Best Places to Visit in New England & Enjoy The Serene Beauty!

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Best Places to Visit in New England

Are you a traveller or explorer? Well, it is always difficult to short list down on the places you want to visit or you can visit. You need to make sure of the budget as well as plan the trip beforehand for a better experience. You can be a vagabond and just take your bag for a solo trip. It sounds a lot of fun! But even for that, you should be aware about the places to visit. New England is known for its diversity and how in one country, so many different venues are located. From mountain tops to valleys towards the beaches, it covers it all. And in case you are looking for the best places to visit in New England then this blog is just for you!

Best Places to Visit in New England

Best Places To Visit In New England

Back in 1614, New England was discovered by Captain John Smith. But now, we all know how pretty it looks. Many of you must have seen pictures of Vermont, Maine or Massachusetts. You all want to walk through the road of New Hampshire and have a mesmerising feeling. New England is known for its authenticity and its culture. The different types of cuisines and the nature around you will always try to pull you back to the very place again and again. So, if you are planning a trip to New England, do not extend it longer. With the best places to visit in New England you’re trip is definitely going to be worth a try!

1.     Berkshire, Massachusetts

Many of you must have heard of Berkshire in movies or must have an idea about how the place looks like. Berkshire is just the place away from the noise of the cities and can bring peace to your mind. Outside of Boston but not so far, you can travel there just to find the perfect peace of mind that you have aways been looking for. Berkshire is like a country side place away from the chaotic scenario. Many of the well-known figures of the American film industry like Yo-Yo Ma as well as James Taylore and some others are having their own places in Berkshire.

Berkshire comes under history and can give you a walk down the memory lane. The museum in Berkshire is just the place to visit to understand the authenticity of Berkshire. You will never regret going there and will feel like a string got attached to your heart just like you have a string attached for your home.

2.     White Mountains, New Hampshire

Being in Heaven might not be possible for everyone. But you can actually have the feeling of a walk towards the heaven by visiting the White Mountains located in New Hampshire. It is so widely spread, that it reaches a little part of Maine as well. The best part is that some who loves mountains can get a chance for trekking alone or along with friends or family. You take one step closer to nature when you visit White Mountains.

The near by area of White Mountains, you can get to taste the authentic delicacies of the place and different cuisines as well. The place offers you a huge variety of adventurous activities that becomes a must try. Moreover, you can also go for camping in the white Mountains or can find a hotel to stay and enjoy the view. Conclusively, you will be attracted towards the scenic beauty of the place and will never get over the moment you would have lived there.

3.     Manchester, Vermont

You would like to visit Manchester if you get to learn about these few things. You all would have heard how beautiful the scenery is but Manchester is more than that. And thus, you get to go to a lot of places just by visiting Manchester. So, you must prepare well because it will be going to a roller coaster ride from history to mountains and what all you can imagine! You need to go to The Great Museum in Manchester. It will enrich you about the life long history of Manchester which is known for the iron-mining town.

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You can rent a car or a bike for an amazing ride to Mount Equinox along with friends or solo. And you will get to experience the amazing pathway that leads to the mountain. Manchester has the oldest of buildings that many in architecture have studied about. Even the house of the son of the late President Abraham Lincoln’s come among the amazing architectural view point. It becomes a must visit for many.

Best Places to Visit in New England

4.     Block Island, Rhode Island

The Block Island is best to visit during the peak of summers. You get to have the best of your time. You will find out how amazing a beach side can become with a cooler breeze making your hair fly. This island is made of a number of smaller size islands and has the amazing view. You cannot just spend a single day. You need to at least two or three days to enjoy the place and the beach.

Being beside the beach, you get to have the best sea food. The restaurants there offer the best version of sea food that you can ever get to taste. Not only that, you can catch your own fish and make your own kind of food. You are allowed to do it all. The best part is that you can go biking along the trails of the island and experience the prettiest sunset of all. The island has two of the amazing lighthouses which gives the best view of the block Island.

5.     Midcoast, Maine

Maine is extended over a longer coastline but to be more specific, you can actually visit Midcoast in Maine. It has a very long stretch but you can get to see the most beautiful coastline ever. You will actually be experiencing the closest view to a coast. The midcoast gives you the opportunity to live by water all the time. You cannot stop but spend most of your time within water.

Midcoast has to offer a lot of fairs and festivals throughout the year. You get to see the most amazing Pumpkin festival during the summer season. Not only that, many music festivals are also arranged during that season as well. You cannot miss that opportunity and get to have the most amazing experience in Midcoast.

6.     Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Many might be knowing that the ancestors and the late President itself have many acres of land in the Cape Cod. John F. Kennedy bought the land to protect the land of Cape Cod. There are many beaches in cape Cod that are not yet explored by many and is a hidden spot. You need to stay for longer period to get to know the beaches. It is said to be exquisite which gives Cape Cod the best view for tourists.

But Cape Cod is popular for its sea food that the local restaurants have to offer. The best sea food among all is Oysters. It is a must try for everyone who visits Cape Cod. You get to visit the Cape Cod Maritime Museum and get to learn more about the local habitat and see the statue of many ship that are exhibited now. Not only that, there are a lot of local places to visit and explore and it might take two or three days to cover the most famous of attractions.

7.     Washington, Connecticut

Do you remember Gilmore Girls? Definitely you do if not, you missed on a lot! Gilmore Girls was shot here as the Washington gives the best set for series or movies. You cannot have such an explicit place anywhere around. You need to visit Washington to get away from the hustle of the day-to-day metropolitan city. Moreover, it will be very hard to describe why a traveller should visit Washington. And this place falls between the two busiest and crowdy areas, that is, New York and Boston. The pace was named after the first President George Washington and you can find his statue in the middle of the town. It is said that among all the war going on between the nations, George Washington used to find peace here itself.

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Washington has not much to offer but the place itself can bring peace to you. So, you definitely get to experience the Hollywood sets of movies and series shot there. You get to have a close to farm and dairy experience and find restaurants that offer you fresh from farm food. If you are visiting, definitely visit Mayflower Inn and Spa for a must try experience. Lastly, you cannot skip on the amazing Kent fall to see the most beautiful waterfall ever!

8.     Boston, Massachusetts

You all must have heard about Boston, but what is so special about the place? Throughout the place, you can find many students who have come with a dream to make a career. Boston is known for its education and the advanced thinking people of the society. Moreover, you can never come across a person who is narrow minded. Boston is running at its own time itself.

But before all of these, you need to walk through the history of Boston. All the places are linked to each other and each place had its own history of incident. You might have read in your history book about the Boston Freedom Trail. This trail has a connectivity between the most famous sixteen life long remembering historical places of the city in a stretch of 2.5 miles. It is said as you walk through the Freedom trail, you become the part of the history that lied there. So, if you are a person who is in love with history, you must visit Boston at any cost!

9.     Woodstock, Vermont

If you love the old-fashion kind of place, you have to visit Woodstock. It will be like a walk down of the memory lane to good back old days. You get to experience the prettiest view of all that is spread throughout the mountain. In case, you are looking for a weekend getaway, you will have the most amazing experience. You get to see the most beautiful Quenchee River Gorge that can be very soothing to your eyes if you are nature lover.

Not only that, you get to experience the old type farm kind of places and have a farm side food stall as well. The perfect time to visit Woodstock is during the fall season as the entire mountain is covered in beautiful plantations. So, never miss out on Woodstock as you also get to have the experience of skiing just near the place. It gives you the old country area vibe that can make your day.

Best Places to Visit in New England

Conclusive Insights

New England has a lot of places to visit. And you cannot stop exploring at one place. Even among the described best places, you can get to explore something more extravagant. So, never stop yourself from travelling. Take your time out from the daily routine and plan a getaway with your family or friends. In New England, you get all! You have mountains, beaches, country areas as well as the busiest of cities. You can get to experience everything that you ever wanted to.

This blog has tried to bring out to you among the best places that you can visit in New England. Finally, choose your destination and plan out your getaway. And the best of seasons is approaching and it will be the best time to visit. So, wait no more! Just pack your bags, book your tickets and get ready to have the best trip of your life ever.

Hope you got the information that you were looking for in this blog. And if this blog was helpful to you, share it with your family and friends as well. And don’t forget to let us know, if you have visited any of the place and share your experience of your visit to all the amazing places in New England.