How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day In This Year

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how much water should I drink per day

We are made for more than half of the water. But when we talk about healthy eating, we always think about which foods to eat and not eat. How much how, but little hydration. All year-round, and not just in the summer season, learning to drink correctly and in the right quantity is fundamental for the body’s well-being (and the skin’s beauty). The body needs water to survive and function properly, and although it is very often considered superficially, no other nutrient more essential or required in such large quantities. From this guideline, you are going to know about how much water should I drink per day? Let’s stay reading.

Getting to know how much water should I drink per day.

Water is the most underused and underestimated tool when it comes to health. From moisturizing the skin through soothing headaches to giving an infinite supply of energy: all this can be enclosed in the benefits of a glass of water. Now we are going to discuss some factors. Let’s have a look.


#1 how much water should I drink per day – Water essential

Water is essential for carrying out all physiological processes and biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies. It plays a critical role in the digestion, absorption, transport, and use of nutrients. It is also the principal means by which waste substances derived from biological processes are eliminated by drinking. Therefore, activating a detox process and skin components. Water is the main element of most of the body’s cells. It protects and lubricates the brain and joints. It transports nutrients, helps cells eliminate waste, and helps regulate the temperature body by redistributing heat from active tissues to the skin and cooling the body through sweat.

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#2 The right drinks

Foods provide on average about 20-30% of the water you need, while the remaining 70-80% must come from water and other sugar-free or lightly sweetened drinks. L ‘ water will still be the best solution if an iced tea or made juice in the home is an excellent way to hydrate with taste. It should be avoided instead of soft drinks, industrial juices, or other beverages: their sugar content is a source of empty calories, without nutrients, and causes a glycemic spike, complicit in sudden hunger attacks.


#3 At least two liters per day – how much water should I drink per day

Dry skin, headaches, dark, concentrated urine, the signs that you are drinking too little. An adult’s body requires about 2 liters of water per day under normal climatic conditions and physical activity. In summer, the body is at greater risk of dehydration due to the increase in sweating due to the heat and the low humidity of air-conditioned environments such as offices, homes, cars, and airplanes: 2 liters is the minimum in this season.

Let me know how much you sweat, and I’ll tell you if you drink enough.

Hydration is an integral part of the Figurella lifestyle, inside and outside its 130 centers in Italy. Proper hydration is part of the Assistants’ personalized dietary advice to integrate into each client’s daily life. We advise you how much to drink, what, and when, but we know perfectly that this is not enough to be useful! 

It not the missing information, but the way to do “what we should.” Hydration was regularly monitored during the session in Figurella: each lady weighed before and after the physical activity session inside the thermoactive bed. We do not control a “miraculous” weight loss in just 20 minutes, but to verify that correct sweating occurred, and therefore that the body properly hydrated. 

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Important Notes

If you sweat too little after the treatment, it means you not drinking enough, and the assistants intervene to help you maintain this good habit every day. At the end of the treatment, the water dispenser and a tea kitchen were offered a herbal teacup. To restore the correct hydration of the body before continuing the day.


You drink like that, little by little.

One glass at a time: it is useless to drain a bottle a day to stock up! Correct hydration takes place in small sips. Drinking about a glass of water every hour, taking care not to drink too quickly. This is not to take water at too low a temperature. Drinking too fast and a large amount of water altogether is even harmful to our body.

 In fact, a third of what we drink, after worked on by the kidneys. It is going directly into the bladder, creating at the same time the urge to urinate. At the same time, the remainder remains in the circulation to create retention, which in women facilitates the formation of the hated cellulite. This is why it is good to drink in small sips, holding water in the mouth and swallowing it very slowly. So that our body is ready to assimilate it and retain it in the tissues in the correct way. This will also avoid going to the toilet all the time and unnecessary stress on the urogenital system.


In the case of physical activity

It recommended to drink up to half a liter of natural mineral water no later than half an hour. Before starting sports and to drink about a glass of water every quarter of an hour to replenish fluids. Saline supplements for athletes are useful for those who practice intense and prolonged sports activity with a high sweating level. 

Final word on how much water should I drink per day

Simultaneously, calories are useless for those who do just half an hour of Zumba now and then. That’s why in Figurella, we won’t offer you even once, as happens in the gym.