Anonymous against TikTok: “China uses it to spy on you

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anonymous against TikTok

First FaceApp and now TikTok. Is our privacy safe? The application divides: simple software designed for a teenage audience or, as claimed by the hacker collective Anonymous, an espionage tool in the hands of China? On Twitter, hacktivists invite users to uninstall the app from their devices. Then call it a malware capable of collecting various information about who uses it. ” If you know someone who uses TikTok, explain to them what risks they are running, ” wrote Anonymous on social media. In this post, I’ll talk about why they are anonymous against TikTok and why they decide about it.


Why Anonymous against TikTok in this 2020


Corona’s outburst has created a lot of negative perceptions of China. So many people think that only China is behind the creation of corona. To nurture this idea, they are already thinking of eliminating all Chinese things.They are eliminating various types of Chinese apps, starting with electrical products. Many people think that a group of Chinese hackers is watching us. Tick tock is one of them.


The clues found by a developer


Anonymous shared the post of a developer active on Reddit who managed to complete a delicate reverse engineering operation on TikTok and study his code two months ago. The expert explains that, despite appearances, the app is anything but innocent and represents a real mass control tool. It can collect information on the type of device used, the apps installed, and the data relating to the navigation (including IP and MAC address). Furthermore, it would even be able to activate the GPS every thirty seconds, thus making it possible to follow all user movements.

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Is TikTok a security threat? – anonymous against TikTok


At the moment, there is no evidence capable of proving the truthfulness of the information disseminated by the developer and shared by Anonymous. However, if combined with some episodes over the past year, they are sufficient to cast a sinister shadow on TikTok. In January, the Pentagon blocked the app from government smartphones as it was considered “potentially risky.”  A few days ago, however, the discovery that in the beta version of iOS 14. TikTok could secretly access users’ notes. Finally, the Indian government banned the app and 58 other software from all smartphones on the subcontinent last Tuesday. A decision that, on balance, could be more tied to tensions with China than to the possible risks associated with the use of TikTok.


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Conclusion on anonymous against TikTok


At present, there are more rumors than real news. So we have to understand for ourselves, which is real and which is fake. We need to be aware of this. So that at least there is no harm.

If the TikTok authorities are trying to impose something like that on us, it must be their wrong decision. I think you are clear now about this news anonymous against TikTok or not. Do you want ask ques? Then don’t miss to know us. I hope you will enjoy this article.