Best Babymoon Destinations To Spend A Dreamy Vacation!

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best babymoon destinations

What is better than a vacation or a getaway that is meant to be worthwhile and dreamy. Babymoon is the best way to escape from a busy and stressful schedule to a cozy place. Generally, you can visit any place for your baby moon in your second trimester when you won’t feel sick just after getting up in the morning. This is the perfect time for parents to connect with the baby. This ensures that the parents are mentally happy and fresh. In this article, we’ll be sharing a complete guide and the best babymoon destinations that you can visit as a would-be parent.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s take a quick dive in finding out what the best babymoon destinations are!

best babymoon destinations


Best Babymoon Destinations

This is the part you all are waiting for. Well, here’s a collation of the best places that you can visit for a small baby moon vacation or a gateway. I tried including as many details as possible, but you can do your research. So, now let’s check out the best babymoon destinations below!

1. Hawaii

This place comes with its serene beauty and beautiful tropical weather, making it the make desired tourist spot in the US. The flights are a bit costly, and if you are a US resident, you easily get here in a few hours. This is my favorite recommendation. If you stay nearby (maybe 2-3 hours away), then you can get here by road. You can visit Maui if you want it as that is more beautiful.

Expenses – the estimated cost for breakfast is around 15$, and from this, you can imagine the cost of lunch and dinner which is higher than this.

Flights are approximately 350$ to 400$.

Stay – Westin Hapuna Resort

Try finding a stay near the hospital and market. This one is located in North Hawaii.

2. The Maldives

What’s better than visiting the Maldives and making the best memories during this time? This place is filled with beautiful spots to cover and picturesque scenery. This place is great for a gateway. It’s got private beaches for you to and spend some alone time there.

Expenses – the average breakfast there costs about $20 to $25. You need approximately 50$ for a lavish breakfast there. Per head. Make sure you spend wisely. The cost of lunch and dinner is more as well.

Flights are approximately $646 to about $800 and even more than that.

Stay – there are lots of options in the case of Maldives stay as you can book private resorts and beaches here. Here I’m not giving an option as this solely depends on one’s choice.

3. Miami

This place is pretty as usual. A popular place in the US. If you are a US resident, then visiting Miami is will be the most comfortable trip for the baby moon as this place offers a variety of spots for you to explore. This place is not that expensive like the previous ones, but it’s not affordable as well.

Expenses – here, you can get an average breakfast for $15 or even less than that. Lunch and Dinner aren’t that costly as it costs 25$ as an average meal.

Flights from any US state to Miami are not that costly. You can get flights in the economy compartment at $300 to $350, which of course varies from state to state.

Stay – Spring Hill Suites, Hampton Hill, Miami.

4. Mexico

Another is a place with great tourist spots and great places to visit. This is the most widely known place for attracting tourists from all over the world. Counting this place in our best destinations cause of its spectacular scenery and the hospitable aura it generates. If you are a US resident, visiting Mexico won’t be a big deal for you. If you live nearby, you can always go for a car ride, and you can also fly if you are impatient.

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Expenses – here, you can get an average breakfast for 12$ to 15$. Here the food cost is much lower than in any other place in the US.

Flights – you can get a flight for an average of $350 to $400 in the economy compartment and gets going.

Stay – FCH hotel, Casa Monraz.

5. Paris, France

Hmmm, a dream place and the most romantic place in the whole world. What’s greater than spending your baby moon in a place like this? This place is great for couples to spend some quality time. Yes, a costly place indeed, but if you are willing to spend, then nothing is great than a place like this.

Expenses – you can get an average meal there for like 8-14 euros. Which makes it 9$ to 15$.

Flights start from 900$ to 1000$. The flight costs here are much costlier.

Stay – B&B Hotel, Comfort Hotel.

Choose the stay wisely. Compare the prices, and you can book your hotel and flight tickets online, which makes it cheaper, and you can also compare the prices this way.

best babymoon destinations

Affordable Best Babymoon Destinations

Not everyone is fond of spending a lot of money on spots. Rather they choose to have fun and locate nearby places. Locating places nearby to your stay or just 2-3 hours away makes it affordable on its own. Now let’s just take a look at different affordable best babymoon destinations that you can try adding to your wish list.

1. Florida

Florida is one of the most affordable places you can visit. It is perfect for babymoon and honeymoon as well. Beautiful blue skies with clear beaches and soft weather will sway your heart for sure.

Expenses – you can get an average breakfast here for $15-$20 approximately.

Flights – I’d suggest you take your car and enjoy a 2-3 or 4-5 hours road trip as would-be parents. This is the best time to make memories and enjoy a fun road trip and enjoy the beautiful views.

You can also opt for flights as it’s easy and quick. You can get flights from 400$ to 500$ approximately in the economy compartment.

Stay – you can opt for Airbnb or hotels as you wish. Get yourself a hotel near the hospital or market.

2. South Carolina

A place with sea Islands and tropical beaches, South Carolina, makes a perfect place to spend your valuable holidays. A cozy place that’s affordable as well? Yes. That’s right. Book your tickets to South Carolina and get going.

Expenses – South Carolina is affordable as well. You can get here breakfast at 20$ approximately. Lunch and dinner are not that expensive.

Flight – you can get flights from any US States (prices vary a bit, though) at 450$ to 500$ or a bit more than that approximately.

Stay – Cambria Hotel, Sleep Inn, Comfort Suites.

3. Georgia

Visit the Savannah and discover the beauty of nature. This city will give you a vintage feeling for sure and is comforting for the couple to spend their vacation here. This place comes with horse carriages, beautiful parks, and clear water bodies.

Expenses – you can get an average breakfast here for approx 15$ to 20$.

Flights– you can get flights here which start from 300$ to 350$. (This is an estimated price, the price may vary)

Stay– here, you can get a stay for as affordable as 200$ or even less than that. Hunt for an affordable stay and I’m sure you’ll get one.

Savannah Inn, Homewood Suites.

4. California

Visit a lovely place known as Healdsburg in California. This place is great for exploring and such a place with fresh air and a beautiful climate.

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Expenses – you can get an average breakfast here for $12 or $15.

Flights – get flights starting from $400.

Stay – the Madrona.

Tips for Choosing the Best Babymoon Destinations

If you are planning on a trip and you are still hesitating, then these tips will help you get through. So read these tips properly to pack your bags, leaving behind all your stress.

1. Avail for a short distance, cover it by a road trip

You can opt for any place you like, but the best option is to go to any place nearby. Going to domestic places is the best thing you can do as it reduces a lot of stress. You can just take your car and get going. You can go to any place in the span of a few hours. It reduces your stress and the journey spans. Tie your seat belt a bit low to ensure you sit comfortably and don’t strain yourself. 4-5 hours is okay take frequent breaks and pack healthy snacks.

2. Check Reservations and Restrictions

If you are planning to take a flight to any destination, then make sure you check the rules and regulations properly because most flights don’t allow pregnant women to fly as they consider it unsafe. But doctors say that it’s okay to travel up to the 30th week, but there are different rules for different companies. You can call them, or you can check the rules before the reservation to avoid inconvenience.

3. Avoid going to a Secluded place

No matter how much prepared you are, there is no need to take any kind of risks. Avoid going to secluded places as it is dangerous, and you cannot opt for any resources either. It is always best to go to public places and places where you can opt for any sort of emergency.

4. Choose a place that has a hospital nearby

Choose a place that has a hospital nearby. In case of any emergencies, you can just visit the hospital even late at night. This is a crucial part as any kind of sickness can get through at a time like this.

5. Avoid mountain trips

This is the best thing you can do. As a normal person, traveling and going up a mountain in a car can make a person sick at times. You can also have breathing problems at certain times. Specially, you should avoid it if you are acrophobic. You can visit if you want to, but I would suggest you take the doctor’s advice.

6. Doctor is your best friend

If you are planning on a baby moon trip, make sure you visit a doctor for a full check-up and seek the doctor’s permission. If you want to go cruising, make sure you seek permission from the doctor as well as accompany a medical staff or health care doctor. Do not go cruising without a doctor’s medical staff.

7. Some things to keep handy while traveling

Some things you need to keep while you are traveling. Make sure you jot down the doctor’s number and nearby medical store or hospital numbers in a small diary/phone book of the notes on your phone so that you don’t have to search all your way during an emergency.

Keep your Covid vaccination documents in case you need them somehow during hotel checking or during visiting any place. At least keep a soft copy. Always carry water and some healthy snacks.

8. Travel at the correct time

This is the most important tip. Travel during your second trimester, as this time is safe for traveling during pregnancy. This is a perfect time as doctors suggest and some airplane companies allow you to fly during this time as well.

9. Less luggage, fewer worries

Carry comfortable clothes and comfortable bikinis if you are going on a beach trip. Pack your clothes intelligently and try not to make a large dump of luggage.

best babymoon destinations

Conclusive Insights

As we come to the end of our blog today, I hope you’re aware of quite a few destinations to visit! Try consulting a doctor before planning this trip and take help from someone if you think you need help, and don’t hesitate. During times like this, stay alert and stay close to each other. The baby moon is not only a vacation but a time for the would-be parents to communicate and spend more time. So, start spending some quality time with each other and have a perfect vacation!

However, always speak to your doctor before you start looking out for the best babymoon destinations!