Support LGBTQ and learn about them: Best 10 Gay short films

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Best LGBT short films

Watch these interesting short movies on LGBT

We are born as an individual. We have much preference in hobbies, life and career.

Goals are to achieve and making them come alive in our life’s. So we practice and fall and then stand out and make it real with satisfaction. 


This also implies choosing sexual orientation too. 

Humans may define sexuality with choices they want to have whereas it’s an emotional view of choosing whom they fall in love with, 

Whether it’s gay love, lesbian love or bisexual, we humans can’t deny that it comes in every caste and creed.


Our world understands that we can’t stop the love flowing in any direction. That it becomes legal, it was a happy pride for all the LGBTQ community to express their feeling which they are sure and legal to express, which was legally came into action in June month.


In India, LGBTQ pride month starts in June month where LGBT stands for Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender but Q is for the Questioning of any other gender which are yet to explore or found.


As we are ready to acknowledge the genders and speaking about their equality in society.

LGBT are progressing in every way of their life.

 Like having a good job promoting any brand, have a suitable job in a reputed company. They are grooming their personality too.


Understanding the world by small campaigns and aware them like an ad for tapri chai which is a great initiative towards transgender.

A small initiative to show how a child is left abandoned

 if the child parents find that the child is born with a gender different from usual people.

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Making short films on Gay and making individuals understand that Feelings can never be denied by them too. Some are recognising their sexual appearance, some are getting to know what they want from them. These short films show the diversity and varied forms of emotion that contribute to form and define the personality. 


Listed are some of the best Gay short films:


1. In a heartbeat (2017)

 A short film animated movie that helps a boy realise his existence that he is gay

and shows a keen interest in knowing another boy but due to people and society,

he can’t even express his feeling to him. A short film presenting vibes of love meets a male with another male. Do watch this short motivated movie

LGBT short movie
LGBT short movie

2. Tyler 2020

An intelligent kid who is 9 years old went to a restaurant with his older brother. There he confesses about his boyfriend. After realising that his little brother is gay. His elder brother got shocked to hear it as he is younger to reveal his sexuality. While having lunch, he decides to tell his father the same as he studied that more the early better will for the future.

Enjoy watching this short movie while having a moral lesson.

IMBd: 6.8/10

short films-Gay couple
short films-Gay couple

3. Coming out 2020

Childhood friends Pallavi and Ankita came to a question “ why there is always Prince and Princess in the story, why not princess and princess or two princesses?

And then after 15 years Pallavi was getting married to a prince but could not confess her love to her mom wich was Ankita. Watch this exciting Lesbian story which came in as a Struggle to confront their choice of being together.

short films-Lesbian love
short films-Lesbian love

4. See You Soon  

A story of two youngsters living far away fell in love and try to meet up and felt love when they beautifully understand each other, emotions, feeling, the interest, affection.

Love to watch how they handle their separation elegantly and with soreness in the eyes.

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5. Lavender 2019

 Lavender gives a touch of gay movie where these three guys bond together and make an intimate moment but leaving one man behind to search for his own existence.

It’s a desirable plot where a gay seeks an interesting life while bonding with the engaged couple.

Watch this short film and explore the movie. IMDb: 6.1/10 

LGBT short films
LGBT short films

6. The last blue cup

A Lesbian movie (short film) that starts in a grocery mall.

 Finding an attractive girl around and this girl goes to meet her to initiate chit chat.

Where She acknowledges a cup that was important for her thesis project. This is how they both meet, fell in love and they decide to live together.

Must watch this movie for how to remain calm and stay together. 

LGBT short films
LGBT short films

7. Almariyan

A stereotype parents evolve and explore to know how the LGBTQ has a meaning to his world as his only child is a Gay.

 All they want is to be casual and completely normal when their son reveals his sexuality. So, they understand the language of love in another way by watching LGBT movies and make their son adapt to that environment in which he is comfortable but you will get to know a twist in it.

Watch it for more learning and exploration.

short films-LGBT
short films-LGBT


It is an LGBT short film that depicts a school going Max who loves to sing and plays the guitar but is very confused about his sexuality. So, he came to some exploration about him by knowing his nature.

You will Love to watch this small yet realisation.

IMDb: 6.5/10

short films on Gay couple-Must Watch
short films on Gay couple-Must Watch

9. We could be parents

  A gay couple decides to break up as one person thought that the other was cheating on him as he was convicted for selling sex as his main motive was to save money for a surrogate and have a baby of both of them.

This journey travels through a movie.

Do watch this short film and get inspired.

IMDb: 5.8/10

We could be parents Gay movie
We could be parents Gay movie

10.  Sign

 This short movie is a silent movie that deals with emotions, gathering, no noises, only sign language between two gay couples. A story plot for Gay couples that are soo much in love that introduces their boundaries.

IMBd: 7.2/10

Sign - A silent movie
Sign – A silent movie