10.

5) iTunes Where Can I Watch Encanto?


 The next option regarding buying or renting Encanto is iTunes. It provides high-quality streaming of movies once you pay the rent or buy it. iTunes is a software program that acts as a media player, and media library, and a client app for iTunes store. Here you can stream the movies in high quality. However, you will find iTunes quite costly as compared to the other streaming options. Rental and buying rates vary considerably from the other options.


 So, we hope that now you have satisfied your quest regarding “Where Can I Watch The Encanto?” If you want to stream the movie, you have several options available. If you don’t want to opt for monthly subscriptions, you can enjoy the options of either renting or buying the movie. Therefore, watching the movie Encanto is now so easy with varied streaming options and digital media players available to rent or buy the movie. Enjoy the movie with your family and friends.