Strawberry Margarita Mix To Spice Up Your Party!

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strawberry margarita mix

A chilled strawberry margarita is the epitome of celebration. They’re bright, fun, and eye-catching, and they’re ideal for all your tequila fans. It must be mentioned that the strawberry harvest has arrived. Strawberry lattes, strawberry desserts, and this delightful drink, along with other strawberry options, are all on the menu. It combines the vibrant tastes of a standard Margarita and infuses them with a super-fruity punch, making an already celebratory cocktail into a crowd-pleaser that signals the beginning of the celebration. Serve on the rocks or chilled with a seasoned garnish. In any case, it’s delectable!

This strawberry drink is guaranteed to blow your feet off, whether you’re drinking it beachside, with chicken fingers, or in your home yard. Only five components and a mixer are required to make this easy-to-make Strawberry Margarita.

strawberry margarita mix

Steps To Make Strawberry Margarita 

  • Add margarita salt (or kosher salt) to a small saucepan as wide as your drinking glass. Slide a lemon slice along the rim of each drink, then flip it upside-down in the salt for coating.
  • Strawberries, liquor, lemon zest, sugar, and triple sec are blended together in a mixer. Blend until the mixture is absolutely uniform.
  • Allow for 3 minutes of resting time before skimming off the froth. To taste, add extra tequila or sugar.
  • Ice should be half-filled in each edged glass. Mix thoroughly with the margarita ingredients and add a lemon slice as a topping.


How to Make Strawberry Syrup?

To make the strawberry simple syrup, combine all of the ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Prepare a simple strawberry, sweetener, and water solution to bubble, then decrease to moderate heat and cook for 15 minutes. Pour the mixture into a clear storage locker after passing it through a coarse mesh screen. After the strawberry juice has chilled slightly, place it in the refrigerator until ready to use. It can be used at room temperature, but it’s ideal if it’s chilled first.

Variants of the Strawberry Margarita Mix

  • A strawberry margarita made with fresh strawberries Prepare a virgin margarita by replacing the Grand Marnier with orange juice and combining it with fresh lemon juice, strawberry sauce, and sparkling water instead of alcohol (or Fresca or Sprite). It’s wonderful and invigorating!
  • Reduce the amount of bourbon in this mix if it’s too strong for you: 1-ounce tequila, 1/2 ounce sweet veon rmouth, and 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • Add extra strawberries to the mixer if you really want a slightly sweeter cocktail.
  • To make a bespoke cocktail, combine additional fruits. Strawberry goes well with banana, grape, mango, apricot, papaya, and raspberry.
  • A strawberry margarita with a kick. Add several pieces of jalapeno (with seeds for added heat) to the blender and blend when you’re shaking up all the contents to tone out the richness of your strawberry margarita. When pouring the cocktail, add extra jalapeno pieces as a garnish.
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strawberry margarita mix

Ingredients For Strawberry Margarita Mix

To prepare this strawberry margarita, you just need four crucial components. I like to edge my glass with salt and sugar and decorate it with lime juice and raspberries. Let’s just get down to business so that you can revamp some margaritas and enjoy them on the terrace.

  • Strawberries

Frozen strawberries make a rich and delightful strawberry cocktail (exactly like your favorite Mexican restaurant). They’re cheap, easy to locate, and your cocktail won’t be diluted by crushed ice.

However, if you have fresh fruit, you can use it as well. Before dumping your strawberries into the processor, keep washing them and discard the heads. Then, over ice, pour the cocktail on the rocks.

  • Sweetener

Because strawberries are basically sugar, I don’t believe that sweetener is necessary in this dish. However, if you want a sweet margarita, feel free to add your favorite syrup. I’d begin with 3-4 teaspoons of honey, sugar, or another sweetener, then adjust according to flavor.

  • Orange Liqueur and Tequila

To start, look for the right Blanco (or silver) tequila that has a real agave flavor. I used Reposado liquor, but you may use whatever you want. When it comes to citrus liqueurs, I like Cointreau because of its blend of sweet and bitter oranges. Curaçao and Grand Marnier are two more leading products. Take a look at the making of any traditional cocktail preparation for a more extensive analysis of all these alcohols.

  • Juice of lime

A vital element in margaritas is freshly made lemon juice. Don’t use lime juice from a bottle; the flavor will be subdued and bland. Lime juice from fresh limes makes a huge difference.

How Are Daiquiris And Strawberry Margaritas Different?

The underlying alcohol is the key distinction between strawberry cocktails and daiquiris: Tequila is used in margaritas, while rum is used in daiquiris. Furthermore, chilled strawberry daiquiris normally call for simple syrup, whereas margaritas ask for triple sec. In both concoctions, either component can be used as a sweetener.

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Tips for the Perfect Strawberry Margarita Mix

  • I like to use large ice chunks in my cocktails, and you can serve them in classic tequila glasses or rock glasses. For the edges, you could use sugar or salt, and stick the sugar or salt with a lime placed directly around the rim, or by dipping it in honey or sugar syrup on a platter. If strawberry isn’t your style, try any regular margarita mix instead!
  • Cold strawberries do not have to be thawed before being blended into the margarita. Simply add them straight out of the fridge and puree until an appropriate consistency is reached. They help to thicken the liquor and keep it cooler for a longer time.
  • Use fresh fruit while it’s in abundance, and keep any excess berries to make gorgeous decorations. Before placing the strawberries into the mixer, make sure to wash them and remove the stalks. Canned strawberries work well in the off-season and allow you to enjoy this cocktail all year.
  • Filter with a fine mesh. After the strawberries have essentially transformed into juice, strain the strawberries into a glassware storage locker using a strainer.
  • Strawberry simple syrup is made. It’s better to create the strawberry sauce ahead of time and preserve it in the refrigerator so that it’s ready to use when you need it. If preserved in a sealed container, the liquid can be stored in a refrigerator for up to two weeks. It’s delicious on top of frozen yogurt, waffles, or strawberry milk.
  • If you prefer a chilled rendition, add just a few pieces of ice to your mixer at a time and process until the texture is to your liking. Regardless of how you serve your cocktail, the classic margarita flavor with a blast of luscious strawberry is guaranteed to impress.

Final Thoughts

If organic strawberries aren’t available, frozen strawberries can readily be substituted. Allow the strawberries to freeze in a basin in the refrigerator for 4–6 hours before using, draining any extra moisture. To save effort, heat frozen strawberries for around 30 seconds on the thawed option. That being said, peak-season fruits really shine in this drink, and it’s a great way to utilize that luscious, flavor-packed summer abundance in under five minutes. Chill (or refrigerate) the fruit smoothie to create extra drinks afterward, or serve it immediately if you’re feeding a party. Do let me know in the comment section below to let us know what you think about our strawberry margarita mix!