How to Get Oil Stains Out of Book Page- 10 Wonderful Hacks

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How to get oil stains out of book page

Picture this: you observe oil residues on your necessary printout, or your textbook page has these stubborn stains. These spills will make you feel perturbed, and you will immediately look for techniques to eliminate these oily spots. Some of you might think that these greasy spots are almost impossible to remove, or others may search for some valuable methods on the internet. To save you precious time, let’s brief you on how to get oil stains out of the book page with the proper techniques.

Save these Tips to Get Oil Stains Out of the book page

Dealing with stubborn marks can give you goosebumps. When these oil spots have fallen on an essential piece of paper in your book, you must act immediately. You must start at the earliest if you want to get oil stains out of the book page. So, let’s start with the given methods.

1) Act Swiftly

Whenever you are looking forward to cleaning these sticky oil spills from your book page, you should act fast. The rule of thumb says that the more you leave these stains unattended on the book paper, the more difficult it will become to eliminate these oily residues.

2) Use Paper Towels

paper towels

Using paper towels can help you eliminate oily spills on your book. Ensure to take a clean, dry paper towel if you want to clean the oil residues. Lay the immaculate paper towel on a flat surface. For example, you can place a paper towel on the table surface. Now, bring the oily book paper stain directly into contact with the paper towel.

When you see the book page come into contact with the paper towel, press gently but firmly on the stained area. You will see that the paper towel will absorb some stains. The stain on the book will become light; now, you can repeat the process until you see an immaculate book page free from oil spills.


3) Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Sprinkle some baking soda in such a way that it covers the paper spots completely. Let the baking soda rest for a few hours or the whole night. Now, take a soft brush and gently brush off the baking soda. You will see that either the oil stain on the book page has lightened or vanished.

4) Talcum Powder

Talcum powder- How to remove oil stains out of book page

We can remove the oil spills from the book page using talcum powder. It is very famous for its absorbent properties. Therefore, it will help you eliminate the sticky, oily stains. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain area of the paper. Let the talcum powder rest for at least half an hour or one hour. Use a soft brush to wipe off the talcum powder. Repeat this process until you see that the stain has completely vanished.

5) Use Table salt

Table Salt

Are you concerned about How to Get Oil Stain Out of the Book Page? Using table salt is an effective solution for removing oily smudges from your book. It can even wipe off the old oil spills that you find hard to get rid of. Sprinkle table salt on the affected area of the paper. Cover the salt with a sheet of clean paper. Then iron over it with a very hot iron. You will see that the oil spills do not exist on the book page.

6) Vinegar Solution

Vinegar solution helps to get rid of oil stains

The vinegar solution is the best household solution because it helps us remove sticky, oily residues. Take equal parts white vinegar and water and mix them in a bowl or cup. Lay down the affected piece of book paper on a flat surface. Ensure to flatten it as much as possible. Now, take a clean cloth or a sponge and dip it into the vinegar solution. Rub it on the stain and repeat until you remove the oil spills from the surface.

7) Use Warm Iron


How to get oil stains out of book page


One of the most straightforward steps regarding how to get oil stains out of the book page is to warm up the iron. Place a slightly warm iron on low heat. Place it over the area of color on the paper for at least 5 seconds. You will observe that the oil spill has lightened or completely faded away. Make sure to place the iron very carefully on the paper, as a slight mistake can obliterate the paper.

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8)  Chalk Powder

How to get oil stains out of book page




Another method that will help you remove greasy oil spills from the book paper is by using chalk powder. For this, either buy chalk powder from the market or convert chalk into a fine powder. Start the process by taking a tissue paper. Use a knife and shave the chalk into a fine powder over the tissue. Now, place the oil spot area of the paper over the tissue. Now, on the affected area, put the finely shaved chalk powder on the oil stain area.

Once again, place a piece of tissue paper over the oil spot on the book paper and place a heated iron over it for 10 to 20 seconds. Remove the chalk powder from the spots. Now, you will see that using chalk powder has reduced the visibility of the stain. However, it will not completely wipe away the oil spills.

9) Use a Solvent

How to get oil stains out of book page

If you are surfing the internet about how to get oil stains out of a book page, this method will certainly help you. Solvents that remove the oil stains can help you clean the affected paper area. You can use alcohol, acetone, and even mineral spirits.

10) Black Bread Crumb

Black Bread Crumbs

Using black bread crumbs is another solution when you want to wipe off the spills from the paper. Place these crumbs on the affected area for some time, and after a while, remove them with the help of a soft brush. You will see that the oil spills have disappeared.

The Closing Thoughts

Oil stains can fall on the book page anytime, but after implementing these methods, you can easily learn how to get oil stains out of the book pages. After all, preserving book pages and keeping them in pristine condition is our responsibility. All these methods are quite effective in removing the oil content from the book page and keeping it immaculate. Following any of the above-listed methods will go a long way towards preserving the quality of the book paper. We advise you not to use excessive force on paper when implementing any of these methods because it can damage the paper.