Why Self Care is Gaining Popularity and How to Start it Yourself

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Self care is becoming terminology that went from something you would only read about in psychology publications to a common term that you hear on a daily basis. What is self care and why is it so important? Should you incorporate it into your life and if so, how? Discover what you should know about self care here. 

The Connection Between Self Care and Mental Health

In recent years, many people all over the world have opened up about their struggles with mental health. They feel unsupported, overtired, or simply unable to get through their day because of work, family responsibilities, and other chores that are part of their daily lives. 

Many psychologists have started suggesting people make time for self care, which involves taking time out for themselves to do something they enjoy. Once they have replenished their own needs, they can go back to taking care of others.

With this in mind, building in different ways to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself has become common for adults of all ages all over the world. 

Creating Your Own Self Care Routine

If you think you need more time to take care of yourself, start by creating your own routine. This could be done early in the morning when you wake up, or in the evening before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter when you start your routine. The important thing is that you carve out time for yourself where you don’t feel rushed, and you can relax and prepare yourself for the next steps. Some individuals find it easier to do this after they have gotten their children to bed, while others welcome self care at the beginning of their day.

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Ideas for Self Care

Self care can look however you want it to be. Think about what is going to be most relaxing and enjoyable for you. It could be taking a bath after a long day, drinking tea, or having time for yourself to indulge in an activity you enjoy doing. Check out the ideas below so you can determine what would be most useful for your lifestyle when figuring out what type of self care you need.

Bath Time

Are you feeling sore, tired, and want to let your cares float away? An evening bath is an excellent way to do that. Make it extra special by having a favorite drink, such as tea or water, and choose something to add to your bath. This could be a scented bath bomb or even a specific type of CBD oil. Don’t forget that CBD comes in different strengths, so use what you think would be best for your needs. You can start out small and always increase the dosage later on. 


Journaling is a helpful way to write out your feelings, what you have done for the day, and to think about what you hope to accomplish in the future. Journaling can be a time of reflection and fun, depending on what you are writing about. Some individuals like to start their day by writing, while others would rather reflect on what happened over the events that led up to the day. You could even write about the things you are happy about and have a whole collection of positive memories to look back on.

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Getting Outside Help at Home 

Maybe you are tired from trying to do it all and need some extra help. Consider having meal delivery, a maid service, a dog walker, or even enrolling your children in a daycare or camp, depending on what time of year it is. Self care can be about getting support in other areas of your life where you feel like you are growing. 

There are a variety of ways to work on self care. Give yourself a time to take a relaxing bath, start journaling, and consider getting help outside the home. These can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and give you the break you need.