Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth: How Much Money Did The Lady Make?

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Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Actors and actresses hold an exceptional position in all of our lives. They entertain us, and they give their best to do so. They create movies of all kinds and genres for us. Movies are something we watch when we want to kill our boredom, they help us to laugh and smile when we are sad. And that is why our respect and interest in the actors and actresses acting in the movies grow. We start wanting to know more about them, about their personal lives, their net worth, and many other things. In this blog, we will be talking about none other than one of the very famous Hollywood actresses, Sarah Jessica Parker. We will discuss Sarah Jessica Parker net worth and many more things in detail below! So, if you are here for that, wait no more and start scrolling down without wasting your time.

Who is Sarah Jessica Parker?

Sarah Jessica Parker is an outstanding actress and is known widely around the world for some of her great movies. She is known for playing the lead roles, and her amazing acting has been known for attracting people from all around the world. Her movies are being watched and enjoyed by every generation and that is the best thing about it.

Sarah Jessica Parker was born in the year 1965 on the 25th of March. She was born in Ohio, her mother was a nursery school teacher, and her father was a journalist. Sarah had been into acting since a very young age, so when she graduated, she decided to pursue her career in acting. Her parents got divorced, and her mother got married again. She had more children with her new husband. Now, Sarah has 3 siblings of her own and four more half-siblings.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Beginning Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Life

It is normal for all of us to get interested in our favorite actresses’ lives, so if you are curious about the early life of Sarah Jessica Parker, then you have come to the right place.

Sarah is one of the 8 children of her parents, and she was born in Ohio. Her mother is known by the name Barbara Parker, and her father is known by the bane Stephen Parker. Parker’s parents were not very rich, and she struggled most of her life. The best thing about this woman is that she was glad for everything that she got in her life. Her mother made her children do various activities, and they also did ballet and theatre.

Parker also took part in ballet, and she was also cast in William Archibald’s play that goes by the name ‘Innocents’. Soon after, her parents decided to move on with her career in acting because she was getting very good at it. Her family later moved to Cincinnati, and then she was able to get specialized training as well. Her parents moved from place to place later so that she could get the proper training and pursue her aim as an actress.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Career & Net Worth Details

From a very young age, Sarah knew what she wanted to do, and she decided to pursue her career in acting.

In the year of 1978, she got the lead role in Broadway’s Annie, and she started getting her fame from that time only. In the year of 1979, she further made her debut in the movie that goes by the name Rich Kids. She also was in a television series that goes by the name Square Pegs. Her fame rose soon after, and then she started getting offers. She appeared in The Heidi Chronicles, Sylvia, and The Substance of Fire. She appeared in these movies, and they helped her in gaining fame as well.

Popularity of Jessica

Finally, she gained more popularity after her appearance in the LA Story, where she performed the opposite of Steve Martin. Her life took a major turn after her appearance in the series, Sex and the City. This series premiered in the year if 1998, and the series was adapted from a book. This series became a major hit, and even today, it is watched by many people. The series was broadcasted on the channel HBO, and the movie soon started to have a series.

Because of her appearance in this series, Parker also won various awards. She also starred with Hugh Grant in the movie Did You Hear About The Morgans? It was a comedy movie, and it was a big hit. Sarah is undoubtedly an outstanding actor, and with her hard work and dedication, she has been able to rise in the film industry. There were many other series and movies in which she took part, and all of them turned out to be a hit. This proves that she has been enjoying a successful career and that is the best thing about it.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Enough with the suspense; now, our blog will come to the point where we will be talking about Sarah’s net worth, which is quite a lot.

She is known to have a net worth of $200 million and that is quite a lot. Her main earnings were from her famous series, which goes by the name of Sex and the City. This series is known to have 6 seasons, and it is said that she earned almost $50 million for the first of the three seasons. From this, we can understand that this is true quite a lot. In season 4, she was the producer of the series, and there she started to earn almost $3.2 million every episode. There were almost 46 episodes and that means she has earned more than $146 million.

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She has further invested in a property with her husband Matthew Broderick. They invested $34 million in that property. From this, we can understand that she has been living a pretty lavish life. She further earned and gained quite a lot when they bought a mansion at $3 million but sold it at $15 million. This is quite a profit. In the year of 2012, this actress is said to have earned $15 million from her collaborations, endorsements, and her perfume sale as well.

Sarah Jessica and her investment

Sarah Jessica invested $35 million in a property that must be more costly in today’s date. They further got a mansion at $3 million and listed it for sale at $15 million. She did various Garnier and other endorsements as well, which made her earn almost $15 million. Apart from her house investments, Sarah Jessica also possesses some of the greatest cars. She owns a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, which costs $1,30,000

Her other car is Mercedes-Benz E- Class Convertible which costs $80,000

Apart from these two, she further drives the Mercedes-Benz S class, Mini Cooper S Convertible, and Ford Country Squire. Her massive earnings came from her series Sex and The City which became a massive hit as well. She earned almost $3.2 million per season starting from season four. In the first three seasons, she earned almost $50 million. In the series ‘And Just like that, she earned $1 million per episode. There were 10 episodes in that series, and that means she earned a total of $10 million.


Interesting Facts about Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

And here we come to the most interesting part of the blog, where we will be discussing and disclosing some facts about your favorite actress, Sarah Jessica Parker.

  1. Parker is known to have her perfume brands, and this fact is pretty much unknown to lots of her fans. In the year 20027, she launched her fashion line. Her perfume brands include Dawn, Covet, Twilight, Endless and Lovely. You must know the name of most of these.
  2. Do you know, unlike most actresses, she had a strict no-nudity clause on her contract? This makes her one of the most loved actresses because she has been able to rise without any nude scenes in this tough Hollywood industry.
  3. Do you know about the fact that this actress also has her own production company? In fact, the production company is known for creating content for HBO. The name of her production company is Pretty Matches.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

I hope you like our blog about Sarah Jessica Parker net worth, and it is related to the search that you have made. From this blog, we can understand that Sarah is indeed a woman with a great personality and a successful career. She was born poor, but she has been glad for it always. She worked and paved her way up in the Hollywood industry and became one of the superstars. Her movies and series are still watched, and they are entertaining as well.