Christina Aguilera Net Worth: How Much Money Does The Singer Have In 2023?

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Christina Aguilera Net Worth

You might know this famous “Genie In A Bottle” singer who is popular for her vocal variety and Latin pop music. She is famous as the “Voice of the Generation”. Christina is a songwriter, singer, TV personality as well as an actress. You might also know how daring she was to include themes like feminism, sexuality, and LGBTQ culture in her music videos. She paved the way for young artists to include these uncommon and controversial themes. With Spanish origin and possesses a fantastic four-octave vocal range and uses melisma. So, start scrolling down to know more about Christina Aguilera net worth and much more!

Who Is Christina Aguilera?

Christina Maria Aguilera also known as Xtina, Baby Jane in the industrial world. Christina is one of the most influential Latin pop artists to date. She is a versatile personality with a career in singing, songwriting, acting, and even as a TV personality. She started her career in the year 1993 by working in MMC aired on Disney Channel and is continuing her performance in successful projects.

In 1999, Christina gained fame with her album, “Christina Aguilera” with singles like “Genie In A Bottle”, “What a Girl Wants”, etc which rose to Billboard Hot 100. Aguilera won Grammy Award for “Best New Artist”. She gained her success through her other albums in the year 2001, 2002, and 2006 respectively. If you are a fan of her you can never forget that the album “Stripped” was one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century. She was ranked eighth in the “Greatest Women in Music” list by VH1. She even has her place in Guinness World Record. Now let’s look into Christina Aguilera net worth.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth

Finally! You are going to know Christina Aguilera net worth. According to the reports, it’s $170 million at present. This American singer gained her popularity and wealth through continuous hard work and effort over 30 years. Christina became a brand name herself. Her bold voice and thoughts caught everyone’s eye. She struggled in the initial years and then her luck changed, she got repeated hits and gained popularity worldwide.

How Much Money Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Her monthly income is $1 million and over. Her yearly income is $12 million and over. As you can see, this justifies Christina Aguilera net worth.

Real Estate

She purchased a mansion in Beverly Hills for $11.5 million and sold it for $13.5 million in 2013. Besides, she currently lives in a $10 million property in Santa Monica Mountains. Also, she was even listed as Top earning woman in the music industry by Forbes in 2007. Her earnings were $20 million at that time.

Car Collection

Your star has a magnificent car collection as well which includes-

  1. Ferrari F430 – a gorgeous looking car costing $108,700 – $169,995.
  2. Ferrari California – breath taking design with a cost of around $109,569.
  3. Rolls-Royce Phantom – oldest and best of Roll’s collection ranging around $1,067,400.
  4. Mercedes-Benz S-Class – luxurious and refined performance with a cost of $114,500.
  5. BMW 7-Series – great features and best-in-class sedan costing $96,000 approx.
  6. Range Rover Vogue – classy car with a price of $173,690 – $250,360.

How Did Christina Aguilera Make Her Money?

Her musical journey, TV appearances, and various endorsements are the reason behind Christina Aguilera net worth.

As a Singer and Actor

Her albums grossed her millions of dollars. Her acting career as well as TV appearances and endorsements aid in it. Shows like “The Voice” gained her $17 million for starter episodes. Her first movie “Burlesque” made $90 million at the box office. She got $1.5 million for her baby’s photos by “People” magazine. She even gives private lessons in music at a small cost of $90 only. It was a great success and earned her a huge amount. Though she has so much wealth she hasn’t kept it to just herself. She has given back a lot. She donated $200,000 to the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh in 2003. Moreover, she even raised a huge amount for World Food Program in 2010.

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Brand Endorsements

Christina has earned a lot of fortune over the years and brand endorsements have been a part of it. She has been an active advertiser for “Sketchers”, “MAC Cosmetics” and “Pepsi”. She has a perfume line which has a perfume named Expose that became the number one perfume in UK and Germany. Her perfume line was launched in 2004 and from that time she has launched over nineteen different products.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth

Early Life & Education

Christina Maria Aguilera was born to Shelly Loraine and Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera in New York City on 18th December 1980. Her father was an Ecuadorian emigrant and a U.S. Army sergeant while her mother was a Dutch violinist who later worked as a Spanish translator. Due to her father’s job, their family use to move a lot from one state to another. She even lived in Japan for two years in Sagamihara. After hoping a lot the family finally settled in Pennsylvania where she had her younger sister, Rachel, in 1986. You might have come across a few interviews where Christina spoke about her father’s emotionally abusive behavior and how she used music to escape all this. In 1987, her parents got separated and then her mother married James Kearns with whom she had a son called Michael.

She attended North Allegheny Intermediate High School before dropping out and being homeschooled. She used to get bullied in her school which was one of the main reasons for dropping out. When Christina was young she developed her love for music by exploring her grandmother’s collection which included soul and blues singers. Her increasing love for music led her to take part in competitions and contests which gained her popularity among her neighbours. Even local radios noticed her “Big Voice”.

She took part in the competition Star Search but got eliminated during the semi-final round. She was invited to sing in Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, Pittsburgh Steelers football, and Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games and even for Stanley Cup Finals (1992). Her passion for music and enthusiastic participation in every other contest and reality show is the ultimate reason behind Christina Aguilera net worth.

Christina Aguilera Career

In 1993 she worked in MMC aired on the Disney channel where she became a “Mouseketeer”. But the series stopped later that year and even confirmed no comebacks in the year 1994. In 1997, Aguilera moved to Japan for a fresh start in her career. There she got her chance with Keizo Nakanishi and did shows around the country. Their single “All I Wanna Do” was released but didn’t get the expected success. In 1997 Christina even competed in Golden Stag Festival but failed there as well. With her numerous efforts, she could finally get a chance to record “Reflection” for the film, Mulan in 1998. This song charted at number 15 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Her album “Christina Aguilera” was released in 1999 and debuted at number 1 potion in Billboard 200 chart. This proved to be her breakthrough. It sold over ten million copies worldwide in its first year and seventeen million in total. It was certified eight times platinum by RIAA. Her album’s song, “Genie In A Bottle” topped Billboard Hot 100 charts for consecutive weeks. Her other songs like “What A Girl Wants” and “Come On Over Baby” topped Billboard Hot 100 charts and “I Turn To You” could reach number 3. Christina won “Best New Artist” at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards.

In 2000, she had a music tour in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. She continued to gain fame through her following albums “Mi Reflejo”, and “My Kind Of Christmas” in the 2000s. She won “Best Female Pop Vocal Album” at the 2nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards. Early 2001 was the time of her collaborations where “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” with Ricky Martin got a thirteenth position in the Hot 100 charts. You might have heard “Lady Marmalade” which was her collab with Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink but did you know it peaked in the charts for five weeks straight?

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Albums & Other Details

With “Stripped” being her new image away from teen pop culture in the year 2002 she again gained her place in the second position in Billboard Hot 100 charts. It was declared five times platinum by the RIAA. It sold over 2 million copies alone in the UK and 12 million globally. In 2003 her tour gained 546,483 audiences and $31.8 million.

In 2004 she was supposed to have another tour but couldn’t due to an injury in her vocal cords. Additionally, in 2006 she released her album “Back to Basics” which was inspired by an old Hollywood theme. It debuted at number one in Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. In 2010 she released another album “Bionic” which was inspired by electronic music. Besides it topped Billboard 200, European, and UK charts.

Christina got her first role in the film, “Burlesque” where she played the role of a waitress who later turned into burlesque. This film was released in 2010 and grossed $90 million. In 2011 she performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XLV and became a vocal trainer in “The Voice” which aired on NBC. And in 2012, she released “Lotus” which peaked at number seven on Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 2017, she got her second movie “The Emoji Movie” where she lent her voice to a video-game dancer.

In 2018, she got to work in another movie, “Zoe” and released her album “Liberation” which had R&B and hip-hop themes. And  2022, her album “Aguilera” was released which received seven nominations at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards and won “Beat Traditional Pop Vocal Album”. On 10th November 2022 news about the upcoming Aguilera documentary was heard. Thus, you can see why Christina Aguilera net worth is so high.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth

Christina Aguilera’s Appearance

Christina Aguilera is 42 years old with a height of 5′ 1″. Her weight is 50kg. She has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. She is a Roman Catholic Sagittarius woman. However, her appearance has changed a lot with time. She started as a teenage pop idol wearing crop tops all the time, then turned to show her dirty and wild side in her “Stripped” era. Moreover, Christina’s inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and the late Hollywood styling. So, she had blond hair and did an old Hollywood makeover, which all matched her personality.

Christina Aguilera Spouse and Relationship

Christina also has an interesting dating life other than her career. She dated a dancer named Jorge Santos whom she met during the shooting of her music video from 2000-2001. Additionally, in 2002 got to meet Jordan Bratman whom she got engaged with, in February 2005, and married later in the same year. They got married in Napa County, California. On 12th January 2008 her son Max was born. They stayed together till 2010 and then got separated. Christina filed a divorce in 2-1- and it was approved in 2011. They shared a joint custody of their son.

In late 2010, she began dating production assistant Matthew Rutler. Moreover, they got engaged on Valentine’s Day and she gave birth to Summer Rain, her second child in the same year. She was born on 16th August 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Christina Aguilera get thick?

She like any other woman started gaining during her pregnancy period.

2. What color are Christina Aguilera’s eyes?

Christina Aguilera’s eye color is a darker shade of blue.

3. What are the five facts about Christina Aguilera?

Five facts about Christina Aguilera are-

  • She’s Roman Catholic.
  • She has multicultural roots.
  • There are four tattoos all over her body.
  • She is present in “Shark Tale”.
  • Singing multiple octaves is her specialty.

4. When did “Christina Aguilera” come out?

“Christina Aguilera” the album came out in the year 1999.

5. When did Madonna kiss Christina Aguilera?

Madonna kissed Christina Aguilera in the year 2003 during a VMAs performance.

6. Why did Christina Aguilera stop singing?

She was not in her right headspace or the correct environment and thus was not able to sing anymore.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

As we approach the end of our article we hope you’ve satisfied your quest on learning everything about Christina Aguilera. Being such a wonderful multifacet person, it’s needless to say about the wealth she possesses. So, go ahead and leave in your thoughts to let us know more about everything you’ve studied so far. Till then, Ciao.!