Some tiktokers find a suitcase with human remains on a beach

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Tiktokers find a suitcase

Seattle police are investigating the origin of several bags containing human remains found near the sea in the west of the American city. One of them appeared in the sea and the other on the beach. In its statement of the past day 19, the police body did not give more details. Still, by dates and by the location of the discovery, everything seems to indicate that one of the suitcases was found by a group of young people while recording a TikTok video. Tiktokers find a suitcase, and the humans remain on the beach.


Tiktokers find a suitcase: What is the reason behind about this.

Tiktokers find a suitcase

Last Saturday, the 20th, the young people uploaded to the popular video social network a recording in which a group of them seen surrounding a black suitcase in a rocky area of ​​the beach, next to a wooden walkway, while laughing. A TikTok user, UghHenry, wrote down what the finding meant: “Something traumatic has happened that has changed my life.” “We found this black suitcase. We were jokingly saying that it might have contained money,” he continues. “The smell was unbearable,” he adds.


Police found that they were indeed human

One of the girls in the group approaches the object while another young man yells at him to open it. With a stick, she snoops inside the suitcase, which contains a black plastic bag that emits a stinking smell. Soon, they call the police while wondering if what they have found is a corpse or just spoiled food. At the end of the recording, you can see how the Seattle police gather on the waterfront. The young people had gathered at the place following the instructions of an app, Randonautica, which randomly assigns coordinates near the point where the user is. Once the police found that they were indeed human remains, they have opened an investigation, of which the progress has not yet been made public.

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Conclusion on tiktokers find a suitcase

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