Richest Beggar in the World: Net Worth, Ownerships & More!

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Richest Beggar in the World

Richest beggar in the world! Have you ever thought about how much beggars earn for a living? While it might not be anyone’s ideal occupation or dream job, there are many “beggars” who have cracked the pot of gold and are richer than you or I will ever be. This might all be shocking to hear, but it’s true.

There are many who earn more than any corporate worker, and they might earn even more. Right now, the richest beggar to ever exist is Eisha. Her net worth is around 1 million dollars. Her assets include four buildings, which were taken by authorities after she died at age 100.

According to Eisha’s best friend, she collected her wealth from 50 years of begging with her family and got their properties after her mother and sister died. If this sounds bizarre, we’ll soon delve into other “rich” beggars, which will leave us wondering for a long time and will probably make us rethink our career choices.

Richest Beggar in the World
A Beggar Earning Millions – Richest Beggar in the World

Richest beggar in the world 2020

Since you wish to know more about the richest beggar in the world, let’s take a sneak peek into 2020:

Bharat Jain

Bharat Jain is a beggar from India who shocked us all with his monthly income. He is a 49-year-old man who started his begging in the Parel region in Mumbai.  Bharat owns two 70 lacs worth apartments in Mumbai, and he also has a juice center from which he earns 10,000 per month.

He earns around 2500 INR from begging for 8-10 hours. His net worth is 2crore. He started begging because he wanted his children to have a good career, but luck has favored him, and now he’s a celebrity and has a spot on Forbes’s list of the richest beggar in the world.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He’s called “the man with a golden voice.” He’s now an American announcer, radio personality, voice-over artist, philanthropist, and author.

His life wasn’t always like this. Before he got recognized for his talent and his incredible voice, he was struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. He was evicted from his house and was arrested seven times because of theft, drug possession, and robbery.

During his life, he begged for over 20 years in the streets of Ohio. He said he got discovered by a reporter while he was singing on the street. The video was then uploaded to YouTube and went viral. That changed his entire life.


Rongfeng Ha started begging at the age of 14. He begged in the Taizhou city of China’s Zhejiang province. He went to Taizhou to find a job with his friends, but he wasn’t able to find a job and ended up homeless. So dire circumstances made him turn to beg as his only option. His reason for going to Taizhou is because he wanted to support his family.

But a chance encounter with a noodle shop owner changed his life. The noodle shop owner saw him and his friends outside the shop and offered them food. She saw that the boys were serious about changing their lives, so she told them to go look for a job in the city of Huangyan, and they finally got a job in a furniture factory. Now, he’s the  Chairman of Shengyang Jiu Jiu Li Feng group. He’s become rich, but he has never  forgotten the words of wisdom told him by the noodle shop owner; “wealth is not as important as integrity.”

Richest beggar in the world 2021

Simon wright

Simon Wright is a 37-year-old beggar and lives in Fulham, West London. He earns £50,000 a year, and his Fullam flat costs £300,000. This might seem like a lot for a  person who just begs for a living, but Simon Wright made it possible by just sitting on the pavement with his dog and a sleeping bag.

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Anyone passing him on the street will just think that he’s a normal beggar, but they don’t know that he earns £50,000 a year and lives in a flat worth £300,000. He is what we call a “professional beggar.” He chooses this profession willingly. Of course, he is from a decent family and was brought up with good family morals.


Irwin Corey is a professor, comedian, and left-wing activist. He strolls in Manhattan, begging for the last 17 years. Professor Corey obviously does not need the money, but he does it for a reason.

He dresses in scruffy clothes but is very rich and lives in a home worth 3.5 million dollars in New York. He does this mainly to beat the loneliness after his wife Fran dies. This 97-year-old professor donates all the money he gets to a charity that buys medical supplies for children in Cuba. He has appeared on celebrity tv shows like Late Night with David letterman. He has also worked with Jack Gleeson and Woody Allen.

Malana khan

Malana khan, or “Massu” to his acquaintances, operates in the Mumbai posh locality. He starts working from 8 in the morning and works till 3 am. Moreover, he is seen barefoot and wears filthy clothes while begging for alms. He earns around 1000-1500 a day.

He has a 1BHK flat in Andheri West and heads to the Lokhandwala complex every evening,  as the area is upper class and the earning is good. And he has complete control over the area he works. The locals say that Massu lords over the area like a king. Everyone respects him and does not beg in the area he begs. But he is not rude. On the other hand, he is extremely polite and kind and never raises his voice at anyone.

He says that begging for him is a full-time career option. He says the income is good because the place he begs is filled with Tv actors, film stars, and other rich people. Also, he proudly admits that he’s living with his wife and son at his flat in Amboli.

Richest beggar in India 2020

Krishna Kumar Gite

Krishna Kumar Gite is a beggar in India who earns around 1500  rupees a day. It is said that he owns an apartment worth five lacs. He begs near Charni  Road in Mumbai.

Laxmi Das

Laxmi Das has been a victim of poverty since she was born. She started to beg for a living as soon as she turned 16. She couldn’t get out of this lifestyle and has spent all her life begging and has saved most of it. Now she has a bank account to her name and also a stable bank balance.

Sambhaji Kale

Just like Simon Wright, Sambhaji Kale is a professional beggar. He owns a lot of real estate; one flat, one piece of land, and two houses in Solapur. He has a bank balance of over 50,000 and has made investments worth thousands as well. His entire family is in the business of begging. He also has investments in several international companies.

Sarvatia Devi

The mantle of “richest beggar” goes to Bharat Jain. But the richest female beggar of India is our Sarvatia Devi. This might sound like a joke, but she actually does exist and has enough money to counter all of our doubts. She’s based in Bihar and pays a premium of 36,000 INR every year. She’s smart and capable, contrary to what other people believe when they see the “beggar” title. To live out her life happily and comfortably, she also has a home worth 10 lakhs in Patna.

Rama Bai

Rama bai is an old lady who lives on the streets. She came to media attention when a thief stole her bag and ran away. When the police finally caught the thief, they opened the bag to find 18 thousand coins.

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Pappu Kumar

Pappu Kumar, well, is an interesting man. This beggar has a property that is worth 1.25 Cr in Patna while having four savings account in nationalized banks. He also lends money to traders.

He is a physically challenged man in his early 30s. An accident took out his left arm and leg. He begs on the Patna platform, and the Railway Protection Force has removed him multiple times from the premises.

His earnings became public when he was hauled by the railway protection force, along with other beggars. The police were shocked when they found four different ATM cards from four different banks: State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Allahabad Bank, and  Punjab National Bank.

It was found out that his savings account had five lakhs in cash, while he had lent 10 lakhs to local traders in the New Market area. He even refused to get treated for his injuries and reportedly said, “if I’m cured, how will I continue begging.”

Ranu Mondal

Anyone present on Facebook might have heard of Ranu Mondal.  Back in August 2019, a clip of her singing ” Ek pyaar ka nagma hai ” at Ranaghat Railway  station went viral. This video was shared on Facebook by Atindra Chakraborty, and it got over 2 million views within two days.

After she went viral, it’s like opportunities presented themselves at her door. An entertainment channel from Mumbai invited her to be a part of their new show. She was spammed with phone calls and also received a makeover from a beauty parlor.

Ranu Mondal is the literal embodiment of rags to riches. From begging on a Railway Station to being a viral social media personality, things have certainly gone well for her. Her big break in her career came when judge, talent scout, and singer Himesh Reshammiya asked Ranu Mondal to sing in his upcoming film. She agreed, and the song  “Teri meri” went viral and was played literally everywhere. She has also provided vocals to songs like “Teri meri Kahani, Aashiqui Teri meri, and aadat,” which were all a part of  Himesh Reshammiya’s film.

Richest beggar in Nigeria  

Alhaji Umar Dikko

This name is famous in Nigeria as this person is the Richest beggar there. Called the Sarkin Maroka or the king of the beggars in the Ajegunle area in Lagos, he’s

hailed as one of the richest beggars in Nigeria and has a family of four wives and 18  children. Shocking, really.

He also has a transportation business, a water factory, and five houses of his own. He has achieved this success in life through the career of begging. Plus, he has made a pilgrimage to Mecca three times and has the honorific of “Alhaji’ added to his name.

His background

He became disabled at the age of 3 due to polio. His father did not care about him, so the burden of taking care of him fell on his mother, who had several other children. He started looking out for himself and started begging and giving the earnings to his mother. At age 15, he moved to Lagos and started begging there. But he realized

all of his earnings were taken away by the man who accommodated him and the other beggars. He spent three years there and moved to Ajegunle and met a guide to whom he shared a percentage of his earnings.

Two years later, he bought a second-hand bus and then bought another bus and started his transportation business. He has actively stopped begging now and looks over the disputes and proceedings of the other beggars in the area as Sarkin Maroka. He says he is grateful to Allah for getting him where he is now.

Final Thoughts

When we’re growing up, we do not think of begging as a path that will lead to money.  We think that if we don’t study properly, we’ll end up on the streets as beggars. But people like “the richest beggar in the world” show us that the inequality present in our society doesn’t always have to be a disadvantage.

People resort to begging because of unequal opportunities and economic inequality present in our society. The poor have no other option but to beg. But some people have turned this dire situation around in their favor and are thriving because of it.