How to Make a Flower Pot in Mine Craft- Check Out Details

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How to make flowerpot in Minecraft

Digital trends have transformed traditional ways of playing games. With the advent of the internet, playing video games has become a favorite pastime of gaming enthusiasts. Some video games, like Minecraft, provide the perfect building blocks to enhance our creativity and provide us with new avenues of entertainment. If you are not a video game connoisseur, we bet you are unaware of what Minecraft is or how to make a flower pot in Minecraft.

Minecraft, developed by Mojang Studios, is a sandbox videogame that gives players the freedom to explore a blocky, procedurally generated three-dimensional world. Minecraft will uplift the creative blocks of the users and let them find apt raw materials, gather them, craft tools and items, and build varied structures. Because of its various updates from time to time, Minecraft has come out with new artistic features. For instance, the Minecraft 1.20 update has brought new blocks, new tools, and a cluster of decorated flower pots to the game. So, in this post, we will cover how to make a flower pot using Minecraft.

How to Make a Flower pot in Minecraft- Steps Required?

Since the day this sandbox game was conceived, flowers have been an integral part of it. Minecraft uses flowers to give life to lifeless creations. But as of now, this game’s advanced versions support the formation of flowerpots in this sandbox game. So, let’s look at the process of crafting a flowerpot in Minecraft.

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How to make flowerpot in Minecraft


1. Know the Basics

A flowerpot cannot be formed without a clear idea and requisite materials. Therefore, knowing the basic archeology of forming flowerpots can be a fundamental beginning for you in Minecraft. A flowerpot is similar to a  decorative block that can contain varied objects. These objects can be flowers, bamboo, saplings, Mushrooms, etc. So, to start the creation of a flowerpot, you should have some basic stone tools, a clay box, and a furnace.

2. Create a Crafting Table

When you want to create a flowerpot, it is necessary to create a crafting table first. A crafting table is made up of wood planks. For making a crafting table, pick four wood planks of the same tree. Add these planks to a 2* 2 crafting grid.

3. Learn to Create Furnance

Gather the basic material to form a furnace. You will need cobblestones to create a furnace in Minecraft. Open the crafting table, and place the cobblestone in a 3*3 crafting grid. When putting the cobblestones in the crafting table, leave the middle row empty and place them in the outer block.

4. Locate Clay Balls

The next fundamental step to learning how to make a flower pot in Minecraft is to locate clay balls.  Clay balls are necessary when you desire to make a flowerpot in Minecraft. The best part is that it is quite easy to obtain a clay ball in this sandbox game. As soon as you mine clay blocks, you will get clayballs.

How to make a flowerpot in Minecraft
5. Obtain Bricks

To form a flowerpot in Minecraft, continue the process until you get three bricks. For this purpose, ensure to place the clay balls in the furnace, and then light up the clay balls with fuel. This will give you one brick. You should repeat the process till you get three bricks.

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6. Create a Flowerpot

The above steps form the basics of how to create a flower pot in Minecraft. Now, we will proceed to the actual creation of a flowerpot in Minecraft. Now, open the crafting table, and arrange the bricks in a U-shape pattern. Do not fill the center squares. Leaving it empty will create a flowerpot for gaming enthusiasts.

7. Garner Flowers from the Flower Pot

After creating the flowerpot, get ready to garner the flowers from the flowerpot. You can gather the flowers of your choice such as daisies, roses, and tulips. 

How to make flowerpot in Minecraft

8) Choose the Right Spot to Put the Flower Pot

The placement of flowerpots matters a lot in Minecraft World. To ensure the proper placement of the flowerpot, right-click on the particular block where you want to put the flowerpot. If you are using a mobile, doing a left click will be an apt step for you. 

9. Choose the Right Flowers to Plant

After the exact placement of the flower pot, right-click on it. It will open the Graphic user interface of Minecraft. Now, pick the desired flower from the flower inventory.  Place the flower on the flowerpot. These flowers can be used to decorate your home. With this step, you have learned everything about how to make a flower pot in Minecraft. 

The Nutshell

Minecraft 1.2 0 is an advanced version of Minecraft and helps us to understand how to make a flower pot in Minecraft. The creation of a flowerpot in this game may seem a difficult affair to you, but if you practice these steps, you can solve your hassles and build a flowerpot with the desired confidence. So, play Minecraft with a new confidence and create flowerpots.