Lifetime Christmas Movies Schedule 2023- Kick off Enjoyment

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Christmas is around the corner, and the air of celebrations makes us feel nostalgic. We don’t want to miss a single chance to spread the cheer. Lifetime is also ready to support the festivities with its Christmas movie marathon in 2023. Like Hallmark’s channel owned by Hallmark Media, “Countdown to Christmas,” Lifetime has also lined up some crazy Christmas movies for the holidays. This entertainment channel brings new films to jazz up your holiday season even before December 1st hits. The bundle of 13 movies will air every weekend. So, prepare egg wraps and grab a cup of popcorn with coffee to watch Lifetime Christmas movies.

Lifetime Christmas Movies: Enjoy these 13 Movies and Have Fun

1) Christmas Plus One

Christmas Plus One Movies- Lifetime Christmas Movies

Air on: Saturday, November 18, 8 PM ET

Cast: Emily Alatalo, Coray Sevier


The story is about two sisters, Cara and Amy, who make a pact to find their soulmate by the following Christmas. Amy is getting married soon, and Cara also considers her perfect man, Chase. But things get complicated when she loses his number. Michael, a magazine writer, helps her out in solving this matter.

2) Planes, Trains, and Christmas Tree

Plains, Trains, and Christmas Tree

Air on: Sunday, November 19, 8 PM ET

Cast: Kathryn Davis, Olivier Renaud


This Christmas-based movie is about teaming up with event planner Kayley and sports agent Brett. This happens when they find themselves stranded in Indiana among the Christmas festivities. It is one of the most amazing Lifetime Christmas movies to watch this holiday season.

3) Christmas at the Chalet


Christmas at the Challet

Air on: Saturday, November 25, 8 PM ET

Cast: Teri Hatcher, William Devry


The story revolves around ex-TV host and socialite Lex when she finds herself trapped in the possibility of spending Christmas sharing a luxury chalet with her son, her ex-husband, and his new girlfriend. She volunteers at the lodge and contributes time for her ardent followers to discover how she is doing in the latest phase of her life. Pamper your holiday season with these must-watch lifetime Christmas movies.

4) Laughing All the Way

Laughing All the Way: Lifetime Christmas Movies

Air on: Sunday, November 26, at 8 P.M ET

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Cast: Panis Zade, Jake Epstein


When Ghost Writer and Aspiring Comedian Aubri is placed in charge of conducting a variety show, she fears it will end her time in Hollywood. It is the time when famous comedian Mike Baxter returns to the club. Their journey collides, and Aubri can express her inner funny girl in front of the whole world.

5) Ladies of the 80s: A Divas Christmas

Ladies of the 80's

Air on: Saturday, December 2, 8 PM ET

Cast: Lony Anderson, Morgan Fairchild, Linda Gray, Donna Mills, and Nicollette Sheridan


The entire story revolves around five glamorous ’80s stars who reunite to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera. The whole report highlights the group’s entertainment, Christmas festivities, and cheers.

6) Mistletoe Match

Lifetime Christmas Movies

Air on: Sunday, December 3, 8 PM ET

 Cast:  Elena Jautco and Ryan Bruce


In this gripping storyline, Olivia Hayes, a writer, is responsible for covering a Secret Santa for the singles event in her area. She also goes in-depth to give her readers the details and a cynical description of the event. In the process, she meets a handsome widower and single dad. He is also somewhat pessimistic about the program’s goals. What will happen between these two? Turn on the Lifetime channel on Sunday, December 3, to watch the details.

7) Silent Night, Fatal Night

Silent Night Fatal Night

Air on: December 7, 10 P.M ET

Cast: Alex Camacho, Matthew Pohlkamp


Mallory Dearborn is also one of the market’s most unique and famous mystery writers. She goes against her manager’s wishes and decides to end her long-running detective franchise. Michael takes her prisoner in the story and forces her to write a thrilling and posthumous novel. At the same time, he convinces the world that she has passed away.

8) A Coyboy Christmas Romance

A Coyboy Christmas Romance

Air on: Saturday, December 9, 8 P.M ET

Cast: Jana Kramer, Adam Senn, Mex Ehrich, Curt Mega, Lisa Lee, Mary Margaret Humes, Bruce Thomas, Cassie Rundolph


Lexi Crenshaw visits a real estate agent who returns to her hometown, Tubac, Arizona, to pursue a substantial real estate deal. This vast business deal requires her to persuade a group of ranchers to desert their land. In the process, she also reinvigorates her relationship with her father and brothers.

9) Yes, Chef Christmas

Yes Chef Christmas

Air on: Sunday, December 10, 8 PM ET

Cast: Tia Mowry, Buddy Walastro, and Luke Humphrey


Alicia Galler, a culinary instructor, has chosen to take her career aspirations and personal life to the backseat these days. But the holiday season brings up new hopes and aspirations for her. She is invited to compete in the annual Kringle Cook-Off. Here, she must work with Chef Logan. She learns a family secret, which helps her discover what she needs to become a chef, just like her former boss.

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10) The Holiday Proposal Plan

The Holiday Proposal Plan

Air on: December 16, 8 p.m. ET

Cast: Tatayana Ali, Jesse Kove

Story Line:

Travel journalists Sonny and Kip reignite their communication when they are entrusted with an accountability to plan the engagement of their best friends. As a part of their proposal, they visit Sonny’s parent’s snowy chalet. It is interesting to see whether the holiday plan will reignite the love between the travel journalist and his ex-kip. Don’t forget to watch one of the most renowned Lifetime Christmas Movies this holiday season.

11) A Christmas Intern

A Christmas Intern

Air On: December 16, at 10 PM ET

Cast: Jackee Harry, Ciarra Carter, and Vivicia A. Fox


Fed up with her retirement time, Cecelia surprises her daughter by joining as an Intern at her job. It is an online gifting business called Cyber Santa. Her daughter owns this company, and the duo gets to spend the time together they often crave.

12) Merry Magic Christmas!

Lifetime Christmas Movies

Air on: December 17, 10 PM ET

Cast: Patricia Issac, Andrew Dunbar


Near Christmas, the financial advisor sees the angel number 624 frequently, and this number will make her secret wish come true. It is time she wakes up and takes a pro-bono financial case for the local children’s theater. On the way, Beth meets Nate, whose financial inexperience causes the theater to shut down. Now, both of them work together to explore funds for the theater; meanwhile, love finds its way. You will love to watch Marry Magic Christmas as one of the most amazing lifetime Christmas movies in 2023.

13) Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend

Lifetime Christmas Movies

Air on: December 23, 10 PM ET

Cast: Jeananne Goossen, Ai Barrett, and Zach Smadu


The captivating story revolves around a ten-year-old girl, Lily, who submits her secret Christmas wish to a writing contest. In the urge, she says that her mother, Emma, finds the love of her life and a father for her. It is interesting to see if her wish will come true or if it remains incomplete.

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If you want to unlock the lifetime content, you can do so by visiting the lifetime apps or You can do this by signing into a supported TV provider that includes the lifetime channel in your TV package. For watching movies, you can try subscription at just $3.99 per month. Another option to watch lifetime Christmas movies is to purchase season passes for certain lifetime series and movies. These season passes are available at major digital retailers like Amazon, iTune, X-box, Vudu, Google Play, Verizon, Comcast, Frontier, Fandangonow, Sony Play Station, Hoopla, and Overdrive, etc.


The Lifetime Christmas movie schedule will leave its viewers mesmerized. If you love the Christmas movie marathon and do not want to miss a single movie, subscribe to our lifetime subscription plans. This annual movie calendar will make your Christmas holidays more happening and delightful.