Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids that Are Superb to Start the Day

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healthy breakfast ideas for kids

Our entire life revolves around keeping our kids happy. Being their parents, you would not leave any stone unturned to bring a big smile to their faces. Of course, we want to nourish their childhood with our love, care, and affection. What could be a better way to express love to your kids than by serving them a healthy breakfast? We always feel crazy trying to amass different ideas for kids’ breakfasts that will keep them healthy. Taking your interest into consideration, we are summing up the top 7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for kids to give them a perfect start to their day.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids: 7 Ultimate Options

1. Smoothies

We often wonder if we should serve breakfast to our kids that not only nourishes their health but also gives them a perfect and nutritious taste. Serving smoothies is a great way to boost their health and nutrition. Different flavors of these yummy smoothies will be a perfect option for your lovely kids. To name a few, you can prepare a yummy chocolate smoothie, pineapple smoothie, berry smoothie, mango peach smoothie, and other such amazing smoothies. Opt for health and taste for your lovely kids.

Image Credit: MyKidsTime

2. Veggies Toast

Kids do not eat certain veggies. However, if we serve these veggies to them in a magical and delicious recipe, they will happily embrace the change. Serve them veggies toast for breakfast, and you will see a super cool mood in your kid for the entire day. To try another healthy version, you can also give an avocado toast to your lovely kids. Spread these avocados over the wheat grain bread, and you will come across a delicious combination for your kid’s breakfast.

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Veggies Toast
Image Credit: The Today Show

Here are some other types of toast that will make you feel nutritious.

  • French Toast: Opting for a healthy breakfast is super easy if you club French toast in your breakfast. This will give wholesome nutrition to your kids along with offering a super delicious taste to them.
  • Cheese Paneer Toast: If you want to ensure a mix of health and taste for your munchkins, opt for potato, paneer, and cheese toast. This awesome combination will make your kids feel drenched in an amazing taste.

3. Pizza Style Cheese Omelette

Do you want the best for your kids so that they not only feel healthy but also gain weight? Here is the way to this amazingly delicious recipe that your kids will adore and love. Opt for pizza style cheese omelette as it will be bursting with a lot of cheese and of course, yummy taste. If your kids look quite thin, this recipe will be the best choice for them as it will be quite nutritious and healthy for your lovely cubs.

healthy breakfast ideas for kids
Image Credit: The Spruce Eats

4. Banana Sandwich

We often wanna have a nutritious breakfast for our kids. In the series of healthy breakfast ideas for kids, opting for a banana sandwich will be something different. Take ripe bananas, smash them, and add sugar to the ripe bananas. Now, take loaves of bread, and keep these mashed bananas over your bread. Once the sandwich is prepared, keep these banana sandwiches in the toaster. Your kids will find these sandwiches crunchy on the outside, and super soft on the inside.

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Banana Sandwich
Image Credit: Allrecipes

5. Oats and Paneer Burger

Every kid loves burgers, and you will feel great if you give a healthy twist to the exclusive burger for your munchkins. Soak oats overnight, and crush them in a mixie jar. Now, mash some paneer cubes. Make a dough of these oats and paneer. Put this healthy mixture in your burger tikki and now apart from this decorate your burger bun with lettuce, cheese, and other amazing veggies. This will be highly nutritious for your lovely kiddos.

Oats and Paneer Burger
Image Credit: IndiaTimes

6. Poha with Yoghurt

If your kids love Indian snacks, you can serve them the healthy version of snacks for breakfast as well. For instance, serving the little ones a bowl full of Poha and yoghourt will make them feel extremely good. Poha is not only a light snack but also quite nutritious for the little ones to consume. If you are surfing for a healthy breakfast for the kids, opting for it will be an ideal choice for you.

healthy breakfast ideas for kids
Image Credit: Swasthi’s Recipe

7. Mango Chia Pudding

If your little ones have a sweet tooth, nothing can be a great breakfast option for them as “ Mango Chia Pudding.” Chia seeds are super healthy, and therefore, involving them in breakfast for your kids will make your lovely little ones feel great.

Mango Chia Pudding
Image Credit: Healthier Steps

The Nutshell

We hope that these healthy breakfast ideas for the kids will keep your kids full of energy the entire day. Prepare these healthy breakfasts in advance to avoid endless issues at the last stage. Stay systematic and you will love to see your kids happy after consuming these healthy versions right in the breakfast.