Mercedes, the watchmaker who causes a sensation on TikTok

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One of the videos of the security guard has more than 1 million views. Mercedes Gutiérrez, a 48-year-old security guard, became a trend because of a video that she posted on her TikTok account in which she appears dancing a merengue song in her work uniform. His first viral post migrated from TikTok to Twitter thanks to an internet user who downloaded and shared it.  In this last social network, the recording already has more than 1 million reproductions, more than 28 thousand “likes” and more than 3,600 ‘retweets. If you want to know about sensation on TikTok, then you are in the right place. 


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Getting know: sensation on TikTok in 2020

sensation on TikTok

Since then, ‘Mechas,’ as his coworkers call him, has been sharing the videos he records at his post on TikTok and Twitter, causing a sensation among the users of these social networks. During the new coronavirus pandemic, TikTok has gained considerable popularity.  The application has begun to be used by all kinds of people, who have shown their funniest side by making the ‘challenges’ of the social network. Mercedes, a mother of four and also a grandmother, spoke to EL TIEMPO and said that the idea of ​​opening a TikTok account began with her daughters, who consistently used the application.


She began making more videos


Mommy, download it on your cell phone and open an account,” said one of them.The first video he recorded came about thanks to the idea of ​​one of his WhatsApp groups in which there are other security guards and supervisors.  “One night while on duty, we spoke for the group, and we all challenged ourselves to do one of the TikTok’s challenges, “said Mercedes.After that, he began making more videos after his lunch break or before returning to his home, located in the town of Bosa, in Bogotá.  “Despite how old I am, I consider myself very young. I like this whole question, and I do the recollection videos and to have fun, “says Mercedes.


 Security companies are part of the sectors 


Thank you, lady, who cares, the day has just made me,” “you have to enjoy life, because it is one and, for a change, borrowed,” “I’m afraid to meet her at a party, want to dance her and not give her the size,” “ madam, we have to go out and dance to the great songs as soon as the quarantine is over, I’m his fan,” are some of the comments of Internet users praising the Mercedes videos.Security companies are part of the sectors that never stopped working during the national quarantine imposed to control the pandemic of the new coronavirus in Colombia.



Still, ‘Mechas’ said the workflow decreased: “You do these things to distract yourself.  For example, in my position, the issue has become very quiet and subdued. Since everyone is locked up, there is no longer the same movement. ”


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