Common bets in roulette

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Do you know what? If it wasn’t for Blaise Pascal’s scientific work in the field of perpetual motion, and the subsequent invention of roulette that he paved the way for, it is not outlandish to suggest that the modern casino industry would be completely and utterly different. This is because roulette helped kick-start the age of the super casino in the 1800s, something that eventually led to the famous Blanc casino family being exiled to Monte Carlo.

So, you see, roulette isn’t just any old casino gambling game, it has a rich, exciting and ultimately important history, and this is part of the reason why it is played so much today. The other reason, of course, is that it is a delightfully dynamic game in the casino, and one that can appeal to beginners as a result of its simplicity. That leads us nicely onto the subject of this article: common bets in roulette. Read on to find out the most common new roulette strategies!

Red or Black 

As far as common bets in roulette go, you just cannot get much more common than the classic Red or Black roulette bet. The reason this one is the most common is because it is also the most simple, as the red or black bet corresponds to either the red or black roulette value on the wheel. It is therefore the easiest bet to make as a beginner, and several million first-time gamblers do exactly this each and every year. 

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The other great thing about the red or black roulette bet is that it gives a 50/50 chance of winning in most cases, some remarkably good odds compared to some of the other bets available on the roulette wheel. The only drawback here is that the potential winnings are also amongst the smallest, but that is to be expected with such good odds

Even or Odds 

Another popular and very common roulette bet is rather similar to the Red or Black bet, however this time it corresponds to the odd and even numbers on the roulette wheel rather than the actual colours. Again the odds of winnings are pretty much 50/50 here, however the pay out for a win isn’t the best. 

The Even or Odds bet, as with the Red or Black, is definitely one of the most appealing to beginners, simply because it is one of the easiest bets to visualise. This goes a long way in explaining why it is so common too. 

The single number 

Now then, you must have seen at least one scene in a film or TV series where somebody places a huge bet on one supposedly lucky number? This is definitely one of the riskiest bets to make on a roulette wheel, however if it comes off you will be in line to receive quite a large amount of cash. 

This bet is common mainly because of the thrill associated with it, and the fact that it has been shown on TV and movie theatres so often.