How to Thaw Chicken Fast- A Detailed Process

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How to thaw chicken fast

A well-cooked and delicious chicken can make our feast amazing. No matter, if you want to cook a delectable chicken for your family, or prepare it for a grand feast, thawing the chicken effectively is the most important step for you all. At the time of thawing chicken, many skilled home cooks face several challenges, especially when they have time constraints. If there is some folly in thawing chicken, it can result in the proliferation of bacteria, and hence, contaminate food. So, to avoid any sort of delay in thawing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the process of “How to Thaw Chicken Fast.”

Top 3 Methods to learn about How to Thaw Chicken Fast

How to thaw chicken fast

We all know that many people consume chicken as their staple diet. Those who cook chicken frequently will agree that chicken is versatile. Different varieties of chicken are used to prepare different recipes throughout the world. Before cooking chicken to ensure a delectable meal, we should thaw it. If you are in a jiffy, you would love to know all the methods regarding How to Thaw Chicken Fast?” Scroll below as we have jotted down the best ways to thaw chicken before cooking it.

1) Thaw Chicken with Cold Water

Sometimes we are in a jiffy and find varied ways to thaw chicken quickly. The first method that can complement your needs for thawing chicken fast is to do it with cold water. It is one of the safest and quickest methods to defrost chicken. Before beginning the process, place the chicken in a leak-proof plastic bag. Doing so will prevent the water from sagging in.

Now, pick a container made of plastic or stainless steel. The container should be large enough to hold the meat properly. Now, run the cold water tap. As a precautionary measure, you must not use hot water to thaw chicken, as it will lead to the proliferation of bacteria. Place the chicken in the cold water so that it is completely submerged. Replace cold water every 30 minutes. It will make sure that the entire broth of chicken thaw properly.

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Pros of Thawing Chicken with Cold Water

Thawing chicken in cold water is one of the fastest methods of defrosting chicken. Moreover, if you defrost the meat in cold water, it will not have a chance of partially cooking the meat as it happens in microwave thawing.

Cons of Thawing Chicken with Cold Water 

Although this method is fast for thawing the meat, it demands extra care. In this method, you are required to change water every 30 minutes. You also keep an eye on the meat if it is submerged in the water completely or not.


2) Refrigerator Method

The second method that can help you to know how to thaw chicken fast is the refrigerator method. This method of defrosting the kitchen is quite safe although, it is not as quick as the cold water method. Because in this method we are required to keep the meat in the refrigerator at least 24 hours before. Keeping chicken in the refrigerator allows you to the chicken at room temperature. Here is the best procedure that you should follow for keeping the chicken in the refrigerator for defrosting.

In this method, you don’t need to remove the packaging of the chicken to thaw it. Just place the chicken in a leakproof plastic bag, or else in an air-tight container. This will help to prevent any risk of cross-contamination. To thaw the chicken in the refrigerator, it is an important step to find a spot on the lower shelf of your refrigerator. Ensure to keep the chicken in the safe temperature zone when you want to thaw the chicken right before cooking it. The ideal temperature of the refrigerator should be set to 40 degrees F or else 4 degrees Celsius.

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Now, place the chicken on the plate and keep it on the lower shelf of your refrigerator. Well, you will find that it is the slowest method of thawing chicken, but it is the safest method ever. It will take at least 24 hours to thaw the chicken by this method.

Pros of Refrigerator Method

After considering the refrigerator method, it is important to understand that it is a completely safe method of thawing the chicken. There are not any loopholes in this method. Apart from this, it does not have any grave consequences for thawing the chicken in this way.

Cons of Refrigerator Method

If you are looking for the cons of thawing chicken, you will find that it is not apt for the category of How to thaw chicken fast.” It implies that it is a slow method as compared to the others.

how to thaw chicken fast

3) Microwave Method of Thawing Chicken

The next method that will help you to know how to thaw chicken is the microwave method. In this method, first, you will remove the packaging of the chicken. And then keep the chicken on a microwave-safe plate. Most microwaves naturally have a defrosting function. If your microwave does not show any signs of defrosting, you should set your microwave oven to 20 to 30 percent power. Microwave often thaw chicken unevenly, so you should keep flipping the microwave oven during the thawing process.

Pros of the Microwave Oven Method

If you keep on surfing about how to thaw chicken fast, then keeping it in a microwave oven is your answer to perform thawing fast.

Cons of the Microwave Oven Method

The microwave oven has the risk of cooking the chicken during the frosting process. Moreover, it can unevenly thaw the chicken.

The Closing Notion

We have summed up all the important methods regarding how to thaw chicken fast. Try out these methods and you will love the process of thawing chicken. You can use this chicken to amalgamate with other recipes, or else, can use this thawed chicken to cook at home. If you do not commit any folly during the thawing process, your chicken will be quite delicious. Thawing chicken effectively will lead to very less health issues.