Can You Build Muscle without Protein: Detailed Information

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can you build muscle without protein

The present generation leaves no stone unturned to keep their bodies healthy and build their muscles. The building of muscles is often associated with the intake of protein, and it is often believed that without the intake of protein, we cannot build our muscles. However, diverse research and findings say that building lean muscle mass and opting for weight loss should not be concerned with excessive protein intake.

Being fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts, we may not be able to negate the protein in our diet, but yes, we can build muscle with less protein consumption because the overall protein consumption depends on a variety of factors such as age, amount of exercise, weight, the physical activity level, and much more. When this question confronts us “Can you build muscles without protein” we can come to the surmise that saying no to protein is not a judicious decision, however, minimizing the quantity of protein will help us to ensure lean muscle mass. So, let’s dig into this topic in more detail.

Can We Build Muscles without Protein: Explore Some Quick Facts

It is not at all surprising that every young fitness enthusiast often faces the urge of maintaining lean muscle mass and physique just like popular actors. But the layman, they are unaware that taking protein supplements is not the only solution for building lean muscles as these supplements can be extremely harmful to us. No doubt, protein is hailed as the essential nutrient for enhancing the muscle mass in the body, but if you don’t want to depend only on protein, you can limit the amount of protein intake in your body and can dig out some necessary facts regarding it.

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Fact 1

There is so much hype over the minimum quantity of protein required by us to build body muscles. According to different sources, the minimum amount of protein required for building lean mass in the body is approximately 08 gm according to your body weight.

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Fact 2

Consuming excessive protein instead of building lean mass can be extremely harmful to your body. For example, consuming protein supplements can affect the interplay of your body organs such as the liver, intestine, and kidney of your body.

Fact 3

If your sole focus is to build lean masses, do not rest on protein supplements for achieving your target. Expand your horizon of consuming protein via different sources such as consuming nuts and seeds, yoghourt, soya, fish, seafood, etc. Also consume green leafy vegetables that are quite high in protein such as spinach, mustard greens, sweet corn, broccoli, etc. Including these protein-rich foods will help you build lean muscle mass effectively. Consuming protein-rich food contains amino acids that aid us in building muscle mass.

Fact 4

Some may not be aware that resting on protein powder can be extremely harmful to our body in the long run consuming organic protein-rich powder can cause many side effects for our body.

Fact 5

As per research, it is observed that consuming protein is essential for building muscle mass but it should not be the only source for building muscle mass. So, the straightaway answer to the problem “Can you build muscles without protein.” is quite simple. Protein is an essential source for building muscle mass but its intake should be limited to consuming natural protein-rich food and diet, and apart from this other healthy forms of nutrients should be supplied to the body as they are also vital for muscle mass.

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Fact 6

Apart from protein intake, some other essential nutrients will also be helpful for us in building body mass such as carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, magnesium, and the natural elixir H20.

Fact 7

Research regarding protein intake says that you should consume a diet that has almost 30 to 35 gms of protein multiple times a day. It will be an ideal quantity if you are looking forward to building lean muscles in your body.

can you build muscle without protein
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Is Protein Intake Only Helpful for Building Muscles?

Intake of protein is no doubt an extremely crucial factor for building muscles. But it is not the only factor that will impact building muscles in our body. Other than that, performing resistance training, consuming carbohydrates rich food, and opting for rich fats will also be quite essential for us to build our muscle mass.

The Crux

To sum up, we can say that the answer to the question “Can you build muscle mass without protein” is a big no as protein are an essential nutrient for building body muscles, but at the same time, we should avoid taking protein supplements, and along with that perform all the other tasks such as exercises and resistance training that will aid us in consuming muscle mass. After considering all the facts, it can be concluded that protein intake is a quintessential factor but it is not the sole factor that will help you in achieving the goal of building body muscles and lean mass.