Jamal Murray Girlfriend: Who Is The Mysterious Woman?

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Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Jamal Murray Girlfriend: If you are a big fan of basketball, and regularly keep up with the NBA scene, then you might know who Jamal Murray is. However, for those who are unaware, Jamal Murray is a Canadian basketball player. He plays for the team “Denver Nuggets” in the NBA. Now, NBA players are more famous than you think they are. Some of them are even as famous as movie stars and musicians. And they are notorious for dating really pretty women. Basketball players even go on to date really famous names, like Devin Booker dating Kendall Jenner. However, today, we’ll talk about Jamal Murray’s girlfriend. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Who is Jamal Murray?

So, who is Jamal Murray? Jamal, born on 23rd February 1997 is a Canadian basketball player. He’s a player for the Denver Nuggets, under the NBA. Apart from that, he’s also a representative of the Canadian national basketball team.

Jamal comes from a family where his talents have always been looked upon. Being the son of immigrant parents, Jamal was raised in Ontario. From an early age, he showed a talent for basketball. He’d play basketball for hours and hours, and he easily made the school teams. His father saw his talents and was very serious about nurturing them. He trained Jamal for hours and honed his skills.

Let’s take a brief look at his career since the early days.

What does he do?

Jamal Murray began his career very early. As a young kid with prodigal basketball talents, he started playing professionally at a very young age. Jamal attended Orangeville Prep. His high school basketball team defeated a lot of rival high school teams and was one of the best in Toronto. His successful college career is the reason that he is doing so well professionally. When his was playing under Coach John Calipari propelled him toward his glowing professional career.

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Since 2016, Murray has been playing for the Denver Nuggets. He is also called the Blue Arrow as a nickname, and he played a major role this year in leading his team to their first-ever NBA victory.

So, now that we know the basics about Jamal Murray’s career, let’s take a look at his girlfriend and his personal life a bit more.

Jamal Murray girlfriend

So, who is Jamal Murray’s girlfriend? Her name is Harper Hempel, and she is born on 30 August 1997. Harper Hempel was also an athlete, and she used to play volleyball in the Kentucky women’s team. However, she did not go in the line of sports, and instead, got a degree in advertising and digital media. Hempel is not a celebrity. She is a regular person with a generous amount of following on Instagram.

If you check out her Instagram, you’ll definitely get to know more about her. She has over 70k followers. And you’ll see pictures of her in exotic vacation locations. She is also very fashionable, and you’ll see from her outfits that she is always styling herself for the latest trend.

Harper must have been removed from the sports scene, but her family was not. Coincidentally, her father was the co founder of ecoach, a company which provides remote NBA coach training courses. So, she was not completely removed from the basketball scene.

What does she do?

Harper has kept her life very discreet. She has a degree in marketing and digital media. And she also has a sizeable following on Instagram. She endorses certain brands on social media. Plus, she’s also involved in promotions.

Apart from being an influencer, Harper also has her photography company. She has separate small business ventures, along with being a social media influencer, and combining the earnings from all of that, Harper’s net worth lies between $1-$3 million.

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Jamal Murray Girlfriend

How did they meet?

Harper and Jamal are college sweethearts. They met while they were both studying in the University of Kentucky. Harper had a big role in the Kentucky women’s volleyball team and Jamal was building his NBA career slowly from there. During their brief stay in Kentucky, they started building their relationship together.

However, after getting picked by the NBA, Jamal had to move away to Denver, while Harper stayed in Kentucky. However, the long-distance didn’t affect their relationship. The relationship was still stable while they were both building their careers.

The couple has persevered through their ups and downs since college. Now that they’re settled, they’re going stronger than ever.

Harper Hempel leaked video scandal

Harper and Murray’s relationship gathered attention back in March 2020 when an explicit video in which both Harper and Jamal were there was posted on Jamal’s account. After a lot of searching, it was found that Jamal’s account was hacked by someone, and that lewd video was posted. Both parties apologized for it and even deactivated their social media accounts for some time.

Frequently Asked Question Section

1. Are Jamal and Harper still together?

Contrary to popular belief, Jamal and Harper are still together. They don’t post pictures with each other as much since the March scandal, and they have definitely toned down their media presence. But they are definitely together.

2. How did Jamal tear his ACL?

He tore his ACL during a layup attempt in a 2021 game. ACL tear is a very painful injury and he was seen visibly in pain.

3. What is Jamal Murray’s girlfriends’ name?

Jamal’s girlfriend’s name is Harper Hempel.

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that you found this blog informative. And if you’re a fan of Jamal Murray and basketball in general, then this blog will be really eye-opening for you when it comes to your favorite player’s personal life. So, enjoy all the details. Apart from the 2020 video scandal, Jamal and Harper are a really cute couple and they love each other very much.