How can you earn money on TikTok – 7+ Best method

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How can you earn money on TikTok

In teenagers, but not only, but Social TikTok is also depopulating. Tik Tok tries to make its application use as much as possible. To achieve this, Tik Tok offers real gains only by using it. These payments made through virtual coins depicted on the application by rubies and diamonds, which can subsequently be transformed into real money to transferred to your PayPal account. First of all, we can send the link for signing up for a friend who not yet registered with Tik Tok. In this way, we can earn 0.50 euro cents for each invited user up to a maximum of 10. In this article, I’ll show How can you earn money on TikTok fast this year. 

How can you earn money on TikTok in 2020?

TikTok is undoubtedly the app of the moment: the Chinese platform, which makes Instagram tremble, has seen a real boom in subscriptions in Italy in the last period. Many view the application as an opportunity to become an influencer, but few know that making money with TikTok is possible thanks to a particular method.

TikTok: earn money with Rubies and Gems

There is also a whole part linked to loyalty, with Rubies and Gems to be collected according to different objectives and converted into real money. Daily goals include:

  • 100 Rubies: sharing the campaign page on at least one (1) social media platform other than TikTok;
  • 100 Rubies: read the regulation;
  • 200 Rubies: viewing videos for 1 minute a day;
  • 300 Rubies: viewing videos for 3 minutes a day;
  • 500 Rubies: viewing videos for 10 minutes a day;
  • 500 Rubies: publication of one video per day.
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Rubies are equivalent to 0.01 of a diamond, which corresponds to approximately 1 euro (therefore earning them is extremely simple).


koy ki #foryourpage #viralvideo #trending

♬ original sound – robin_khan_06

How much do you earn with Tik Tok?

By performing some simple loyalty-related operations, it is possible to obtain rubies, which are equivalent to 0.01 of a diamond, depending on the objectives achieved and then converted into real money. Among the daily goals with which it is possible to obtain prizes, we mention the following:

  • for each friend who signs up through our invitation you earn 0.50 euro cents (up to a maximum of 10 friends for a total of 5 euro);
  • if the registered person watches over ten minutes of video per day for three days on Tik Tok you earn an extra € 2.50;
  • you share the campaign page on at least one other social network, you can earn 100 rubies;
  • if we read the regulation they make 100 rubies;
  • if we view videos for one minute a day they make 200 rubies;
  •  we watch videos for three minutes a day we get 300 rubies;
  • if we watch videos for ten minutes a day we can reach 500 rubies;
  •  we publish at least one video a day, we get 500 rubies.


To truly understand the potential of this social network, you have to use it. It is undoubtedly a proper channel for sponsoring the products of your companies or making affiliations. Having a vast audience. It is also a fascinating cross-section of the company, to understand how the uses and customs of the new ones change generations. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn with Tik Tok.