Parker Schnabel Partner: Who Is This Man’s Love?

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Parker Schnabel Partner

Reality television stars are nothing less than celebrities in 2023. The Kardashian and Jenners started pit as reality television stars and look at them now. With more and more reality television shows coming up, more people are coming into the spotlight and making a name.  Parker Schnabel is somebody who became popular after starring in reality television. However, it is not his only achievement. He is an American gold miner and has mined a lot of gold in a short amount of time. All this has made him a person of interest among the fans of the show he starred in. Fans of the miner and the show have a lot of curiosity regarding Parker Schnabel Partner, Parker Schnabel Net Worth, and much more. This is partly because he is the most popular miner in the show. And if you want to know more about this reality star as well, keep reading this article we have prepared for you.

Parker Schnabel Partner

Who is Parker Schnabel?

Almost everyone who watches reality television shows on the Discovery Channel knows Parker Schnabel. He is an American gold miner from Haines, Alaska. Other than being a successful miner, Parker Schnabel is famous for being a part of the reality television show, Gold Rush which is one of the longest-running television shows.

Parker Schnabel Age

This miner from Haines, Alaska was born on 22nd July 1994. That makes his twenty-eight years of age as of early 2023. By the end of 2023, Parker will be twenty-nine years of age.

Parker Schnabel Early Life

Since most people know him from Gold Rush, there is curiosity about his early life. We will cover that in this section.

Parker Schnabel was born to his parents Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel. He also has a brother, Payson Schnabel. He comes from a family of miners given both his father and grandfather were gold miners. Nancy is known to be a homemaker. Roger Schnabel is a gold miner at Big Nuggets that is a gold mining company created by Parker’s grandfather, John Schnabel. Parker is very close to his grandparents John and Erma. He is perhaps a little closer to his grandfather who was a good influence on Parker from a young age.

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Parker was interested in mining from the young age of five. And he assisted his grandfather at Big Nuggets before he could start any real work.


Parker Schnabel Appearance

Parker Schnabel is of Caucasian ethnicity of the white race. He is 5’9” in height and weighs approximately 158 lbs in weight. Schnabel has medium-length hair that is light brown. He has brown color eyes.

Parker Schnabel Partner

Parker Schnabel Education and Profession

Parker completed his education at a local high school and was a basketball player. He was a basketball player with the Varsity Basketball Team. But he always had a clear goal in mind. He wanted to be a fold miner and join the family mining business. Parker completed his high school education and then graduated from college with a degree in Geology and Mining Studies. After that, he took over the position of this grandfather at Big Nuggets.

Parker properly started working as a miner at the age of sixteen. He worked at his grandfather’s company for a while before taking over his grandfather’s position after he stepped down. Besides that, he has been a part of several television shows on the Discover Channel. The shoes he has starred in are, Gold Rush (2021), Gold Rush (2021), and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (2017). These shows focused on family-run mining companies and how they work. People got to see Parker take over the family business in the second season of Gold Rush (2010) and saw him start his own business in the fourth season.

Parker Schnabel has his own mining company, Yukon Territory. And at this company, he has mined a lot of gold. Parker has mined over $13 million worth of gold. This estimate was made when he was twenty-four years old. It is safe to say the numbers have only gone up in recent years.

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Parker Schnabel Partner

If you have been following Parker Schnabel’s journey for some time, you will know that Parker Schnabel Partner was Ashley Youle for quite some time. The pair met in Australia when Parker went on a trip to the Land Down Under. She was also seen in the sixth season of Gold Rush. Ashley was a veterinary nurse working in Australia with Worldwide Veterinary Service. They were dating on the show as well and the viewers loved the couple. Parker is a very well-liked man and thus people loved seeing him in a happy relationship. However, the relationship soon ended. Parker has revealed that their relationship ended as he failed to prioritize his relationship with Ashley. He ended it as he felt Ashley deserved better.

As of 2023, Parker Schnabel is single.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel has been working for almost all his life. At first, he took care of his family business, then he did television shoes, and then started his own company. Regardless of where he was working, he has mined a lot of gold in many places over the world.  He has also done some reality shows in recent years. All this indicates that Parker Schnabel is a financially successful man. He gained popularity for being a hard-working and likable personality on television and also earned a high net worth. Parker Schnabel’s net worth as of 2023 is approximately six million to eight million dollars.

Parker Schnabel Partner

Conclusive Insights

We have come to the end of our article on Parker Schnabel. If you were curious to know about Parker Schnabel Partner, Parker Schnabel Net Worth, and much more, we hope you have been of help. Parker is a well-reputed gild miner known for his hard work and personality. He deserves all the success he has achieved. We highly recommend you watch the shows he has been in.

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