Things To Do In Woodstock & Have A Wonderful Time In New York!

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Things to Do in Woodstock

Travelling throughout the world is always a dream. But yet another place today we are talking about is Woodstock. Such a lovely place and you must have heard about it as well. You must always think and research before you plan on a trip. Are you going with your family or friends or lover? Whoever it be, you will find in this blog all the information that you require about Woodstock. Starting from knowing about the place to things to do and also an expense rate which will be beneficial for understanding your stay. So, without hesitation, continue reading the blog! This blog about the things to do in Woodstock will bring give you all the information that you require for the best trip.

Things to Do in Woodstock

About Woodstock

Woodstock is a small town located in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. The town is famous for its association with the legendary music festival of the same name, which took place in nearby Bethel in 1969.

Woodstock is known for its artistic and bohemian atmosphere, attracting artists, musicians, and intellectuals for many years. The town has a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous galleries, shops, and studios selling everything from handcrafted jewellery to local pottery. Woodstock is also home to the Woodstock Film Festival, which showcases independent films and attracts filmmakers from around the world.

The town’s natural beauty is one of its biggest draws, with stunning mountain scenery, rolling hills, and miles of forested trails. Woodstock is surrounded by protected parks and natural areas, including the Catskill Park and the Shawangunk Ridge, which offer opportunities for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

In addition to its cultural and natural attractions, Woodstock is also known for its vibrant food scene, with a range of restaurants and cafes serving locally-sourced, organic, and sustainably-grown food. The town is a popular destination for those seeking a slower pace of life and a connection with nature.

Things To Do In Woodstock

Woodstock is a charming town in Vermont known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, stunning natural beauty, and historic landmarks. Here are some of the things you can do in Woodstock:


  1. Visit the Billings Farm & Museum: A working dairy farm and museum that showcases the history of Vermont’s rural heritage.
  2. Tour the Woodstock History Centre: Learn about the town’s rich history, including its early settlers, artists, and craftsmen.
  3. Hike the trails at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park: Enjoy scenic walks, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing through the rolling hills of Vermont.


  1. Explore the Woodstock Farmers’ Market: Discover local produce, artisanal cheeses, baked goods, and crafts from local vendors.
  2. Visit the art galleries and shops on Elm Street: Browse the works of local artists and artisans and pick up a unique souvenir.
  3. Take a scenic drive on the Vermont Back Road: Enjoy breath-taking views of the countryside and historic covered bridges.
  4. Visit the Suicide Six ski resort: Hit the slopes and enjoy some winter fun with friends and family.
  5. Visit the Woodstock Inn and Resort: Relax and unwind in one of the town’s many luxurious hotels and resorts.
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These are just a few of the many things you can do in Woodstock. With its charming small-town atmosphere, stunning natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage, there is something for everyone in this lovely Vermont town.

Things to Do in Woodstock

Ways to Transport for tourists in Woodstock

Here are some of the ways tourists can get around in Woodstock, Vermont:

  1. Car rental: Renting a car is a convenient and flexible option that allows you to explore the area at your own pace.
  2. Taxi or rideshare services: Taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are readily available in Woodstock and provide a convenient and safe way to get around town.
  3. Public transportation: Woodstock does not have a public transportation system, but there are bus and train services available in nearby cities that can connect you to Woodstock.
  4. Bicycle rental: Renting a bicycle is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the town and its surrounding areas.
  5. Walking: Woodstock is a small town, and many of its attractions and landmarks are within walking distance of each other.
  6. Horse-drawn carriage rides: For a romantic and scenic way to see the town, consider taking a horse-drawn carriage ride.

These are some of the options available to visitors who are looking to get around in this place. You can choose the mode of transportation that best suits your needs and preferences, whether it’s by car, taxi, bike, or on foot.

Unknown Facts About Woodstock

Now that you know about the things to do in Woodstock, let’s take a quick look at the unknown facts here:

  1. Woodstock, New York was named after a town in England, not after the famous music festival.
  2. Woodstock was a popular artists’ colony in the early 20th century, attracting many famous writers, painters, and musicians, including the composer Charles Ives and the writer Edna St. Vincent Millay.
  3. The town has a rich history of social activism, with residents participating in anti-war protests and environmental activism during the 1960s and 1970s.
  4. The Woodstock Playhouse, a historic theatre in the centre of town, has hosted performances by famous actors, including James Dean and Helen Hayes.
  5. The Woodstock School of Art is a well-known institution in the town, offering classes and workshops in various forms of art, including painting, ceramics, and photography.
  6. The Woodstock Land Conservancy is a local organization dedicated to preserving the town’s natural beauty and protecting its environment through conservation efforts and education programs.
  7. The town is also known for its vibrant farmers’ market, which offers locally-sourced produce, artisanal food, and handcrafted goods.

When to visit Woodstock?

The best time to visit Woodstock, New York depends on your interests and preferences. Here are some suggestions:

  • Spring (April – June): This is a great time to visit Woodstock as the weather is mild and the town is surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers and greenery.
  • Summer (July – September): Summer is a popular time to visit Woodstock, as the weather is warm and perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. This is also a time for outdoor concerts and festivals.
  • Fall (October – November): The fall season is known for its stunning fall foliage, making it a great time to visit Woodstock for scenic hikes and drives.
  • Winter (December – March): Winter in Woodstock can be cold and snowy, but it is a great time to visit if you enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, or if you prefer a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere.
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Regardless of when you visit, Woodstock offers a range of cultural, natural, and culinary experiences year-round. Be sure to check the town’s calendar of events to see if there are any festivals or events taking place during your visit.

Budget For Visiting Woodstock

The expenses for a trip to Woodstock, New York can vary depending on your travel style and budget. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Accommodation: The cost of accommodation can range from budget-friendly options like camping or hostels, to more upscale options like hotels and vacation rentals. Expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $300 or more per night.
  2. Food: Woodstock has a range of dining options, from casual cafes to gourmet restaurants. The cost of food can range from $10 to $50 or more per meal, depending on the type of restaurant and your budget.
  3. Transportation: Woodstock is accessible by car, bus, and train, with car rental and taxi services available for getting around town. The cost of transportation will depend on your mode of travel and the distance you are traveling.
  4. Activities: The place has a range of activities to choose from, including hiking, shopping, visiting art galleries, and attending festivals and events. The cost of these activities will vary depending on your interests and budget, but many are free or low-cost.

In general, you should budget around $100 to $200 or more per day for a trip to this place, depending on your spending habits and the type of trip you want to have. Keep in mind that the cost of living in the area is higher than in some other parts of the country, so it’s important to plan your budget accordingly.

Things to Do in Woodstock

Conclusive Insights

In conclusion to this wonderful place in New York offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all interests and ages. From outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, to cultural experiences like visiting art galleries and attending festivals and events, there’s something for everyone in this charming and historic town. Visitors can also enjoy local dining options, explore the town’s rich history and natural beauty, and participate in community activism and environmental conservation efforts. With its vibrant artistic community and commitment to sustainability, Woodstock is a unique and enjoyable destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Hope, this blog helped you providing all the information that you were looking for about the things to do in Woodstock. Let us know if the blog was helpful or not and also share the blog with your friends and family!