Vivica Fox Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Movies & More!

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vivica fox net worth

You are here since you are curious, aren’t you? Yes, you are! We will let you know about the one and only Vivica Fox. You might want to know all about her apart from Vivica Fox net worth as well. You have your questions, and we have the answers for it only for you! So, what’s the wait for? Let’s get started already!

Vivica Fox, her full name is Vivica. A. Fox. Her middle name is Anjanette. She is an actress from America, also known to be a producer, and has been host in some television shows as well. She was born in the year 1964 on 30th July. She’s from the South bend in Indiana. Apart from her acting, she’s also up and has her own Business firm. She became popular from the acting skills shown in her movies such as, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Kill Bill Vol 1, Independence Day, Soul Food as well as set it off. Apart from these movies, you must have seen her in some other movies as well. The ones that attracted her more fame than other movies are Set it Off as well as Independence Day.

vivica fox net worth

Beginning of her Life and Career

Like others, even she must have led a normal life before she got her fame, right? Let’s see what it was like then!

As you know, where she was born in Indiana; she was born to a pharmaceutical technician Everlyna and an administrator of the school, William Fox. But she was brought up in a different place as she had to shift from where she was born. So, soon after her birth, she was taken to Michigan in Benten Harbor. Like every normal kid of her age, she too went to high school and college. In 1984, she graduated from Arlington High School, a school in Indianapolis. However, for her college degree, she graduated from Golden West College in California with a degree in the social sciences.

The early phase of her career saw her struggle to make it in the industry, but no good actor had everything handed to them in the beginning. So, when she went to California for her higher education, she got a spot as a dancer on the American TV Show Soul Train, and she worked there for one whole year. After that, she appeared in an R&B music video called “Meeting in the ladies room .”After her music video phase, she began her acting career. She made her debut as an actor in the movie “Born on 4th July”. Then, she made a minor appearance in the first episode of the TV show; Living Dolls. But her most successful work during the early years of her career was in Generations, a soap opera about an African American family.

After such an excellent start to her career, in her early phase, she became a known face for acting in hit TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Family Matters. This phase was characterized by her roles in sitcoms like Out All Night and soap operas like The Young And The Restless.

Later part of her career

After such a promising beginning to her career, Vivica Fox appeared in her first big role in the movie Independence Day, a cult classic science fiction movie where she acted along with Hollywood giant Will Smith. This movie was a huge hit in Hollywood, and she reprised her role in the second part of her movie, which was released several years later. After that, she went on to star in another successful movie called Set It Off, with Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah as her co-stars. She also featured in the cult classic movie; “Batman and Robin and “Soul Food,” which received critical acclaim, and for her role, she won an NAACP award and an MTV award for best performance.

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In 1998 and 1999, Fox starred alongside other big names in Hollywood like Halle Berry and Helen Mirren. Then in 2000, she had a significant role in the TV drama City of Angels. She also played the role of Vernita Green in the Kill Bill series directed by Quentin Tarantino. She has been in several movies throughout her career, too many to name. Her career in Hollywood has been extensive, and her part in Hollywood has left a mark.

vivica fox net worth

Vivica Fox Personal life and Family

When we get to know about a celebrity, we get very involved in their personal lives. We want to know everything about them, their Family and relatives, their significant others, and even their children. However, when it comes to Vivica Fox, we only know certain details about her life that have been made public.

About her dating life, we only know so much. In 1998, she married singer Christopher Harvest, with whom she, unfortunately, parted ways in 2002. However, one year after her divorce from Christopher Harvest, she was dating famous rapper and musician 50 Cent.

When it comes to information about Vivica Fox’s children, there is no information because she does not have children and has openly stated that not having children is the biggest regret of her life.

About Vivica Fox’s husband, we only know that she has been married only once, from 1998  to 2002, and engaged once. Her personal interests range around not liking cars that much, but she reportedly owns a Lamborghini and has a house In California, which costs a lot.

Some lesser-known facts about Vivica Fox- we know her full name as Vivica A. Fox, but what we didn’t know is that the A stands for Anjanette. Moreover, she won several awards for her role in the hit movie “Independence Day,” including an MTV award and a Saturn award. Along with being an actor, she is also a producer and has produced a Tv series and certain movies. The most surprising fact about her is that she owns a haircare line called Vivica A. Fox Hair. Lastly, her new movie and tv show roles might take away the spotlight from her work back in the days, but she started her acting career with the sitcom “Days of our Lives.”

vivica fox net worth

Vivica Fox Net Worth

After such a long and impressive career, we might think that her net worth is humongous. But apparently, Vivica net worth (estimated) is around 4 million dollars. She earns mostly from her acting roles, which brings her annually around 200,000 dollars. And she also has a haircare line, which brings in a decent amount of money. She earned the most from her blockbuster hit like Independence Day, Kill Bill series, and Set it Off. There have been movies that brought her critical acclaim and earned her awards, but they didn’t perform well in theatres.

Name Vivica A. Fox
Net Worth 4 million dollars
Age 57 years
Country USA
Date Of Birth 30th July 1964
Annual earning $250,000
Updated 2022

Let us now take a look at Vivica A. Fox’s net worth over the course of the last 5 years and see how her career has grown since the beginning.

Vivica fox net worth 2022 $4 million
Vivica fox net worth 2021 $3.8 million
Vivica fox net worth 2020 $ 3.5 million
Vivica fox net worth 2019 $ 3 million
Vivica fox net worth 2018 $2 million
Vivica fox net worth 2017 $2 million


vivica fox net worth

Vivica Fox famous films

Let us take a closer look at Vivica Fox’s famous films and her roles in it. You can watch these in your free time as well.

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1. Independence Day

Released in 1996 and directed by Roland Emmerich, this movie is one of the most loved science fiction movies. The movie revolves around an alien race, which has suddenly arrived on earth and is threatening it with extinction. However, there is an unlikely group of people who have survived, including the president and a pilot. Now, these survivors must come together to save the planet from extinction. Vivica Fox played the role of Will Smith’s girlfriend in this movie. Sources say that she had to fight very hard and struggle to get her role in this movie.

Cue 20 years later, we get the second part of this movie, and in this part, the earth is again invaded by the same aliens. This time too, it is up to a small group of people to save the planet. Vivica Fox resumes the role of Jasmine Dubrow in this movie too, and we see her acting 20 years apart, still captivating and youthful as ever.

2. Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a movie series directed by Quentin Tarantino and has one of the best castings ever. The movie revolves around an assassin with the codename; The Bride. She was brutally beaten up by Bill, her ex-lover, and boss, which sent her into a coma while being pregnant. When she wakes up, she is definitely not pregnant anymore. So she sets out on her path of revenge, killing any obstacle standing between her and her code of justice for herself. In this movie, Vivica Fox plays the character of Vernita Green, a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and one of the persons that the bride wanted to kill for putting her in a coma.

3. Set if off

It is a 1996 thriller movie directed by F. Gary Gray. The main cast includes Vivica A. Fox, along with Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah. The story revolves around the lives of four women of color and how they have been living with a constant shortage of money their entire life. However, their despair propels them to make a decision to rob banks. In this movie, Vivica Fox plays the character of Francesca or Frankie, one of the four poor women of color.

4. Soul Food

The movie Soul Food revolves around an African American family and their traditions which brings the entire Family and extended family together. In this movie, Vivica Fox has a more pivotal role as Maxine, the daughter of “Big Mama,” who has three daughters. This movie is an important movie, both in Hollywood and Vivica A. Fox’s career, as it is the first Hollywood movie to portray an entirely African American family and their culture in a movie.

As we come to the end of this blog, let us take a look at the several awards and accolades that Vivica A. Fox has received.

Awards and Accolades

In the year 1997, she was nominated for two MTV Awards for her role in the movie Independence Day, and she won in one of the categories she was nominated for.

In 1998, she was also nominated for a Saturn Award for Independence Day, which she, unfortunately, couldn’t win. Her role in the movie Soul Food also got her an MTV movie awards nomination for the best female performance.

In 1999, she was also nominated for two NAACP Image Awards for best actress and outstanding actress in a comic series.

In 2006, she was again nominated for an NAACP image award for her role in 1-800-Missing, and she won.

Ten years later, in 2016, she was nominated for a Cinemacon Award for best ensemble for her movie Independence Day Resurgence, and she won in that category.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope everyone reading this blog has developed a fair idea about Vivica A. Fox, a wonderful woman with a rich and extensive career. She has done justice and given her best in every acting project she has been in, and it would be great if we could take some time out of our busy days and watch some of the movies she is in.