A video that summarizes the problems due to her long nails

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summarizes the problems

False nails are, without a doubt, one of Rosalía’s hallmarks. During these last months, mainly since last summer, the Catalan artist has presented herself in front of her audience with impossible designs through which she has become one of the greatest exponents of the nail art trend. From diamond inlays to small animals like the ones he wore during his performance at the Mad Cool festival. Since then, several have been the people who have tried to imitate this style within reach of very few. In this article, I’ll describe The viral video that summarizes the problems Rosalia faces. So let’s start.  


Getting know: summarizes the problems Rosalia faces and the day to day with nails as long as Rosalia’s

Have you ever wondered what the difficulties that Rosalia faces every day for wearing such long nails are? Just a few hours ago, the Tik Tok user Flopalyssu shared a video in which he shows how to face daily tasks with kilometer nails. A video, which would be shared by the official Tik Tok Brasil channel, in which we can see one of its users opening a simple bottle of shampoo and even using a mobile phone with these nails.


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Also though the pins are not as impressive as those shown by Rosalia in each event, they are more than perfect for reflecting the situations that the artist faces practically every day. First, the person behind these makeshift nails tries to open a shampoo bottle without success. Because of this, the creator of the video has to use the thumbs to open the pot.


A practice that does not help him

summarizes the problems

Next, the hand tries to open a case that holds an iPhone inside. However, and as previously happened with the shampoo bottle, the method used is not very useful. For that same reason, she resorts to a much more rudimentary practice by which she achieves her goal. An exercise that does not help him when it comes to picking up a euro from the ground, he has to stay on it before the impossibility of recovering it.



Finally, the video shows us the protagonist of this story trying to pull the toilet pump, opening the fridge, and even a simple drawer. After the success of this video, which has more than two million views, Rosalia has recognized that it perfectly summarizes her day today. All this through a tweet in which he explains that he lives situations like these: “Real yes.” While Los Morancos decided to put on prawn heads as nails and even all kinds of debris such as plastic spoons, others have tried to replicate Rosalia’s great nails in a better or better way to dress up as the artist during these carnivals. This video is summarizes the problems Rosalia faces. 

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