Things to do in Pigeon Forge with Kids- 7 Exciting Activities

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things to do in pigeon forge with kids

 If you are a globetrotter, we bet you love to roam around in different parts of the world. No corner of this world should remain untouched from your eyes. One of the most fascinating places that craves your attention is Pigeon Forge. It is a mountain resort city in the U.S. which has many amazing places to visit. You can find multiple things to do in Pigeon Forge with kids. So, the best advice is to take your munchkins along with you perform the adventure, and have fun!

Things to do in Pigeon Forge with Kids-  Places to Cover

There are a lot of exciting ventures to cover when we are in Pigeon Forge. Let’s grab the exciting ideas.

1) Titanic Museum

Titanic museum

The little ones love visiting museums. When you are on a stroll to this place, don’t forget to view every bit of the Titanic Museum. This museum replicates the history of Titanic and has a vast collection of artifacts that belong to the passengers and crew. By coming here you can not only enjoy with your children, but also they can attend several educational tours and guides. Exploring this museum is a chance to sit in an actual lifeboat, and experience 28-degree water. You can pay homage to passengers and crew members at the memorial hall where their names are engraved.

Best  time to Visit: Early in the morning

2) Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great smoky mountain national park

 Another attraction that will capture your interest is Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This magnificent park is nestled between the borders of North Carolina, and Tennessee. It is a perfect vacation getaway for the visitors of Pigeon Forge. Clad amidst mountains, this is a great attraction for families and children to explore diverse activities like hiking, biking, camping, etc. 

Moreover, the flora and fauna of this splendid heritage have the power to captivate anyone. Visiting this park is an attraction for families who want to keep their young ones indulging in exciting activities. While exploring this park, you can stop at different points. Sugarland Visitor Center is also an amusing stop that houses gift shops, restrooms, and interesting information. Exploring this place is just a great blessing.

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Best time to visit: Summer morning and early afternoons

3) Paula Deen’s Lumber Jack Feud Show & Adventure Park

Paula Deen's Lumber Jack Feud Show

If adventure keeps your toddlers engaged, you must come to explore Puala Deen’s Lumber Jack Fued Show & Adventure Park. It is the most loved and spellbound attraction for families along with children. Amidst the exciting activities, the folks can enjoy a fun-filled day here. This place will let you enjoy some wonderful things like boat chopping, log-rolling, and some other outdoor attractions like zipline. Enjoying this adventurous site will stimulate your adrenaline rush. This family zone has proven its worth for entertaining the tots with its charm of charismatic activities and educational value. Don’t miss this gem when you arrive at Pigeon Forge.

Best time to Visit: afternoon or evening.

4) The Island in Pigeon Forge

things to do in pigeon forge with kids

Do you want to have fun all day long and even at night? If yes, hitting The Island in Pigeon Forge should be on your wander spots list. This 23-acre entertainment destination is perfect for family fun. This place houses the most exciting, unique, and entertainment complexes that will hold your breath. If you love laidback destinations, unfolding the bounties of this place should be your top-notch priority. It has marvelous attractions for every age group ranging from toddlers, youngsters, and adults. Live music, iconic eateries dining restaurants, rides, and games are some crazy attractions of this amusement spot. Spare some time and come here along with your offspring.

Best Time to Visit: Evening

5) Dollywood


Wondering what are the best things to do in Pigeon Forge with kids? If you are in love with theme parks, then going to Dollywood, a world-famous theme park can be the best destination for you all. Founded by Dolly Parton, this park offers a touch of Dolly’s unique personality. When you land here, you can experience many versatile activities such as water slides, live music, dance, comedy, and full-on entertainment. At present one of the most latest attractions that captivates visitors is Wildlife Groove with rides and varied attractions for children. Visiting Dollywood is just heaven for the tiny tots.

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Best Time to Visit: Early morning or Evening.

6) Crave Golf Club

Things to do in Pigeon Forge with kids

Crave Golf Club, another amazing spot to visit in Pigeon Forge craves for your attention. Families who wish to enjoy a fun-filled day with their toddlers can come to this place. It offers wholesome entertainment of mini-golf, sweet treats, and interactive experiences for everyone despite their age group. It is also an ideal location for hosting parties and events. This golf club is widely renowned for its innovative and mini-golf courses. You can immerse yourself in the fun, adventure, playful activities, and sweet delicacies. What is more interesting to know is that this course has 19 holes that are based on the theme of different types of candies, ice-cream canyons, and sugar safari. 

Best Time to Visit: Any time of the day.

7) Smoky Mountains Alpine Coaster

things to do in pigeon forge with kids

If your munchkins love to enjoy thrilling mountain sceneries, they should come with you to the Smoky Mountains Alpine Coaster. it offers them a blend of exciting sceneries and riding experiences on mountain tracks and amidst the natural landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountain. It is a kid-friendly attraction that they love to enjoy with their parents or guardians. The families here can find many scenic photography spots with riding and trekking experiences. This Alpine coaster has a great scenic beauty that folks of every age group will appreciate.

Best time to Visit: Early morning

The End Notes

Visiting Pigeon Forge is a blessing for families with kids. With its charming beauty and varied entertainment spots, this place should be on your bucket list for traveling in 2023. This place has a plethora of activities for the little ones from sightseeing to hiking, from visiting museums to playing Golf that will keep them engaged. Plan your activities after considering your budget and you will have an awesome trip with your family. We know that you would not like to miss any of the wonderful things to do in Pigeon Forge with kids.