Cells at work season 2 – New update in 2020

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cells at work season 2

The official Twitter account of the Cells at Work anime! Announced is the series will have a second season, which is currently in production. Further features have not yet been published, but the anime staff will communicate them as soon as possible. The official release date and details regarding the cast of voice actors and the team will work on the series. Instead, a first critical visual of these cells at work season 2 is releasing.

How is going cells at work season 2

The plot of the first season mainly tells about some cells of our body, which have human form and constitute the series’s characters. All 37.2 trillion cells in our body have their jobs to do. They have extra Work when bacteria, viruses, and external bodies enter the human body, putting a strain on characters to heal their container. In particular, they must work together to put an end to the crisis of the body.

Cells at Work!: anime and manga Cells at Work 

The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Akane Shimizu. It is releasing starting from May 2015 in Japan and for which several spin-offs drew. The first season of the anime, on the other hand, consists of 13 episodes. It is very accurate, according to medical researchers. It is airing for the first time from July 2018 to the end of September 2018, in the height of the summer season. In Italy, the anime was made available in simulcast on the Yamato Video. 

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Youtube channel. 

The manga, finally, is published by Star Comics. In addition to the 13 episodes of the first season, a special episode was airing for the Christmas holidays on December 26, 2018. It is focusing on the battle that cells must fight against the winter cold.

Important information about cells at cells at work season 2

Cells At Work looks more relevant than ever at the present moment and after the first trailer’s release for next season. The first poster released, giving fans a clue as to the characters they will run into in season 2. For those who don’t know, Cells At Work is the story of some blood cells inside a human body. Each tries to protect its host in the fight against viruses and bacteria.

The manga was created in 2015 by Hataraku Saibuo, while the anime debuted in 2018. The main characters are an inexperienced, red blood cell and a hardened white blood cell. Doctors have praised the franchise for its depiction of the human body. And the way the blood cells worked against the devastating threats! Though fans will have to wait until 2021 to see the story continue, it’s clear that the strange anime has found its audience!

Other things that we have to know

The official Twitter account of the creator of Cells At Work shared the first poster for the second season of the anime. The image promises a combination of returning heroes and new villains that take us on a journey through the human body and the cells and viruses that are part of our daily life. 

The main story became famous enough to warrant a series of spin-offs. Therefore, it has a series of manga and books, exploring the internal mechanisms of the human body are representing in a way that only an anime could do!

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Cells at Work! Body Work – New spin-off announced

Issue 45 of Morning magazine, published by Kodansha publishing house. This is announcing that Akane Shimizu’s manga, “Cells at Work! Work in the body” ( Hataraku Saibō ), will receive a new spin-off.



The spin-off, titled  Hataraku Saibō Baby ( Cells at Work! Baby ), will debut in the magazine’s next issue to be released on October 17, 2019. It is an opening page in color will be dedicated to it. The manga, designed by Yasuhiro Fukuda. It will focus on the cells inside a baby’s body 40 weeks after conception and before delivery.

Here is some information on the Original Work:

Cells at Work! Work in the Body, a manga created by  Akane Shimizu, debuted in Japan in  Monthly Shōnen Sirius magazine, published by  Kodansha, in March  2015Five volumes published in Japan, while in Italy, the Work published by  Edizioni Star Comics, and five volumes published.

Cells at Work! Work in the Body has inspired four spin-offs, ” Hataraku Saikin ” by  Haruyuki Kishida, published in the monthly Nakayoshi magazine in April 2017.

Here is the synopsis: 

The human body is a complex machine in which a myriad of components must perform their task in perfect synchrony. In the midst of this frenetic activity, a young and inexperienced red blood cell struggling with its first oxygen delivery discovers that one of the most important tasks is defense from external aggressors… the Work of white blood cells! The indefatigable white blood cells continue to reap victims upon victims in the name of good health, assisted by an army of highly efficient and fierce allies. Who will this time be the unfortunate intruders to be neutralized? The exploration of the human body never so action-packed!

Another thing of cells at work season 2

The anime adaptation aired during the summer of 2018. It consisted of a series of thirteen episodes. This was followed by a special episode broadcast during the Christmas period of the same year. An episode that is essentially an alternate version of the eleventh during the summer of 2019. Yamato Video streamed it on its youtube channel, Yamato Animation