Denny Hamlin Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More (2023)

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Danny Hamlin Net Worth

Denny Hamlin is an influential figure in the motorsports world. He is a very famous stock car racing driver. Hamlin is widely recognized for his meaningful career as a NASCAR driver. Over the years, the player has earned a pretty penny because of his outstanding career and lucrative salaries. He is still active as a NASCAR driver, and his fortune is expected to grow. His fans are interested in Denny Hamlin net worth, early life, and other vital aspects of his life. Scroll through the post below and explore helpful details about his life.


Name Denny Hamlin
Full Name James Denny Alan Hamlin
Birth Place Tampa, Florida
Nationality American
Profession American motor race car driver
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Girlfriend Jordan FIsh 
Gender  Male
Age 42
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight

Denny Hamlin Net Worth

Hamlin is a widely recognized motorsports car racing driver with accumulated colossal wealth. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series and also co-owns a NASCAR team. He has garnered a massive income because of his record-breaking motorsports portfolio and impressive talent. Denny Hamlin net worth is $65 million. Let’s look at the diverse wealth sources enjoyed by sports celebrities.

Sources of Income

Denny Hamlin enjoys a massive portfolio of income, and his overall income stems from his lucrative earnings because of his high-paying career as a NASCAR driver, salaries, and various brand endorsements.

1) Earnings as NASCAAR Driver

Because of his outstanding record in Motorsports, the sports celebrity is widely recognized as the third highest-paid NASCAR player. He has earned $13.1 million from his salary and prizes. According to celebrity net worth, from June 2018 to 2019, he earned $14 million, according to various reports on the internet.

2) Brand Endorsements

The famous motorsports celebrity has also won a whopping amount from lucrative brand endorsements. He is fortunate to grab lucrative endorsements from brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Toyota, and FedEx. Denny has earned $1.5 million net worth from diverse brand endorsements.

3) Prize Money

Another constituent of Denny Hamlin’s lucrative income source is his prize money. He has won prize money by winning diverse tournaments in his entire motorsports career.

Dammy Hamlin NASCAR Earnings

We have compiled a list of Dammy Hamlin’s earnings throughout his career as per data from celebrity net worth and other reputed sources. Take a look below.

2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup $ 610 thousand
2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup $ 4.1 million
2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup $ 4.8 million
2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 5.4 million
2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 5.3 million
2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 5.6 million
2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 5.2 million
2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 6.8 million
2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 4.2 million
2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup $ 1.7 million
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Real Estate Ventures

His fans can assess the magnitude of Denny Hamlin’s net worth from his real estate assets. He has also invested in many pieces of land to significantly increase his overall net worth. In 2021, Denny purchased land for 23X1 racing with Michael Jordan. He finalized this deal for 3.7 million. Apart from this, he also owns a palatial and beautiful mansion. It is spread across 30,000 sq. ft. and has all the modern sports amenities. This beautiful mansion has a helipad, a bowling alley, a golf and racing simulator, and a glass-walled garage for his race cars.



The motorsports racer has an impressive career and has also impacted Dammy Hamlin net worth. He has widely gained recognition for his outstanding performances as a NASCAR driver. His racing career kicked off in early 2000 when he participated in various regional racing series. Hamlin’s coveted racing talent soon caught the attention of NASCAR, and his status as a regional racing player soon changed when he entered the NASCAR BUSCH Series in 2004. It was a happening year for his racing career, as this year only, he received the status of “Rookie of the Year.”

In 2006, there was not even a single season when he finished without a win. He debuted in the NASCAR Cup Series this year, driving for Joe Gibs Racing. He has won 48 races in the Xfinity and Cup series in his NASCAR career. In his entire career, Hamlin has competed in 160 Xfinity races over 15 years. He had a total of 17 wins. As against it, at the cup series level, Hamlin has competed in approximately 480 races across 14 seasons. In total, he had 31 wins.

Peak Highlights of Career

  • Hamlin got his career start in 2004, and he competed in five NASCAR Truck Series races this year.
  • He played for the first time in the NASCAR Nextel Cup series in 2006.
  • Registering record-breaking wins, he won the Daytona in 2017, 2019, and 2020.
  • In 2013, the motor racing driver earned a pole position. He had a record speed of 195 mph at that time.
  • In 2022, Hamlin won the Coca-Cola 600. It was his 48th NASCAR Cup series win.

Denny Hamlin All-Time  Career Statistics


Year Series Rank
2023 NASCAR 5
2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series 77
2022 NASCAR Cup Series 5
2021 NASCAR Cup Series 3
2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series 89
2020 NASCAR Cup Series 4
2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series 79
2019 NASCAR Cup Series 4
2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series 106
2018 NASCAR Cup Series 11
2018 NASCAR Xfinity Series 95
2017 NASCAR Cup Series 6
2017 NASCAR Xfinity Series 98
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The player, despite his majestic sports career, is associated with controversies. His tweet after the Talladega race has made him a part of sports controversies. Kyle Larson went for the lead in the final seconds of the Talladega race. During the charge, Kyle Larson accidentally hit Kurt Busch, who, in turn, hit the wall. Busch’s crash affected 23X1 racing teammate Bubba Wallace, too. Since Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan own the 23X1 racing team, Denny was uncomfortable with the act of Larson.

In an attempt to banter, he followed a tweet following the race. In his tweet, he put the clip from the show Family Guy, where a female driver is shown cutting multiple lanes of traffic, which led to many accidents. The name Kyle Larson was imposed on the female driver. This tweet put Denny Hamlin into controversy. After this tweet, NASCAR ordered Denny Hamlin to undergo sensitivity training.

Early Life


Debby Hamlin Early Life

Hamlin was born in Tampa, Florida, on November 18, 1980. However, most of his childhood days were spent in Chesterfield, Virginia. He was born into a friendly family. His father is Denny Hamlin, and his mother is Mary Lou Clark. Denny was the third child of his parents, and Kevin and Lisa Hamlin are his siblings. Although his family background was not commensurate with his dream of becoming a racer, his father supported his vision by mortgaging his house twice. His interest in motor racing was also visible at age 7 when he started racing go-karts.

Personal Life


Danny Hamlin Net Worth- Personal Life Section

Hamlin was in a relationship with Jordan Fish, his Ex-girlfriend. Hamlin has two daughters with her ex-girlfriend, whose names are Taylor James Hamlin and Moly Gold Hamlin. However, in 2021, Jordan announced a breakup with him. She did not make any official statements about the breakup.

Physical Details

Although not much detail is available on his physical appearance, we mention a handful of more details.

Height 183 c.m
Weight 70 kg
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Light Brown

Awards and Accolades

As the most influential driver, he has begged for multiple awards for his brilliant performances. Some of the awards have been listed below. He has begged for the Busch Light Pole Award for Coca-Cola 600.

Social Media Presence

Being a NASCAR sports celebrity, he enjoys vast followers on almost all social media channels. You can check out the link to his social media channels and website below.



Denny Hamlin is a brilliant NASCAR driver who has earned a name and fame because of his outstanding motor racing skills. Because of his motor racing prowess, Denny Hamlin net worth is also growing constantly. His shining career inspires many sports aspirants to join motor racing. Because of his skills, he is among the finest-paying drivers in racing history. He has not shown any interest in retirement. Therefore, we assume that his net worth will multiply in the upcoming years of his life.


1) What is Denny Hamlin net worth?

The NASCAR sports icon has a net worth of $65 million in 2023.

2) How many kids does he have?

Denny has two kids from his last girlfriend, Jordan Fish.

3) How much money does Denny Hamlin make per year?

As per several estimates, Denny Hamlin makes $1300,000 every year.

4) At what age has Denny shown his impressive motor racing skills?

At the age of 7, Denn exhibited his natural motor racing love.