Where to Watch Knives Out-The Ultimate Streaming Platforms

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Where to watch Knives out

Watching movies is the ultimate pastime, and we don’t want to miss the boat to watch some classic movies. “Knives Out” is also a sensational murder mystery released in 2019 and directed by “Rian Jhonson.” Soon after its release, this movie became a whooping hit at the box office, earning $300 million at the global box office. The movie revolves around the story of detective Benoit Blanc, who is given the task of investigating the death of the best-selling author “Harman Thormbey.” In the story, the detective claims different clues to find out the true cause of the author’s death. We bet you are curious to stream this star-studded movie and are willing to find out “where to watch Knives Out.” In this post, we are summing up the different platforms where you can stream the movie.

Where to Watch Out Knives Out-Streaming Channels

Where Can I Watch Knives Out


Do you yearn to watch your favorite murder mystery online? If yes, we can help you out by summing up different streaming platforms on which you can watch this wonderful movie online.



Soon after its release, this movie soon became available on many streaming channels. This movie also became available on Netflix soon after its release. But here is a catch, if you live overseas, and want to stream this movie, you will find that geo-blocks will prevent you from streaming this movie online. You have guessed it right, you can stream this movie on Netflix in limited countries only. You cannot watch this movie in the U.S., UK, and Canada. But at the same time, this movie is available in many countries on Netflix. The list of diverse countries where this movie is available are Japan, Argentina, South Korea, Hungary, and Mexico. 

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However, in those countries where it is unavailable to watch this movie on Netflix, we have a quick solution for you. You can use a Virtual Private Network to stream these movies online. Using a secured VPN will help you to change the location to the desired countries where this movie is available on the internet. For instance, If you want to stream “Knives Out” on Netflix, you can use Express VPN. It will help you to solve the problem of streaming the best mysterious mystery online.

Where to Watch Knives Out- Rent the Movie


Apart from watching the movie “ Knives Out” on different streaming channels, we can also access this mysterious movie on rent. By paying the rent you can watch this movie easily on different platforms. Here are the following options that help you to entertain yourself by watching this movie on rent.

1) Red Box

Red Box

Knives Out is available on a variety of streaming channels to stream, but fortunately, it is available on Red Box. This is a video-on-demand streaming and video rental company where you can enjoy this amazing mysterious American drama. Red Box specializes in diverse is a rental company that specializes in DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, UHD, etc.



Another option where you can watch Knives Out is on DIREC TV. It is also an American multi-channel video programming distributor that allows one to watch the movie on its platform. However, watching this movie on Direct TV comes with a cost. You will have to pay $ 1.99 to stream the movie.

3) Amazon Prime Video

Amzon Prime Video

If you are struggling to watch this movie in the U.S., you can watch it on “Amazon Prime Video.” This wonderful platform is available in the U.S. and enjoys a library of movies, TV shows, and other original content produced by Amazon. 

Amazon Prime Video also has the feature of downloading the movie or other content offline to watch it later with compatible devices. If you want to stream “Knives Out”, you can rent the movie from this prestigious platform and watch it with your partner and family with a cup of Joe.

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4) Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies & TV

The great mysterious drama can also be watched on “Google Play Movies and TV. Google Play Movies and TV is a video-on-demand service owned and operated by Google. Here you can watch the movie in HD quality by paying the rent.

5) iTunes


When it comes to streaming Knives Out, iTunes is yet another option for you to choose from among the diverse alternatives. Developed by Apple, iTunes is a wonderful software program that performs multiple functions, such as a media player, media library, and mobile device management utility. After paying the rental fee, you can stream Knives on iTunes as well.

Apart from these options for rental streaming, Vudu is also a great option for us. It is also an American digital video store and streaming service that helps us watch movies. 

Where to Watch Knives Out in the U.K

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Apart from the U.S., you can also stream the movie in the U.K. easily. In the U.K., the movie is available via the rent or buy option on Skystore. Go to the Skystore, and you can enjoy this amazing movie either by paying rent or buying it. Also, the movie is easily accessible on Virgin TV and Prime Video. These easy options can make it easy to stream your favorite movie online without any fuss.


Watching this amazing movie is not a tough affair in the present era, as there are multiple streaming options available for us. All you need is to spare some time from your busy schedule so that you can enjoy this great murder mystery in its entirety. Streaming this movie globally is also not a tricky choice, as you can either watch it on Netflix using a virtual private network or else, can stream the movie on rent. Once you have understood where to watch “Knives Out”, get ready to enjoy the pleasures of entertainment.